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The starter version of the Apple Watch will sell for $349, but little is known about the other two models.
2:00 | 03/09/15

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Transcript for Roku Test Encode 2 - no b param
So glad he's okay. To apple's next big thing. The clock is ticking to the launch of the apple watch. We're learning more about the gadget. Kneneal Karlinsky has our story. Reporter: The time of the apple watch starts today as apple reveals some of its secrets. We invented new intimate ways to connect and communicate directly from your wrist and it's also a comprehensive health and fitness device. We know there are three models and the starter version will sell for $349 but nothing about the others. In a first, experts from both the technology world and the fashion industry are speculating the addition version which comes in 18 carat gold could cost from $2,000 to $10,000 making it apple's most expensive product. The company has built a high-powered team from the fashion world around the watch, in fact, it seems to be the first device so far promoted for its looks more than it could do. The question that everyone has about the watch is is this -- I need this device or is it I want this device? Apple watchers are hungry to learn the biggest unknown. Battery life. It's clearly using up a lot of juice. How long will it last? What can it do. Send and receive alerts of all kinds. Tap you on the wrist making a left-hand side turn on the street. But what about heart rate? The answers are coming this morning for a device apple hopes will have us all checking our wrists instead of staring at our phones. ABC news, San Francisco. A lot of people checking that out. Not for you? No, not saying that. It's going to be interesting to see if people are going to do that. If you're going to put down the iPhone for that. Who knows. Feeling that one. Ginger, some freezing R and snow in some places.

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{"duration":"2:00","description":"The starter version of the Apple Watch will sell for $349, but little is known about the other two models. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Test","id":"29617681","title":"Roku Test Encode 2 - no b param","url":"/Test/video/roku-test-encode-29617681"}