'I will never accept' Biden as president: Ohio Trump voter

Martha Raddatz speaks to voters in Ohio after the election on "This Week."
4:07 | 11/15/20

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Transcript for 'I will never accept' Biden as president: Ohio Trump voter
306 to 232. That is where the electoral college stands with projections now in from all 50 states and D.C. Joe Biden with the same number of electoral votes Donald Trump claimed victory with four years ago. At the time trump called it a landslide. As we come on the air this morning, after refusing to accept the results, the president seems closer to admitting he lost. Trump tweeting his opponent won because, quote, the election was rigged. He did use the word won. Although he has not conceded and the president continues to spread falsehoods without evidence. It comes as his administration stalls the transition process. A growing number of Republicans have come out in support of Biden receiving the intelligence briefings traditionally afforded to presidents-elect.trump's actions have the potential to affect the country long after he leaves office, whether he admits defeat or not, likely to make it harder to bring together a nation Joe Biden has promised to unite. While the President-Elect has been calling for unity -- This election is over. Time to put aside the partisanship and the rhetoric that designs to demonize one another. -- It's not going to be easy as the president refuses to concede and continues to inflame his 70 million plus voters with the false message that the election is rigged. I'll never accept Joe Biden as president. If that's your question, that's my answer. I don'lieve he's right F our country. You think Donald Trump has won? Absolutely I do. For me to believe that Joe Biden got 78 million votes, got the most votesy president ever in the history of voting -- I find that very hard to believe. It's never going to be accepted. Never going to be accepted. On a late fall afternoon in a middle class neighborhood in Youngstown, Ohio I talked to Geno, Tony and laird. Geno and Tony were Democrats until 2016. We said if we ever had a person that talked like us, that ran for president or ran for office we were voting for that person. That's what trump is. As trump continues to baselessly declare he won the election, that's all they need to hear. There's a recipe for disaster when they decided to have these mail-in votes. I don't think there's any way of proving the person that mailed that in is the person that actually did it. You look at what secretaries of state have said. They've seen no evidence of massive fraud. From my vantage point there's too many smoke and mirrors of ballots appearing here and there. Where there's smoke and fire. Where we deal wieralism, I put nothing past them. There's no way. Huh-uh. Doesn't smell right. Too many irregularities. Even though trump's own homeland security department is calling this the most secure election in history, mother of four Carrie Pascal. Believes the election was He was winning. It goes into nighttime. The next day you wake up and the state that was red was blue. So many people voted absentee. You don't trust those votes? They kept finding them. How come you're finding them here and there? You weren't finding them in big Republican districts. How is it 100% Biden? She gets along with her neighbor Mike hall, a Navy veteran and Biden supporter when they don't talk politics. He worries Carrie will never be swayed by Biden. Can he bring the country I think he can do a heck of a lot better than the current president is doing. One man is not going to heal this country. There's too much divide. Here to talk about the divide

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"Martha Raddatz speaks to voters in Ohio after the election on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"74220780","title":"'I will never accept' Biden as president: Ohio Trump voter","url":"/ThisWeek/video/accept-biden-president-ohio-trump-voter-74220780"}