Mayor Thomas Menino on 'This Week'

Boston's mayor discusses the latest developments in the aftermath of the attacks.
12:54 | 04/21/13

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Transcript for Mayor Thomas Menino on 'This Week'
We're going back to boston, thomas me knee -- menino. But let's go the cathedral where president obama spoke earlier this week and sean o'malley. Byron pitts is there. Reporter: George, this morning, for the first time this week, we're hearing more and more people talk about healing. Part of that journey will take place here at the cathedral -- also today, the first wake for one of the victims. 29-year-old krystle campbell will be laid to rest tomorrow as her family and friends continue their grieving process. Friday, boston was on lockdown. Yesterday, the city came back to life. The epicenter, if you will, was fenway park, this is one of america's grand old baseball stadiums, and yesterday, it felt more like a cathedral. There was a pregame ceremony to honor the victims, survivors and first responders. Also, one of the highlights during the eighth inning, neil diamond took the field to lead the crowd in his song "sweet caroline." ♪ Sweet caroline ♪ ♪ good times never seemed so good ♪ Reporter: Red sox fans have been singing that song in the eighth inning of every home game since 2002. This week, diamond's song became america's song. George, during that game, there were some chicken-skinned moments. People were standing and cheering. And yes, crying. As one fan told us, quote, we can finally breathe again. Okay, byronery much. We're joined by boston mayor tom menino, mayor, thank you so much for joining us this morning. What an extraordinary morning it has been. You have been mayor for 20 years. It actually began for you in the hospital. How are you holding up? George, it was a week that started with tragedy and ended up with good results. But, let me tell you, out of this whole thing, the family of victims -- the city has never come together as strong as it is today. What came out of that was people coming together. The night we made the arrest, there were parties in the streets, all over the city, spontaneous events happening all over. What a great night it was. After five, six days. What more can you tell us about the investigation right now? From what you have been able to learn from your police, the fbi and other sources, do you believe that these two brothers acted alone? All of the information that i have is they acted alone, these two individuals, the brothers, the older brother's dead now. We have the second one at th hospital. In very serious condition. We don't know if we'll ever be able to question the individual. When do you expect charges to be filed and do you expect him to face the death penalty? No death penalty in massachusetts. But he could face federal charges. I hope that the u.S. Attorney carmen ortiz takes him on the federal side and throw the book at him. These two individuals held this whole city hostage for five days. And they should not do that. That's what these terrorist events want to do, hold the city hostage. Stop the economy of the city. Look at what happened on friday, the whole city was on lockdown, no businesses open, no one was leaving their homes. It's about stopping the economy of america. We got to stop that. We got to move forward. We're a much stronger city than they want us to be. We'll be even better as we move forward. It frustrates me that we have these events going on in our country. Americans have to wake up. We have the fear of terrorism. Our lives are changed forever. Let me ask you more about that lockdown, because some have suggested that it was an overreaction to lock down the city, are you convinced it was necessary? At the time the decision was de, it sure was. I had information that there were other things going on during the decision that was made. I agree with that decision at the time, because of the information we had. At that time, we found a pipe bomb in another location in the city of boston. And another individual was taken into custody in another location. So, to bring -- to have clarity of this situation, we brought people together anid, okay, folks, please, work with us. Let me tell you, boston did a great job that day. No one went on the streets. Boston was in lockdown. Let's go back to the investigation. Take us behind the scenes. If you could, the turning point came on wednesday, when you came upon images of jahar reacting to the bombings. Governor patrick called these images highly incriminating. What was the nature of this evidence and images? The fbi, these images of two individuals walking on boylston street, that was the turning point of the investigation when they put these photos out, many people came forward with the information about these two individuals and went forward with that. They helped the fbi, the boston police, the state police, all of whom were working together to come to a conclusion in this case and really find out who these individuals were. You didn't have a beat on where they were on wednesday? No, we didn't. Lot of rumors were they where. Lot of chasing around at locations. Until the photos were put in place, I think that's when the investigation really crystallized and the fbi and the boston police and state police were able to hone in on certain areas. And are you convinced now they were planning more I'm not convinced at all that they were playing more attacks. That's hearsay. You know, we have to be vigilant. 9/11 changed our world. We have to make sure that we're vigilant every day. Public safety officials, mayors and governors. There are individuals out there who have no -- don't care about anyone else. Don't care about maiming and killing people. They just want to destroy our world. We have to be very careful about that. I agree with that, mayor. Do you believe that these two individuals were done after they set the bombs at the marathon or do you think they were prepared to carry out more attacks themselves? Honestly, george, I couldn't tell you. You would hope not, but you never know. They have a mindset of destruction. Do they have more bombs on their possession? Some stories that they did. But let me say, our public safety departments have worked so well together. You would be proud of what happened in massachusetts this past week with the boston police, state police and the fbi working together. It was really a great thing. Everyone came together. The president talked to us every day on the phone. The president came here. The governor and I worked hand in hand. I have to give the citizensf boston a lot of credit. They were vigilant. They all came out and supported us. The issue now is, how do we move forward? How do we use that goodwill and american feeling to do a better job? We started a fund in boston, the onefund.Org, which is a fund to help some of the issues that arose out of this tragedy. Overwhelming support. Make sure we do it the right way in boston. America really has reached out. I have one more question on the investigation, what more are you learning about these brothers, and the key question of when they might have been, you know, so many accounts, talked to so many of their classmates, they seemed like normal american kids, but at some point, they turned, became radicalized, what information have you been able to develop from it? Working theory, the brother was manipulated by the older brother? Yeah, I think the older brother was really the leader and the younger brother was brainwashed by his brother and he was just a follower, he followed his brother, his brother read those magazines published on how to create bombs, how to disrupt the public, he brainwashed his younger brother from there, what happened on marathon day, so unfortunate, you know, out of that, I think we're coming up a stronger city than we were in the past. I know that the marathon will run next year. Going forward, what have you learned from this incident and what kind of security measures do you think can be put in place to try to prevent something like this in the future? Let me say, I think the boston police did a lot of things to have total security out there. But when you have crowds coming back and forth, and you know, hundreds of thousands of people out there, how do you check everybody's bag? We have many cameras. One of the things that helped this investigation is the many cameras we had in the copley square area of the marathon. One of the television station helped us. It's just how we get information back to the law enforcement officials we have to do a thorough job of making sure prior to the event we check every trash can, everything else that's out there. It's simple work. It's tough work, but it needs to be done when you have thousands and thousands of people coming to your city. You know what, we're not going to stop having the marathon and july 4th celebrations. Because we're a stronger than these terrorists want to be. Finally, your son, tom menino, a detective, was near the finish line, we also saw him at that memorial service on thursday, wheeling you up to the podium as well, he was a hero in this as well. Tommy, he's my son, he did his job, and he does it every day, there are thousands of police officers who do their job every day. Tommy is just one of them. But there were a lot of other folks who were heroes on that day. One of my cabinet officials were on the finish line, he helped save lives. Lot of heroes that day, and we have to give them a lot of credit for saving a lot of folks' liv. Every one of the individuals who was injured went to a boston hospital that day. None of them have lost their lives. They have done a heck of a job, the health care services we have in boston. The hospitals have done spectacular in our city. Mayor, you did a great job as well. Thank you for joining us this morning. Thank you, george. The roundtable is coming up. As is the terrorist threat evolves, how should we adapt? What have we learnedm 9/11? What should we do ahead? That debate ahead.Ahead? That debate ahead. We've reduced taxes andlowered costs to save businesses more than twobillion dollars to grow jobs, cut middle class income taxes tothe lowest rate in sixty years, and we're creating tax freezones for business startups. 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