Bipartisan governors say 'window' for gun reform after Florida shooting

Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Democratic Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper discuss gun control reform measures in the wake of the Parkland, Florida school shooting.
5:39 | 02/25/18

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Transcript for Bipartisan governors say 'window' for gun reform after Florida shooting
All right. Governor Rick Glover governor Kasich thanks for joining us. I'll start with the issue of guns president Troy office committee meeting when all fifty state governors what's your message about what to do with this to scorch have gone wild schools. Well I would I don't think we should have military grade weapons available to teenagers to start. I think we should be much more strict Yvonne who uses assault weapons and and and what their access is. Universal background checks I've you know we did that in Colorado in 2014 the year after we had shooting the Aurora movie theater. It was a big political battle that universal background checks. Mean they work. Could you goalie that don't use it shows how out of this house nobody got gonna find out who they are there are a number of things that need to be done John and a brother Wendell you know that I felt strongly about and that's the the large capacity magazines I mean minus somebody why you have to have a weapon was authority bolts on and I mean can you limit that it's true but universal background checks limiting the high capacity magazines. Are raising the age from eighteen to 41 for a pricing system so that the courts and then all these communities reporters and so we know. You've got to have the reporting system they have to have the data and I think that's really. Article look at you see these kids that are out there protest so courageous they are so get their courage just. It's a beware of activist I do weird activism and the thing that they say it over and over again I've talked to a lot of them is an assault weapons ban now governor Hickenlooper even. Right after what happened in Aurora. You said that it was a tough sell to get a assault weapons ban and the two democratic senators from your state back when after what happened at sandy hook. Voted against an assault weapon ban. I'm still tough so if Tulsa tough sell but you know this is all function of a public sentiment and the same thing at Lincoln. You know he said went public senate with public sentiment nothing to tell what out of nothing could succeed I think public sentiment is clearly changing. And there are more more people out there they're just say. Military grade weapons don't belong out on the streets to you they actually voted for the assault wept and enjoy the fresh remember. Announced I was I was like wow well an assault weapons and what we found was that manufactures could just tweet and what. And then it and apply anymore. So my understanding is Dianne Feinstein she wants to get it has and she's doing its duty ammunition telling me if you can get happy ammunition. Then you'll have made a significant impact on the ability somebody without reloading to cause enormous damage. And maybe we'll see the president. By and that I don't know yet but here's the thing that John saying everything. China has its time if we could move this thing significantly forward our country will be safer our children will be safer. Below we got a moment now a window. The word the point where we're allowing ourselves to be terrorized by ourselves right and that this. Q1 week in this country what better way to do it then to make children afraid to go to school and you look at this not just schools it's church is its. Listen to country music concerts it's all the places that we create community are now being threatened by our inability to to deal with us. What are asked people to do is. Com search your heart on this this is not about who's got political power this is not about campaign contributions this is about. How you wanna look in the Mir. And think about what you do what you were it nobody wants to take everybody's console what it nobody wants to repeal the Second Amendment so few people. That this is about reasonable approaches. To keep our communities safe. The woman to that the president seems most enthusiastic about is allowing teachers. To bring concealed weapons to schools. And he's Padilla at number roughly 20% of teachers who would be qualified and able to handle a weapon think that's a good idea. If there are teachers who say look I want to take training. I want to be out of the unit has strong position. If they're if there is a way in which they can volunteer. And get into a position of where they can be. Protection for kids I think that's reasonable good governor as they were column what we think that's. I think I first got elected would have elected American 2003 and never. And I'd never run for anything. I made it big promised to visit every public school my first four years I have known poet or a 161 schools so I've talked. Oh probably over a thousand teachers and I can count on one hand the number of teachers is said they wanted to be train one military got so. I agree with with John here that if it falters wanna do this and this is something out there when you go through serious training and and and really be responsibly. Prepared for any and any situation. You know that's something we can look into but to the expectation you're gonna get 20% of that teachers to go through that training. And and want it. It's not Mike's it was not my experience the first forty days this year we had three sheriff's deputies killed lie G three separate incidents three separate parts of the state. And and one of them was shot true protective armor ours is high these assault weapons or military grade and I think a certain point though sheriffs are mostly from rural areas mostly to conservative people worried about past seeing guns taken away. I think. You're gonna see them want some more some level of regulation and overtime and I think that's fair reasonable and it's it's it's going to calm because. I just fear that we've not seen the end of this.

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{"duration":"5:39","description":"Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Democratic Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper discuss gun control reform measures in the wake of the Parkland, Florida school shooting. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"53346629","title":"Bipartisan governors say 'window' for gun reform after Florida shooting","url":"/ThisWeek/video/bipartisan-governors-window-gun-reform-florida-shooting-53346629"}