Dennis Rodman on 'This Week'

George Stephanopoulos goes one-on-one with the former NBA star on his visit to North Korea.
7:53 | 03/03/13

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Transcript for Dennis Rodman on 'This Week'
And we are back now -- this week's weirdest encounter and its top of the news in North Korea. The first American to meet Kim Jong I -- not John Kerry or even Jimmy Carter no it was Dennis Rodman AKA the warm. They watch basketball -- is a big fan but that was just the beginning some ice skating to an aquarium visit. Then a long dinner and lots of drinks he's one of the world's most mysterious and dangerous men. I love you guys Boston's -- was of -- -- Through -- on news that about a dictator who presides over prison camps allows millions to starve and has threatened to destroy the United States. Amazingly. Rodman now has more firsthand impressions of -- than any other American there is nobody at the CIA who can tell you more personally about Kim -- moon. Then Dennis Rodman. And that in itself -- scary. And Dennis Rodman joins us. I guess you don't find it scary -- -- There is some raising that while many know what it was first. My greatest friends. Me and my. I call my son helping -- Boone. -- them and then. It was supposed suppose but I this was later and just -- -- -- -- -- have a good time. -- turned into such an event and I ask you first when you said you love -- and think he's awesome. Were you aware of his threats to destroy the United States and then his regime's horrendous record on human rights. But it would wonder about that you know what I don't look at all -- right understand what he's doing it I don't condone that. I hate the fact that he's doing that but the -- is that you know what -- a human being dealt. Let's -- who could do it went into me when a friend on and talk about that understand I understand that. But whatever responsibility. To ask him about it so -- don't be perceived as sort of propping up his regime has cult of personality -- -- -- -- -- talk to you when you call Burnett in environment desk as we knew quite on par. And and your father. The want and they kiss only twenty years old you called them great leaders you really believe that. -- what I saw in that country. A -- -- country not -- to respect him and his family that's what I mean about that our great -- there. Aren't they forced him. Well I say no because I think he's -- -- something because. Exhibit a different view. DOS that we were two days and one thing he asked me give Obama something to say and do what they can -- Obama to do Wednesday. Haul him he -- a call from President Obama that's right he told me that he's if you can Dennis. I don't want -- war. I don't want to war he said that to me. -- -- -- you pick up the phone call President Obama not only -- us a different story is a different story because guess what the kids or twenties so. 28. He's got his -- but a -- -- He's twenty -- -- they always -- -- what did he tell you about America. And what did you learn you can guess what don't want saying I said Ilyce. We talk about you if you have so whatever. He loves basketball. Not -- same basket of the -- basketball. Let's talk there -- there but you see the course in the papers he says that. He says that must force. What -- -- look that's what's so much so that's one tiny bit of common ground did you get any sense from him that he was looking to change your relationship the United States will want to let him do it went and I -- his -- him. -- very humble. He's very humble man has executed very -- -- very. Victoria strong as a man in virtual -- guess what you don't want war veteran wanting you -- said in the past that he would destroy the united stay well not at his conduct -- has come from his father. I think. As a young man handling it you don't want anything but what else does he know about the United States and President Obama when you -- tell by the terrible argument he -- when -- he. He loves. In those power. That's control. Costs of us know. -- to somebody they're putting this is a great guy does have great -- should go and talk to you don't. Perception is perceiving how things great guy that's 200000 people in prison camps. Where are you -- -- -- what it's amazing how we do the same thing here we have prison camps union army hasn't come guess what it's all politics right. It's all politics right and one thing. You don't want to do that -- want to do that but you know what -- is small like it. A month ago. A diplomat I don't want -- -- that but it sounds like you're apologizing for him. And all part of him I think the fact that you know. Here's a good guy to me. Here's where his wife for a best what I don't condone what he does but that's forced as a person -- person. Is my friend. Was -- what he does. But -- -- what -- someone who. You hypothetically as a murderer who's your friend is still a murder. -- you know I do seriously you know I think guesswork. That's what what I did what I did. Was history. Was history guess what is -- -- we do over here in America right. This amazing -- we have president's over here at the same thing right. It's amazing Bill Clinton -- one -- how sex -- secretary knew what they really get away -- -- still be powerful nothing easier that to prison camps of missing Canada one think. We don't need to do when they. Object that currently do what -- checked out just what we don't want thing. If but the friend to friend right so friend -- friend. It's a plan to me that somebody -- -- go back amen is slipped on the go back into Wednesday and -- out more -- what -- ball but up. War you can make some good thank you should bring this report from Human Rights Watch lady and may be asking questions about death. As well you might learn a lot more in my present as well but thank you for coming on this morning sharing and -- it away and -- -- -- -- Do you -- report. Yes what -- report. Okay just what -- but only eight weeks. Don't we go from nobody knows why don't hate me -- get more on this now from Shane Smith the co-founder vice meeting traveler Dennis Rodman North Korea. So -- I mean -- know you had some hope for basketball diplomacy you've been to North Korea. Before. Are you concerned at all that this trip may end up propping up Kim -- -- giving him a propaganda coup. I don't think so. I mean -- day. It -- -- staff -- are gonna do that for the rest of the world people know what's going on and they know our our position just to be clear I didn't go with Dennis on this trip I've been. Twice before I'm not allowed to go anymore I've made to -- three documentaries on North Korea and and that's why -- not allowed to go. What what happens within North Korea. They can say whatever they want on their state television. Anyway they're gonna say what do you know what whatever they want and added they've done so in the past I don't think it's a propaganda -- Internationally. I think it's a crazy story. But you know within North -- -- -- propaganda group. You know the New York four -- went there was not a propaganda -- I don't think so any hope for a new relationship you believe. -- that's one thing -- say is that you know look there was a love of basketball. You know. Sort of reminiscent of ping pong diplomacy. There have been you know very few instances of of dialogue. And dialogue I believe is always good. And obviously if -- and is is interested in in America if he's -- in basketball if you made sort of you know allusions to the fact that you know he wished that that there was you know closer relations between the two countries. -- that's a good thing even if it's if it's you know political grandstanding. At least I could be the beginning of of a dialogue that that you know hasn't worked well in the past between America and North Korea -- Smith instrument thank you both very much.

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