'Donald Trump makes President Nixon look like a Boy Scout': Yvette Simpson

The Powerhouse Roundtable breaks down the latest on the White House's coronavirus response on "This Week."
8:45 | 05/17/20

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Transcript for 'Donald Trump makes President Nixon look like a Boy Scout': Yvette Simpson
What crime exactly are you accusing president Obama of committing and do you believe the justice department should prosecute him? Obamagate. It's been going on for a long time, before I even got elected. You'll be seeing what's going on over the coming weeks. I wish you'd write honestly about it. What's the crime exactly that you're accusing him of? You know what the crime is. The crime is very obvious to everybody. All you have to do is read the newspapers, except yours. President trump in the rose garden this week. Sara, you saw the president there, couldn't specify the crime that he's accusing president Obama of committing. But it's a clearly a campaign he's committed to, we counted up about 150 -- more than 150 tweets by the president since last Sunday on this issue, he clearly seems to think this is going to work even though he can't specify a crime. Well, I think the focus here should be really on his opponent, on Joe Biden, we haven't seen much evidence from Lindsey graham or bill Barr, any interest of calling the former president in for questioning. Look, it's very relevant for his opponent, Joe Biden. What did he know? What happened in that January 5th meeting? In the oval office about the investigation into the trump and Russia collusion issue. Did they pursue aggressively general Flynn? You know, we know now based on all of the things that have transpired since the beginning of the trump administration to now, that there was some serious, serious prosecutorial mishandling of this whole situation where we're leading witnesses and -- Let me ask you about the question, what's the evidence of a crime? You know, you had transcripts of a conversation between an official speaking with a Russian official. Authoized to ask for the identity, it was done by the book. It's been done thousands of time during the Obama administration, even more during the trump administration, where is the crime? So to me, the potential crime, we don't know that -- we'll see what these investigations bring forward, including the John Durham investigation, whether there are any prosecutions out of that, which has not yet been put out there. But if you go back to the whole interview with Michael Flynn, it should never have happened. He was basically cleared of the pre-investigation of the Mueller investigation and James Comey himself admitted on national television, yeah, you know, I wouldn't have gotten away with this in a different white house, a more experienced administration, so you have FBI agents who have text messages saying, can we still do this? Is Flynn even open? We know now it wasn't opened. Michael Flynn was not involved in any conversation or concern about collusion with Russia, none whatsoever, needless to say, though, Comey went in and interviewed him and then of course led him into witness -- I want to bring this to Rahm Emanuel. Couple of things here, Comey admitted to, he should have given a heads-up perhaps to the white house. He didn't say there was anything wrong in asking Michael Flynn questions. The investigation had not been closed. The reason they asked the questions because they came across this transcript of his conversation with the ambassador, Rahm. Just blow the smokescreen away. Michael Flynn had an option to tell the truth and he chose to lie. And the history is -- if you lie to the FBI, you die. Number two, president trump when he fired Mike Flynn said he fired him because he lied to the FBI. Number three, president Obama in his first meeting with President-Elect Donald Trump warned him not to hire Michael Flynn. Number four, president Obama was criticized back then for not being more overt about what Russia was trying to do. Not this effort. This is all a smokescreen to actually cover up and in fact deny what happened in the first nine weeks of dealing with the flu and this virus so that president is now trying to create a distraction, and I would remind you, watergate was a crime, looking for a cover-up, this is quote/unquote, a cover-up in search of a crime. President can't even acknowledge nor can Sara right here, or anybody, can acknowledge what happened here. I know the former U.S. Attorney if you lied to the FBI he would have prosecuted you. He could have told the truth, he chose to lie, that has consequences in a country based on the law. Mike Flynn lied, full stop. Chris Christie? Well, let me give Rahm a little lesson since he invoked my U.S. Attorney's days. The first thing is you don't do -- I hope I passed the bar. Conduct the way in the way these folks did -- the fact of the matter is, that you don't allow -- you don't allow FBI agents to conduct themselves in this way. You don't allow them to go in there and set a perjury trap which is what they did. I've said all along that Mike Flynn is wrong for having to lie to the vice president. I don't know how he explains that. But what we're seeing here and believe me, I've been a victim of it and people in my administration have been a victim of it. This is an Obama justice department led by Eric Holder, Lorett lynch, that politicized and weaponized the justice department. They did it. The supreme court just reversed what happened to my administration, 9-0. Mike Flynn now will have this matter dismissed. George, what we're looking at here, and Rahm, is prosecutorial and investigative misconduct, and that misconduct needs to be investigated with the same measure that Mike Flynn was investigated. That Bob Mueller investigated all of the people in Russia, that Ukraine was investigated. Prosecutorial misconduct is an awful, awful thing because the power of the federal government's Chris, I want to bring in Yvette in. Chris, prosecutorial misconduct that's your argument. I do have to press you on one point, the president keeps saying that it was president Obama who committed a crime, is there any evidence whatsoever anywhere that president Obama committed a crime here? Listen, George, at this point we don't know what all the evidence is, we don't know happened in that January 5th meeting. So, you know, everyone wanted to rush to judgment during the Russia investigation, everyone wanted to rush to judgment during the Ukraine investigation, we shouldn't rush to judgment as to the things that we don't yet know and what the president's involvement was, what the vice president's involvement. Let's have John Durham do the investigation and let's come to a fair conclusion. The American people want a fair investigation. Nobody on either side -- You couldn't get fair in this administration. I didn't blow either one of them off. Let me bring in Yvette in. I want to answer the question that collision and Sara didn't answer. Any evidence of any crime? Absolutely not. We know that Donald Trump is obsessed with Obama. He can't stop blaming Obama for anything that ever happened in the history of the world, let alone the last three years of the trump administration. Let's be clear, the most brazenly corrupt president in a generation should not be coming for the most popular, well-respected president in the generation. President trump makes Richard Nixon look like a boy scout. So any time he's saying Obama's done something wrong we know what it is, distract and project. He's trying to project the very corruption that his administration is responsible for onto the president. There's no evidence that he committed a crime. If so, he would have named it. I want to be clear, I want to go back to what Sara said, we're less than six months away from a presidential campaign, right, for the election, why is this something that he's focused on, I don't know how it serves it. It increasingly looks like the interview with Michael Flynn was really about moving forward with a Russia investigation. I'm afraid that's all we have time for. But thank you all very much. We'll be right back.for. But thank you all very much.

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