David Brody: Donald Trump is 'a Player with Evangelicals'

The powerhouse roundtable debates the week in politics.
9:17 | 12/13/15

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Transcript for David Brody: Donald Trump is 'a Player with Evangelicals'
ABC news, London. Let's talk about this with bill kristol, Nancy Gibbs and robin Wright. Robin, let's begin with this. I think you reported from several dozen, more than hundred countries around the world, it seems as Donald Trump is tapping into some very real anger around the globe. In the aftermath of the islamic state and then the rippling effect, whether it's Paris or San Bernardino of extremist acts. There's also astonishment at the kind of statements coming out of American politicians. That there would be such racism against a whole people for the acts of very small group of individuals. And ironically, it comes at a time that we need the world to act together more than ever. As reflected in Paris at the climate change conference. There are these big issues in an era of globalization that the United States needs other partners, needs some sense of a common good, and yet there's more divisive today in terms of a religion, race, all forms of identity. And Nancy, you named time's person of the year. Donald Trump was a finalist, he didn't get it. Angela Merkel of Germany. Donald Trump didn't like that. He said, time magazine would never pick me of person of the year despite being the big favorite. They picked the person who's ruining Germany. I would expect to approve the choice. A year from now, if he's been elected president, we'll see how he'll actually handle a crisis. Merkel has faced multiple times this year fundamental threats to the future of Europe, the global economy, the nigh gramigrant crisis, and now the terrorist attacks, has to make really hard decisions and act on them. There's a big difference between people running for office and people in office. I think this pick will uphold over time. The question is, will Donald Trump's comments uphold over time? No question that every one of his statements that people think have gone over the line give him strength. You believe this hurts him? Yeah, I don't think republicans are going to nominate someone that say things that are foolish and inflammato inflammatory. I mean, president Obama gives a speech Sunday night that seems oblivious to the actual threat and the bulk of the speech is telling us that we have to be very kind to muslims both at home and abroad. Then, today's "The New York times," department of homeland security didn't screen the Facebook posts of the murderer in San Bernardino. Hard to believe. They didn't do it -- incidentally, there was a debate within the department of homeland security whether it was appropriate to do so. And David, you have studied the evangelical community a lot, you reported on them in Iowa and across the country. You think that Donald Trump tapped into something there, as well. No question about it. Donald Trump is around. He's got staying power. If you go around the country, he's a player and he's player we -- with evangelicals, I think, George, evangelical see the world in absolutes. Donald Trump sees the world in absolutes as well. There's a kinship there. A Dr. Phil moment, if you will. I think it's not just that, but I think he's bringing up the sensitivity topic of Islam, it's a tooefr-a issue with evangelicals and it's resonatesing. Ted Cruz who has just surged to the top in Iowa and bill kristol you covered these caucuses for a long time, he does have a profile of a republican candidate in the past who have won in Iowa. Yeah, I was in Iowa last weekend, and I kind of felt that Cruz was having a pretty good run. You know, people have been intrigued by trump, he's saying things that they're happy to have him say. Not many will stand up at a caucus. He's been steady at 20%. He actually went up a couple of points. 23%. 19, 21 in the last three. Ted Cruz is serious. Ted Cruz -- the irony is the Washington establishment probably hates Ted Cruz more than Donald Trump. You know, that Iowa poll also found that a majority of trump supporters don't think he has the temperament to be president. So, right now, we're still talking about protests. Iowa tends to break very late and it's true that what has happened with Cruz is fascinating. But I think we're still quite a number of weeks away from knowing what's going to happen in Iowa. There's been a different leader every month. We have 11 months to go until the election and the vote, first vote happens early in the new year. But I think, with all these different kind of pull and tug and that the issues have changed so much in the last few months, in terms of what defines what people want. We have gone from economic issues to national security issues, and that's one of the reasons why Ben Carson has plummeted -- They want someone who's not affiliated with the establishment. Also, if you look at the polling, terrorism, the number one polling issue, Donald Trump plays to that, and he plays well to that. In politics it's all about a narrative being crafted. Donald Trump came into this race with a narrative, and that is he's the $10 billion success guy who knows how to make the art of the deal. And they believe that can translate into the terrorism realm, potentially coming through with some victories here. Here's an important point. Robin mentioned. He only has one-liners. He doesn't has policies. At some point he has to more serious and deliberate. Cruz is underrated as a finalist. Look, robin mentioned correctly, Cruz, trump and Carson, what's their total vote in the Iowa poll? Over 65%. Bush, Rubio and Christie together, 19%. Everyone on the establishment side -- once the establishment comes together, you know, that will establish the candidate. Beats Ted Cruz and trump. Iowa is a conservative state. If you go down the calendar, you can write a scenario -- I don't think Donald Trump makes it. But I think Ted Cruz is more serious than people think. He's raised more money than anyone besides Jeb bush. He organized in the southern states the vote on March 1st. He wins in Iowa, Donald Trump does well in New Hampshire, you're setting up this scenario, that I think, even though that meeting that happened in Washington, they talked about a brokered convention, that will have a lot of people nervous at the top ranks of the republican party. This is where trump is so helpful to Cruz. He framed it as being a race about who can stand up to Washington. Cruz wears Washington hostility like a badge of honor. How real is this talk of a brokered convention? I think it's relatively real, from a plausibility standpoint, Marco Rubio, who potentially could be in the mix here, if gop establishment folks get behind him. You have Donald Trump who isn't going away any time soon because he has about $10 billion or so. If he decides to spend it. Plus, he has a lot of stable support behind him. And you have Ted Cruz who's very well organized grassrootswise. So, you can literally see this coming down to where no one has the delegates on the first ballot. I think Chris Christie can make a run. Someone who's experienced and tough. Who prosecuted terrorists. If I'm Christie, I say at the debate Tuesday night, we have two inexperienced guys. Cruz and Rubio. We got an older guy who's also inexperienced and just shoots off his mouth, I'm the guy who can be a solid -- so, I think there's a little bit of a Christie scenario. To what degree is the republican establishment out of sync with the body of politics? Totally, 100%. The republican dinner where they plotted about the brokered convention was at a restaurant in Washington, called the source, a very nice place. The main thing they discussed should they get the three-course or the five-course menu. The whole idea of brokered convention, you wonder if we're not going to know until the very end where we're heading. This has been going on for a while. The pea targetty, evangelicals, there's this whole idea of gop establishment and what I call the teavangelicals trying to take over the party. We'll see. Thank you all very much.

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