Bryce Harper's Breakout Season

ABC News Jonathan Karl talks with the Washington Nationals star on the team's efforts to inspire a new generation of fans and players.
3:13 | 08/02/15

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Transcript for Bryce Harper's Breakout Season
In our "Sunday spotlight," baseball phenom Bryce Harper of the Washington nationals. Fans know he brings plenty of passion to the field and he's also inspiring a new generation of baseball fans. And Harper to right field! Reporter: He's the hottest hitter in baseball. Upper deck! Reporter: Having a year that any ballplayer would dream of, all at an age where most are in the minor leagues. You're having a hell of a season. I'm trying. You know, I think as a team, we're having a great year. We're having a lot of fun. Reporter: Harper was just 16 years old when he was christened baseball's chosen one on the cover of "Sports illustrated." You said your goals was to be in the hall of fame definitely, but be considered the greatest baseball player who ever lived. If you don't have the goal to be the best, what's the point of playing? I want to be the best I can to help my team win. Reporter: He made his major league debut at 19, becoming rookie of yearhiith S old school hustle and power at the plate. Now 22, Harper is having a breakout season, rivaling some of the best in baseball history. You already have more home runs than previous years. It seems like it's clicking. The biggest thing was I was healthy, the past couple of years, I would have these freak accidents. In 2014, I slid into third base, banged up my thumb. I was out two months. My main goal going into this year was trying to stay healthy, trying to play smart. Reporter: You're 100% guy. Yes, and I'm still going to play that way every single day. Reporter: Harper has also gone into the stands in a different way this year, going viral with this selfie he shot with a fan's phone last month. He reached over the fence to one of his youngest fans in spring training. Plenty of fans at national park who's your favorite player? Bryce Harper. Bryce Harper. Bryce Harper. Reporter: While baseball's overall attendance is thriving, its fans are older than any other major sport. Fewer young kids are picking up the glove to play. The nationals hope to change that. The youth academy provides afterschool education in baseball, with a field of dreams facility in one of Washington's toughest neighborhoods. These kids are able to go over there and get away from whatever they're going through and enjoy the game of baseball. Reporter: This year, every Washington little league team is the nationals. The team has outfitted nearly 5,000 little leaguers with their very own nationals uniforms. An opportunity to play in the big leagues one day. That's the ultimate goal. Reporter: It's been ten years since baseball returned to the nation's capital and Harper hopes that this is the year that the team brings home a world series title. I want to, you know, win a world series. I want that more than anything in the world, and I want to bring that back. Reporter: But first, let's get my daughter Anna over here for a selfie. Thanks a lot. Our thanks to Bryce Harper and the Washington nationals.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"ABC News Jonathan Karl talks with the Washington Nationals star on the team's efforts to inspire a new generation of fans and players.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"32837037","title":"Bryce Harper's Breakout Season","url":"/ThisWeek/video/bryce-harpers-breakout-season-32837037"}