Donald Trump: 'I'm Not a Debater'

The GOP frontrunner plays down expectations for Thursday's first Republican debate.
9:02 | 08/02/15

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Transcript for Donald Trump: 'I'm Not a Debater'
Let's get straight to the gop front-runner Donald Trump who joins us by the phone. Sir, thank you for joining us. Thank you, Jon. I'll get to the debate this morning. But we have this news this morning that Joe Biden is looking in to running, what is your assessment, harder to beat than Hillary Clinton? I think it's a real possibility, because what she did was absolutely in my opinion illegal and I don't think she's going to be allowed to run if they have a prosecutor who's going to be honorable. Because if you look at general petraeus, what he did is nothing compared to what she's done. And his life is in ruins. What she did is far worse. So, I think she has a big problem with e-mails. So, somebody like Biden could go in and do very well and maybe win. Let's get to your big moment, you never debated before, are you ready for this debate, what would you consider a win? Well, I'm not a debater, these politicians -- I always say they're all talk no action. They debate all the time. They debate every night. I don't debate, I have created tremendous jobs. I built a great company. I do a lot of things. My whole life is a debate in a way. The fact is that I'm not a debater and they are. But, with that being said, I look forward to that. Who knows. You obviously haven't been afraid to attack your opponents, now, you're going to be on stage with them, are you going to be throwing punches? Every single attack -- You have been attacking -- Every attack I made was a counterpunch. They attacked me first. And I hit them back. Maybe harder than they hit me. The fact is, I have been attacked pretty viciously by some of these guys. I have a lot of respect for some of the people on the stage. But I -- I have been attacked and I counterpunched. I didn't start the attacks. Okay, some of the more recent ones, Jeb bush while you were in Scotland, kind of dismissed your rise as a phenomenon. Rand Paul said your surge in the poll is a temporary loss of sanity. Well, he may say that. He's very weak on the military, very weak on defense, probably hurt him very badly. I think he's a nice guy. I contributed a lot of money to his cause where he goes around as a doctor and takes care of very seriously ill people and helps them out. I have made a lot of contributions. I'm surprised to hear him say that. Maybe it was built up by the press. I would say I was little surprised to hear Rand say that. But if he feels that, that's okay with me. You have been very harsh on your assessment of Jeb bush, especially, what you wrote in your book, "The America we deserve," you said of Jeb bush, he's exactly the kind of political leader this country needs now and will very much need in the future -- he's bright, tough and principled. And not just Jeb bush. Of Hillary Clinton you said, just in 2012, she's a terrific woman, works hard and I think she does a good job. George Pataki, the most underrated guy in American politics. Rick Perry, you said, he's a very effective go nor, Texas is lucky to have him. Now, you have declared Hillary Clinton the worst secretary of state ever. You said Rick Perry is too dumb maybe to be in the debate. There's a very simple answer to that, I was a businessman all my life, I made a tremendous fortune. I had to deal with politicians. I would contribute to them and deal with them. I'm not going to say bad things about people because I needed their support to get projects done. I needed their support for lots of things. I mean, you're not going say horrible things and then go in a year later, and say, listen, can I have your support on this project, or this development, or this business? I contributed to people, because I was a smart businessman, I built a tremendous company and I did that based on relationships. Now I'm no longer a businessman. Now, I'm someone who wants to make our country great. The tone is too weak. And they're telling Jeb -- I understand what Jeb is saying. Hillary used the exact same word, the tone of trump. Well, we needed a tough tone. They're beheading our people -- they're beheading Christians -- the world is going crazy. Opponents isn't beheading anyone. But the tone has to be tougher. If we're going to stop Isis, if we're going to clean up the border and stop what's happening at the border which is a disaster, which I was very proud to brought up. Now, everyone's apologizing to me now that they see that I'm right. We need a strong tone and we need tremendous enthusiasm and as you understand, Jeb doesn't have that strong tone and he doesn't have that level of enthusiasm that you need to make our country great again. I feel strongly. But as a businessman, I support everybody and I did very well doing it. So, let me ask you about something you tweeted last year, you said of Barack Obama, sadly because president Obama has done such a poor job as president, you won't see another black president for generations, what did you mean by that? I think he's been a very poor president, I think he has done a very poor job as president. We have $18 trillion right now in debt and going up rapidly. But what did you mean -- Wait a minute, the world -- we don't have victories anymore. China is killing us on trade. Mexico is killing us at the border and killing us at trade. Mexico is doing unbelievably against us in trade. You look at what's going on with Japan, you look at what's going on with Vietnam, you look at Saudi Arabia, makes a $1 billion a day and we defend them. I understand our critique, but why do you say we won't see another black president for generations? I think he has set a very poor standard, I think he has set a very low bar and I think it's a shame for the african-american people. By the way, he has done nothing for african-americans, if you look at what's gone on with their income levels, with their youth, I thought he would be a great cheerleader for this country. I thought he would do a fabulous job for the african-american citizens of this country, he has done nothing. They are worse now than just about ever -- excuse me, they have problems now, in terms of unemployment Numbers, look at their unemployment Numbers. Here you have a black president who's done very poorly for the african-americans of this country. And I think that I will win the african-american vote and I think I will win the hispanic vote. If you see the recent polls that have come out, Jon, you'll see that, because I'm leading in the hispanic vote. I want to go through a lightning-round questions. To get a sense of what a trump presidency would look like. Supreme court, who's your model of supreme court nomination? I have number of people that I like, but I will say this, when it comes to the supreme court, high intellect and very conservative. I would like high intellect and very conservative. Would president trump authorize waterboarding and other enhanced interrogation techniques? Even torture. I would be very strong. When people are chopping off other people's heads and we're worried about waterboarding, I have no doubt that that works. I have absolutely no doubt. So, you would bring back wat waterboarding? Such a big subject. I haven't heard that word in a long time. Okay, I want to get a sense what a trump cabinet looks like, very quickly, throw out a couple names, secretary of state? I think it's far too early to put names out. I'm certainly looking at the field, there are certainly tremendous people we could put in, but somebody who's very strong and very smart and very energetic. You need a lot of energy. Running mates? Sarah Palin said some very nice things about you and you said some very nice things about her, would you consider her? The answer is, you know, I like Sarah Palin a lot, I think Palin has gotten some unfair press. But I would pick somebody who would be a terrific, you have to view it as, who would be a good president in case something happened, there are many, many people out there that I think would be very good. Last question, reince priebus said all candidates should pledge not to run as a third-party candidate? Will you take that pledge this morning? I will tell you this, I'm leading in every poll, in some cases by a tremendous margin. People are surprised. I'm not surprised. People who know me aren't surprised. If I'm treated fairly by the republican party I would no interest in doing that. If I'm not treated fairly by the republican party, I very well might consider that, and I would certainly not give that up. Okay, Donald Trump, thank you for joining us. Okay, thank you very much.

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