Dowd: Democrats would be smart to call 'the president's bluff' on Obamacare

The Powerhouse Roundtable debates the week in politics on "This Week."
7:37 | 03/26/17

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Transcript for Dowd: Democrats would be smart to call 'the president's bluff' on Obamacare
Doan undo things just because I did them. I don't have pride of authorship. I said today in a forum on health care, if the Republicans can come up with a system that inshurs more people, cheaper, better, I will be the first one -- I can tell by your smile, you don't think they can do it? I'm skeptical mainly because for seven years now, including when we first tried to pass it, I said, okay, if this doesn't work, tell me what does? Is Obamacare going to survive? I think it will. Let's talk about with our "Roundtable." Matt dowd. They said Obamacare repeal is not dead. I think that is unlikely. It seems this brand-new coalition with Democrats is in the card listening to chuck Schumer. To me, we're in a very difficult time with these huge problems facing the country and two political parties that can't govern at all. I thing the Democrats would be smart to call the president's pluf. They said, here's the bill to fix Obamacare. Are you going to support it or not. Basically, in many ways, you can't support it. It seemed on at the that Schumer was willing to go there assuming we re peel was dead. I don't think this will change. Donald Trump would have to become somebody he's not, right? He would have to become somebody that the American public would now support. The majority of the country doesn't support him. Become the person people thought he was. He's been all over the map. He would have to become a different person. The problem with most of the democratses now, 90% of the Democrats dislike him and will not support him no whatter what he does. And the sect problem is that he just can't move this ball anymore. This is not a thing he can do with a lack of support of his own part. And now the Democrats. Picking up on what you were saying. Fixing problems, you have to first confront them. Accept them. It seems like he's in a bit owe denial amid big questions about his confidence. And his credibility. Look, he came into office with, I think, some people willing to work with him. You remember that fist day when he was inaugurated. It was very schmooze zi with the senator who just departed, with Nancy Pelosi. That evaporated quickly. The president doesn't quite realize that in politics and in governing, you can't just wave a wand and everything we said yesterday goes away. He's used to doing that. Making his own weather shlgs for a lack of a better way of putting it. He's used to a consequence-free environment. He's stuck. Everyone I have spoked to in the white house over the last two days was in wait and see mode. What it's like tomorrow when everybody returns to Washington. Alex, put yourself in the white house. You're in the oval office. Go on. You're hearing -- Do I have to. What would you tell the president to do tomorrow morning? I think he needs an agenda. He can't wait for a divided Republican party in the house and the senate to provide an agenda. He's got the write the tax bill? He's got to put together a tax bill. It's got to be a tax bill that the entire party can support. Tax cuts. Something that actually produces growth. He has to say we're going to open the economy for growth or not. We're going to grow Washington's economy, or not. We're going to open it up, get rid of old, outdated regulations that are limiting your life and opportunity or we're going to let the plate call artificial Washington deal making, let that be your future. If he won't go there -- that's not who Donald Trump hads been. We just saw it here. The guy who knew the policy couldn't inspire people to support it. Ryan. The guy who could inspire people to support the policy, didn't understand it. That was Donald Trump. The problem for Donald Trump is his success wasn't driven by policies. It was driven by personality. The majority of the country now doesn't like his personality. Congress has taken on that personality and beat him. Test deeper on Obamacare. They didn't like that bill. It was a huge tax cut for the wealthy. It was going to be paid for by older, working class people. Listening to Alex. Congressman meadows. We're not talking about tax reform anymore. We're talking tax cuts. Reform is you have the net tax rates stay the same. You lower it, you lower the the rate, close loophole. The amount coming in is the same. When you're saying is true. Meadows said, we'll just have another big tax cut. Look what it does to the debt, the deficit. This was a candidate, Donald Trump, who said he was going balance the budget and pay off the debt. That's impossible. The idea of a big tax giveaway -- Trump could sell this. We're not going to reduce this debt by choking the economy. First thing we have to do is produce growth. The way to do that is to open up the the economy. That requires two things. Limiting political artificial regulations from Washington. And two putting more money in people's pockets. Growth first. Growth first could sell tax cuts. What are you agreeing on? I don't think he can sell that. I think he can't sell that in part because he's not a details-oriented person, particularly when it comes to policy. He's spoken in broad purple hues. When you get to the nitty-gritty, he doesn't really always sound like he's that familiar with it. He's good at brand. Good at branding things and people. Build that wall. Make Mexico pay for it. Lying Ted. But Alex -- No appetite. There's no appetite in America right now for tax cuts for the wealthy. There's an appetite for building infrastructure. People for opening up the economy. If it's contingent on tax cuts for the wealthy, that won't happen. That freedom caucus was all about controlling spending. Plansing the budget. The guys that didn't want to, raise the debt ceiling. I think the more vesting question is, what does he do in the short run? Does he enact political revenge? We're told Steve Bannon wants an enemies list. He's not the only one. You have Alex Mooney. This is a district that trump took by 75%. This is coal country. Place where trump is more popular than the congressman. Is he going to support a primary -- That district is the one that I have heard mentioned most frequently over the last few days by trump advisers. They're advocating, we're not going to go after everybody but we should pick targets. What does it get them? I agree. When they have a supreme court nominee who they need to have approved. They have a budget issue coming up in a month. Where they have major issues ahead of them. They also are aware that there has to be in their minds, again, I'm not saying there's a great answer either way. But in their minds, they have to demonstrate there's a political price for going against the president. If Donald Trump wants to find his number one enemy, he should buy a mirror. That's the last word. After the stunning hearing on Russian interference, we're going to talk to one of the trump associates under investigation. Ronler stone is next.

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