Bernie Sanders on a Possible Joe Biden Run

The Democratic presidential candidate says voters "want to go beyond conventional establishment politics."
5:52 | 08/02/15

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Transcript for Bernie Sanders on a Possible Joe Biden Run
Once again, senator Bernie sanders drew huge crowds Wednesday night, and all over the country, according to his campaign, 100,000 supporters attended nearly 4,000 grassroots gatherings in all 50 states. Senator sanders joins us now from New Hampshire. Senator sanders, thank you for joining us. My pleasure. I want to ask you about the big news about Joe Biden possibly getting into the race, what do you think, does Biden the sitting vice president represent that establishment politics or represent a voice for change here? Well, I have known Joe Biden for many years, but I think the American people who are seeing the middle class of this country disappearing, massive levels of income and wealth inequality, a campaign finance system which is literally corrupt right now, want to go beyond conventional establishment politics. And I think, when you mention why we have had 100,000 people on Wednesday night coming out all over this country saying enough is enough, government has to respond to the needs of the middle class, not to billionaires, I think that's what's going on in this country and I'm not sure that conventional politics will do it anymore. Let me ask you, there's no doubt a tremendous achievement this grassroots gathering all over the country, but "The new York times" did an analysis of who showed up, according to your own Numbers on this, more attendees from the Seattle metro area, than Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina combined. These came from the liberal base of your party, I have to ask you, you're not going to get elected president if you can't broaden your appeal beyond the far left of the democratic party, how do you do that? Well, that's a fair question, Jonathan, and let me just say this, if you and I were having this discussion three months ago, you would not have anticipated that we would have brought 100,000 people out on Wednesday night, that we would have the largest crowds of any candidate in Iowa, New Hampshire and all over this country. We have made phenomenal progress in the last three months and you know what, we're going to continue to make that kind of progress. We'll be reaching effectively out to the african-american community, I have not only one of strongest civil rights voting record, but we have an agenda for raising the minimum wage to $15, to making public colleges $15, to making public colleges and universities tuition-free, that will appeal to the african-american and the hispanic communities. I think our campaign makes significant inroads all across the country. You have taken some heat on the issue of immigration, you voted against the 2007 immigration reform bill, that included a path to citizenship, that was the best chance in a generation to get a path to citizenship for those who in this country, undocumented immigrants, do you regret voting against that now in hindsight? No, let's be clear, number one, I voted for the 2013 comprehensive immigration reform legislation. Which was blocked. But I'm asking you about the one that actually had a chance -- But let me finish, I'll give you the answer. And the answer is that absolutely, we need a path to citizenship for undocumented workers. We need to take people out of the shadows. What my concern then was and remains is with these guest worker programs, which you're Reading about, where you have folks in high-tech industries getting fired while corporations are bringing people from Russia and other countries into the United States to replace American workers and to drive wages down. In the last bill, what I was able to do, by the way, at a time when youth unemployment is unbelievably high in the united States, I was able to get language in that puts a $1.5 billion to create jobs for kids in this country. Where the unemployment rate is very, very high. Let me ask you, you have been a leader on climate change, we saw Hillary Clinton on the issue of the keystone pipeline, had a very interesting answer when asked whether she supported or opposed it, if it's undecided when I become president I'll answer your question. What does that say? Well, listen, needless to say, I have a hard time understanding that response. If we are serious about the planetary crisis about climate change, Jonathan the debate is over, the scientific community is unanimous in telling us it's very real. I'm very proud by the way just yesterday, we received the endorsement from friends of the Earth, one of the largest environmental organizations in America. That's one of the reasons they gave me their endorsement. Hey, we're out of time. Yes or no answer to one quick question, Hillary Clinton's poll suggest that a lot of people don't see her as honest and trustworthy, do you think Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy? I have a lot of respect for Hillary Clinton. She is somebody I have known for 25 years. I'm not going to be engaging in personal attacks against her. I'm not going to be engaging in personal attacks against her. She and I disagree on many issues. The American people want a serious debate about serious issues, not personal attacks. Senator sanders, thank you very much for joining us.

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{"duration":"5:52","description":"The Democratic presidential candidate says voters \"want to go beyond conventional establishment politics.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"32836904","title":"Bernie Sanders on a Possible Joe Biden Run","url":"/ThisWeek/video/bernie-sanders-joe-biden-run-32836904"}