Corey Lewandowski and Robby Mook debate Trump's first month in office

Former Trump and Clinton campaign managers face off over Russia, voter fraud and more on "This Week."
10:17 | 02/19/17

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Transcript for Corey Lewandowski and Robby Mook debate Trump's first month in office
Let's bring in two men who know what the never endinging campaign is like. Corey Lewandowski and Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, Robby Mook. I want to start with you, Corey, on the Russian contacts between the trump campaign and Russia. You were his campaign man jer for a time. Did you ever have contacts with any Russians? Never. Never. Never. I want to play for you the way Donald Trump answered that question when I asked him at the press conference. I want to get you to clarify. It's a very important point. Can you say definitively nobody on your campaign had kakt contacts with the Russians. I had nothing to do with it. I have no deals there. I don't know anything. He didn't quite answer my question. You -- I asked you a didn't one about you specifically. What about others? Were others on the campaign associated with the campaign at any time in contact with the Russians? I don't know of any person working on the campaign that ever had a contact with a Russian agent or a rushaffiliate or anybody that has to do with Russia. None whatsoever. You didn't know of any. Sit possible somebody you didn't know of or the president didn't know of? I have spent enormous amounts of time with candidate trump during than campaign. Never ever during my time with him did I ever hear him, ininstruction him, hear him tell anybody to reach out to a foreign country. You can't speak for Paul manafort. Others? I don't know what people are doing in their private time. I can tell you unequivocally, I have never seen anybody I have directed or the president has directed to reach out to Russia. Never been instructed to do so. I believe Corey that he never reached out. He's not one of the names listed. Paul manafort's name comes up. It's not surprising they might be trying the same thing here in the United States. Somewhat particularly frightening to me is that these phone calls that trump associates had with Russian agents were picked up because the NSA taps these Russian agents regularly. This is not speculation. They're phone calls that were picked up. You saw the president deflect the question. He won't answer pit. More we learn about this, the closer and closer it gets to president trump. Your allegation that what the intelligence community says was clear evidence that Russia was behind the DNC hack? You believe that the trump campaign was coordinating with the Russians? That's what we don't know. There's no evidence of that. Yet, that we have seen. None yet. But president trump won't deny it. We don't know the facts. We haven't seen the transcripts of the phone calls. We need to get all the information out there. We need a 9/11-style bipartisan commission to sort through this. There is no evidence that the Russians had anything to do with the outcome of the election. President owe be a ma said in October, the U.S. Election system is too big to hack. A senior administration official, echoing the comments of Obama, said it is so antiquated that altering the November election would be near impossible. That's about the voting machines. You don't doubt the hacking by the Russians? I have no idea what their information is. The campaign had nothing to do wit. The information hacked from wikileaks was proven to be 100% accurate. Does the president believe it? He said he believed it in the transition press conference. He seems to be talking a lot about the fake news. The president said the e-mails from John podesta have been authenticated. This is the problem, Jonathan. Blame the victim. The Russians stole the podesta e-mails. They put them out to hurt Hillary Clinton. We cannot have foreign governments interseeding in our elections. Let's get to the larger issue of Russia relations pip want to play something else from the press conference. Does anybody really think that Hillary Clinton would be tougher on Russia than Donald Trump? Does anybody in the room really believe that? Okay? You were not in room. I imagine you think that. I absolutely think that. The reason Putin did this is because Hillary Clinton spoke out against him. She spoke out against frankly the same kind of behavior we're starting to hear Donald Trump hint at. When Donald Trump is asked about Putin, he's praised him. Called him a strong leader. Gave him an "A" rating. Asked on "The O'Reilly show" of Putin's tactics of locking up and killing his opponents, he said that, you know, he compared that to America. He said we're not that innocent either. The intelligence community said it was the Russians. We don't we want to work with another superpower to eradicate ISIS and ISIL? If we can have a country that works with Russia for the same goal, to devastate, destroy, and kill ISIS in their place as opposed to them coming here, why isn't that a good thing? I'm missing it. The problem is, Putin devastates and destroys his enemies. The Syrian people. Hillary Clinton spoke out against that. She had the counsel to do it. Hillary Clinton did not lose this election because of Vladimir Putin. She lost it because she couldn't connect with females. He lost it because the African-American vote was down. And because she was a terrible campaigner. She ran a taeshl campaign. Why is the president still obsessed with the election results? He's president. He's not obsessed. He brings it up all the time. You have to understand the main stream media. The people that usually host this show laughed that he would be successful. I interviewed him very early on. Took him seriously as a candidate. And certainly now as the president. But let's get to the first 100 -- the first month. May feel like 100 days. The first month in office. The president says this is a fine-tuned machine. First to you, Corey, do you think that's right? Do you think reince Priebus is doing great job? What I think is the president is implementing the promises he made on the campaign trail. Four visits from foreign leaders. 14 cabinet members done. He's put out significant policy already. He's nominated a supreme court justice to fill the vacancy. Who is in charge? President of the united States is in charge. In terms of the staff. Priebus, Kushner? Chief of staff. That is the person who running the white house. No question about that. The people in the white house have very different functions. Reince's job is to make sure that the white house is running effectively and efficiently. When you look at the executive orders, reince is intimately involved. I have deep concerns on two levels. To Corey's point, there's a lot of stuff that people in D.C. Care about. He promised to mobilize the country to create jobs. What have we seen in the first 30 days? He put Goldman snax charge of the treasury department, the economy. All he did on the campaign trail was attack Goldman sacks. He spent the taxpayers' money tole his kids around the world to help his businesses. He's having foreign leaders spend their money and our government spend money or their property nps is not the president of the United States helping create jobs for regular Americans. He did withdraw from tpp. Brought in CEOs and labor leaders splp sure. He's braug in CEOs. He's divided the country. The first thing he's talking about is tax reforming what is he going to do? Cut tax rates for millionaires? S for the first time since October 2009, the right track wrong track in the country is a positive. People think we're going in the right direction. Since 2009 it is not believed to be that way. The American people have faith in Donald Trump. Those were his core supporters. I want to ask about something from this program a week ago. Listen to this. I have actually having worked before on a campaign in new hampshire,ky tell you that this issue of busing voters in to new Hampshire is widely known by anybody that has worked in new Hampshire politics. It's very real. It's very serious. We have two guys from new Hampshire, worked in new Hampshire politics. Have you ever heard of voters being fraudulently brought in to vote fraudulently. Absolutely not. Look, Jonathan, of course you have. We saw yesterday a story from the associated press that we have voter fraud in Texas. In New Hampshire, the way the law is written, it's very clear. If you choose on election day, if you can -- I thought New Hampshire had a clean -- Joe Biden's daughter, eight years ago, said she became a new Hampshire resident, worked on the campaign for three minutes, decided to vote. Former GOP chair said this wasn't true. Secretary of state said this wasn't true. I thought we were supposed to be talking about jobs. We're talking about an invented scandal that doesn't exist. The voter fraud doesn't exist. Anybody can vote on election day. That's voter fraud. All right. Corey Lewandowski. Robby Mook. We'll have you back on. Let's talk about jobs. We'll be right back. Cc1 Test message

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{"id":45595907,"title":"Corey Lewandowski and Robby Mook debate Trump's first month in office","duration":"10:17","description":"Former Trump and Clinton campaign managers face off over Russia, voter fraud and more on \"This Week.\"","url":"/ThisWeek/video/corey-lewandowski-robby-mook-debate-trumps-month-office-45595907","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}