Chuck Schumer on Women's March: Marching 'Part of The Grand American Tradition'

The Senate minority leader talks about the Women's March and President Trump's first days in office.
7:24 | 01/22/17

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Transcript for Chuck Schumer on Women's March: Marching 'Part of The Grand American Tradition'
Yesterday on Friday and Saturday here in Washington DC we're joined now by the democratic. Leader in the senate Chuck Schumer thanks for joining us a good this morning Lou we will that we just heard from Kelly and Colin when talk about a couple things that she said including. The president's statement the CI yesterday which drew some fire. From the former CIA director John Brennan she fired right back and said it was remarkable. Well here's what I'd say to stand on sacred ground the wall. Which commemorates CIA agents who gave their lives of the country. And then talk about what he talked about was so so wrong. President trump order realize he's not campaigning anymore he's president. And instead of talking about how many people showed up at his inauguration. He ought to be talking about how many people are going to stay in the middle class and move into the middle class. What do you make of his enormously chills are telling Connelly say discredit is that. A unifying speech that is their view yet it was not at all he spoke only to his supporters to grand tradition of these speeches. Is very simple unified people reach out to people who didn't vote for you when of course majority people didn't vote for Donald Trump. But instead he just spoke to his supporters and the other thing that bothered me about the speech George as much as sort of the narrowness of it in the darkness. Of America that he portrayed was this I think he's trying to. Use populist rhetoric to cover up a right wing agenda if you look at his cabinet. They are far from the populism that he talked about people like. Price who want to end Medicare as we note by privatizing it mold they need cut its debt to smithereens out of every program even. Research. For cancer. To Voss who wants to end public education funding and had ended but greatly curtail it. These are these are people. Who have been chosen for the cabinet aside from all of the conflicts of interest light s.'s isn't saying you're not acting fairly by moving by moving so slowly. These confirmations present a bomb had far more cabinet officials in place on his first he did that's because this is a different cabinet than we've ever seen we call it a swamp cabinet. Billionaires and bankers. And the written so many of them have potential conflicts of interest the one Obama cabinet. Appointee who had this kind of wealth and potential conflicts of interest penny Pritzker took six months. And these people have to divest themselves of conflicts of interest that's the law before they come in they would not properly prepared. Many of them they tried to hold hearings without even their papers they're conflict of interest plans and their ethics reports their FBI reports being available. You know advise and consent doesn't mean ram it through now if I were the Republicans and president trump I'd wanna Ramsey's cabinet ministers to rule Mitt or Mike nominees through. Because so many of them have conflicts of interest and so many of them have used an amicable to what the American people want in trump campaigned on you mentioned you mention the cabinet would about Trent present. Trump hit himself he district killing Conway say he's not gonna release. His tax returns he's sticking by. That position some ethics experts believe. That his his plan to divested its bid to give it. Over the suns not to vast I did not go far enough in that he will be in violation of the volumes clause is that your view. Well be monuments clause has never been tested because we've never had a president whose refuse to give up his personal. Investments and other things my advice to president trump. Get rid of it it could cause you real trouble. We don't know if foreign aid comes from you know goes to a country that has trump hotels and it whether any these clauses are violated. You know when you run for president. And he did it willingly you have certain obligations one of them would be too. Avoid even the appearance of conflicts of interest he ought to get rid of all this stuff. It is not right to keep it and be president pungent and he's risking a lot hundreds of thousands of marchers here in New York yesterday I was there is in the front porch Paulson why should. But what you comfortable with everything you heard you heard Kellyanne Connolly right there. And I think she spoke for a lot of people live when she talked about those comments from Madonna talking that burning down the White House outlook I I don't agree with those comments but the celebrities don't matter in this march I would marched in New York I saw hundreds of thousands of people I didn't see a single celebrity. I saw average few people men and women worried about women's health. If they repeal. The affordable care ranked. Women will no longer be required to be treated equally they repeal Planned Parenthood women's health is at risk they're even talking about. On doing now Roe vs. Wade so women had a right to march that's part of the grand American tradition. And I'll tell you the depth. And sincerity of the protesters that I saw really fortify. I got a lot of strength from this and I think there's going to be a lot of Americans who were really. Willing to be much more active than they were before because they're worried about sort trump is headed you saw president trump signed an executive order on obamacare Friday night killing Connolly just said he may stop enforcing. The individual mandate. Well look that they don't know what to do. With the Affordable Care Act who would have thought two weeks into this Democrats would be united and on offense and Republicans would be on defense. The public knows how many good things there are as part of the Affordable Care Act the Republicans say they're going to repeal they don't know what to replace it with. I even think his executive order exemplified that they didn't say anything they should keep the good things get rid of the bad things but Obey the law. That's because they don't know what to do that like the dog that caught the bus let me ask you about Russia that president terms suggests an interview that you may seek a deal. With Vladimir Putin where he would lift the sanctions president trump in return. For nuclear arms reduction is that a deal you can sign onto a that would be horrible and in fact we are so adverse to what that senator Carden and I am introducing legislation. This week. To say that before the president could reduce any sanctions on Russia. That would have to be passed by congress has now have that authority and sound he does and but we have bipartisan support senators McCain. And Graham are supporting this legislation. And for us to repeal sanctions. Given what Russia has done in Ukraine and threaten the baltics and now. They've clearly tried to intervene in our election whether it had an effect or not that is something. That's a danger that we have never faced to this extent in American history. We repeal sanctions it tells Russia go ahead and interfere in our elections. And do bad things are tells China it tells a round they'll be terrible so this legislation I hope we'll get bipartisan support you know. A mirror thing happened few years ago. Republicans were worried that President Obama would lift the Iran sanctions they introduced legislation that said he couldn't without congressional okay. Got ninety votes I voted for. Final question we now know the intelligence evenings are looking into possible contacts. Between. That any trump associates and the Russians during the campaign her killing Conway tonight right there's justice in the White House would not interfere. With these invest this investigation confident that's the case I hope so and it would be dramatically bad if they did. Bottom line is we should have a federal investigation of all the allegations they are really serious. Senator Schumer thanks very much thanks George good to be here again.

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{"duration":"7:24","description":"The Senate minority leader talks about the Women's March and President Trump's first days in office.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"44966900","title":"Chuck Schumer on Women's March: Marching 'Part of The Grand American Tradition'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/chuck-schumer-womens-march-marching-part-grand-american-44966900"}