Biden will work to 'try to turn the page' in inaugural address: Kate Bedingfield

Incoming Biden Communications Director Kate Bedingfield is interviewed on "This Week."
8:48 | 01/17/21

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Transcript for Biden will work to 'try to turn the page' in inaugural address: Kate Bedingfield
In the midst of a dark winter this pandemic, is cases, hospitalizations and deaths spike at record levels. There is real pain overwhelming the real economy. We didn't get into all this overnight. We won't get out of it overnight, and we can't do it as a separated, divided nation. The only way we can do it is to come together. There is Joe Biden laying out his covid relief plan, and as we prepares to take office, our brand-new poll with "The Washington post" shows more than two-thirds of Americans approve of how Joe Biden has handled the presidential transition. Rachel Scott will be covering the Biden administration from the white house, and Rachel, we can expect a blizzard from president Biden right after he takes the oath on Wednesday. Reporter: And George, it will be the first action that Joe Biden takes as president of the United States. Much of this is going to be focused on undoing what president trump did during his administration. Biden does plan on rejoining the Paris climate accord. He plans on reversing that travel ban on predominantly Muslim countries and making it mandatory to wear a face mask on federal property. He can do that on his own, but much of his agenda is going to require congress, and that impeachment trial for president trump could start as soon as next week. During his first hundred days in office, there is no doubting this will pose a significant challenge for the President-Elect. He's already unveiled a massive covid relief package that he wants congress to get through. He has a long list of cabinet secretaries that will need to be confirmed by the senate. He is expecting congress to multitask, even suggesting that they can split the day, but George, this is going to be an inauguration we have never seen before. Just take a look at the security perimeter behind me, George. It is something. Rachel Scott, thanks very much. Let's bring in Kate Bedingfield who will be the communications director in the Biden white house. Kate, thanks for joining us this morning. Give us more of a flavor of what to expect on Wednesday in terms of action from president Biden. Yes. So President-Elect Biden, then-president Biden is going to come into office and take decisive steps to roll back some of the most egregious moves of the trump administration, and he's going to take steps to move us forward, across the course of the first week and a half in office, you're going to see him move on promises that he made on the campaign trail to ensure that we are focused on workers. You'll see him make good on his buy American process. -- Promise. You'll see him make good on promises to move us toward a more just and racially equitable society. You'll see him make movement on racial equity, and movement on climate, on jobs. So over the course of the first week and a half, he's going to do everything that he can within his power to move us forward, but then, you know, as your correspondent just said, that's only one piece of the agenda. The second piece of the agenda will be working with congress. You saw President-Elect Biden roll out the American rescue plan on Thursday night. This is a plan to get desperately needed direct relief to the people who have been hardest hit by the crisis, all over the country, and it's an effort to fund a coordinated, federal vaccine effort. It's an effort to get shots into American arms to ensure that we can once and for all finally get this virus under control and get our economy back on track. You're already hearing some Democrats and many Republicans saying it's just too expense. There's been bipartisan support for all of these pieces. I would really point that out. If you look at the big core planks of this plan, for example, senator Rubio supports direct relief checks. Senator Romney supports expanding the child tax credit. There is bipartisan support for the big planks of this plan, and I would also note that the plan came about as a result of consultation with bipartisan governors and mayors all across the country. He spoke with them to hear what they need, what's going on with their constituents and what their most dire and important needs are for their constituents. And so this plan reflects the urgent needs, the things that people need right now. I mean, you know, we've got millions of Americans unemployed. We've got thousands of Americans dying from the virus every day. There's no question we are in a state of emergency here, and this plan is designed to get the relief that people need to them right away, and President-Elect Biden looks forward to working with congress to get bipartisan support for this bill and get it done as quickly as possible. First things first, the inaugural address comes on Wednesday. You heard congressman meijer say it's time for an open and honest discussion. What can Americans expect to hear on Wednesday? What is the major goal of this address So I think what you will hear from President-Elect Biden on Wednesday will be a reflection of a lot of what you heard from him on the campaign trail, which is that he believes we can bring this country together. He believes that we have to bring this country together, that a unified America is the only way that we're going to be able to tackle the massive crises that we're grappling with. I won't go too much farther in terms of previewing the speech because I'll let the President-Elect speak to it on Wednesday, but I think you can expect that this will be a moment where President-Elect Biden will really work to try to turn the page on the divisiveness and the hatred over the last four years and really lay out a positive, optimistic vision for the country, and lay out a way -- lay out a path forward that really calls on all of us to work together. I think that's what Americans all across the country want. They want a government that once again is focused on doing the right thing by them, and helping them in their day-to-day lives, and so we're going to hear President-Elect Biden really lay out a vision to get us to a place where we can work together because that's what Americans want. That's what they voted for in this election. 81 million Americans voted for President-Elect Biden, in part, because he was laying out a vision for this country that gets us to a place where we can work together. So you'll hear a lot of that from him on the 20th. He'll be delivering that message across an empty mall there. The capitol mall, and the entire U.S. Capitol has become an armed camp. You had to cancel parts of inauguration, including the train ride and rehearsals. Are you certain that it will take place at the capitol as planned? Well, that is certainly our plan. I think that will send an incredibly important visual image to the world about the resilience of American democracy, and so our plan and our expectation is that President-Elect Biden will put his hand on the bible with his family outside on the west side of the capitol on the 20th. Look. There is no question though. Of course, we are in a volatile time. I think, you know, unfortunately you only have to look at the chatter on social media to see that we're in a volatile time, and so we are making preparations. We'll begin meeting tomorrow. Daily meetings with the outgoing leadership in national security and law enforcement to ensure that we're preparing for any scenario that should arise after noon on January the 20th. So we're working to ensure that we will be prepared, but we have full faith in the United States secret service and their partners who have been working for over a year on the planning to ensure that this event is safe. So we're very much looking forward to President-Elect Biden putting his hand on the bible at noon on the 20th. Has the President-Elect weighed in with Nancy Pelosi and Schumer on how long this should go? Obviously ultimately the mechanics and the logistics of the pace of the trial and how it should play out is up to congressional leadership. You know, I think the President-Elect has spoken publicly about his view here which is he hopes that the congress will be able to do its -- its constitutional duty, to discharge its constitutional duty while simultaneously being able to focus on the business of the American people. He hopes that will be able to immediately take up this package, the American rescue package he laid out at the end of last week, and start to move forward on getting that money out the door in order to get a comprehensive vaccine distribution program set up. So his great hope is that they're going to be able to do that, and I think if you look, you know, there's precedent for that. If you look at the previous impeachment trial, the senate was able to move forward on floor business while also conducting the trial. So his hope as he's spoken privately to congressional leadership, but also publicly about, is that the congress is going to be able to move forward on focusing on the virus and on the economy while simultaneously focusing on their constitutional duty. Kate bedding -- Bedingfield, thanks very much for your time this morning. Thanks for having me, George. I appreciate it.

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