Beyond the Border

ABC KTRK-TV Houston's Art Rascon reports from Central America on the children fleeing north to the United States.
3:20 | 07/13/14

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Transcript for Beyond the Border
crisis on the southern border. So many children crossing over from central America. And art Rascon from our Houston station, ktra, followed some of them on the dangerous journey north. Filing a special report for "This week." Reporter: Welcome to Guatemala City. The heart of the mayan civilization. This is where our journey begins. We follow immigrants. Tens of thousands of them arriving in the United States, desperate for a new life. Immigrants everywhere. Always on the move. Like maria and her two children from the honduras-guatemalan border. She is desperate for a new life for her 4 and 5-year-olds. Barely surviving the rampant poverty and the gang violence overtaking the country. Even during our short time there, three funeral processions marched by. ? caskets carrying the bodies of those killed in the recent surge of violence. Neighboring Honduras has seen a similar spike. 32 children murdered there last month. More than 400 since January of last year. It's that violence that is driving families to send their children north to the united States. Loopholes in U.S. Policy are a key factor behind this surge. A 2008 law signed by George W. Bush says children from countries not bordering the U.S. Cannot be immediately deported. Instead, they can appear in court and make the case for staying. Separately, the Obama administration announced in 2012, it would allow some children to remain in the U.S. Without fear of deportation. That program apply to children who arrived before 2007. Smugglers in central America are convincing families that the reprieve still stands. On the move once again. Here, a couple of dozen immigrants. This group specifically led by coyotes. Smugglers. 16-year-old Antonio, traveling alone from Honduras, was picked up by a smuggler with proms to get to the U.S. How much do you make a day? 30 -- every day for work here. That's about five bucks. That's it. Not far away, 15-year-old Jose, fleeing the increasing violence of Guatemala. Let's go. Finally reaching the guatemalan-mexican border. And a secret border crossing. Fear clearly evident in his eye. Why are you afraid? Reporter: You have a lot to be afraid of. He says. Jose is joined by countless other children, making the same journey into Mexico. They range in age here. Many of them older. Most of them younger. On this boat right here, at least five of them are minors. Finally, Mexico. With the longest, deadliest journey still ahead. At least a week to the U.S. Border. And an uncertain future. For "This week." Art Rascon, on the border. Thanks to art.

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{"id":24542223,"title":"Beyond the Border","duration":"3:20","description":"ABC KTRK-TV Houston's Art Rascon reports from Central America on the children fleeing north to the United States.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/border--24542223","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}