Dowd: GOP must 'come to terms' with being Trump, Bannon party

The Powerhouse Roundtable debates this week in politics.
8:20 | 10/29/17

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Transcript for Dowd: GOP must 'come to terms' with being Trump, Bannon party
I think all of us realize that if we fail on taxes, that's the end of the Republican party's governing majority in 2018. I can't man how he could be successful with Nancy Pelosi running the house. They would try to impeach him pretty quick. It would be one constant investigation after another. So it's important that we pass tax reform in a meaningful way. If we don't, that's probably the end of the Republican parent as we know it. Unvarnished word there is from Lindsey graham, actually on Brian kilmeade's show. We want to start with Kate Walsh shields. You know the white house well. Tax cuts have become the glue that is holding the Republican party together right now. Absolutely. It falls in line with everybody the president has done in the last few months. We have had 3% gdp in the last six months. Unemployment at an all-time low. The Dow at an all-time high. I think when this gets done, swrooel a very good story to tell in 2018. I'm waiting for the tweet, thank you, president Obama few setting me up. Here's the thing with what graham sid that people have to understand. Democrats are running around saying, the possibility here. The fact of the matter is, the Republican party is not implo imploding. You control 31 governor's mansions. House, senate, the white house. The judiciary. You're not imploding. Yeah you have internal fights. This is about power. Not principles, character, morals, values. They want to maintain power. Trump is the vessel that allows them to do so. So they'll fall in line. Jeff flake, that wasn't courageous what he did. He was going to lose. Courageous is to still run. I'm going campaign and speak the truth, if I lose, that's fine. I'm not giving anybody props for giving a speech and cutting and running. You stay in the office and challenge them. The Republican party is not dead. You see what is happening in North Carolina. Hat is sadistic. Undemocratic. Wisconsin. We ignore what is happening in these states. Texas, five times they lost in federal courts over voter I.D. It's real what they're doing in states. Let me bring this to Brian kilmeade. The president does Chand strong lead this is the house. No one really knows somewhat many the tax bill. I think what I think is encouraging if you're a Republican is the fact that the house, senate, white house, have been meetding behind closed doors. They know a lot of details. Back to your question, the the reason Lindsey graham is talking in cat cliz mingic fashion is he knows it will pass. Not because of president trump. It's because each individual lawmaker is on the clock. In 2018. Whether you're going on to be up in a little while, or 2018, or 2020. Nay have to do something. Or else they have nothing to run on. They're not doing it for president trump. Not doing it for their party. They're doing it for their own careers. That's why I think lit get done. That's the problem with the Republican party that is pearing out this year. They control everything. They can't get health care done. There wasn't plan. It's like the emperor wasn't wearing any clothes. If they can't get this tax thing done they have nothing to run. I agree with you. At the same time, however, I think this is a mort test the for the Republican party. And I think they'll fail, unfortunately. In order to bet the tax deal done, from everything we have heard, lit add to the deficit. The Republicans have said that's something hay didn't want to do. So it won't bring tax relief to the middle class. It will help the top 1%. Think it's if you make over $733,000 a year, you'll benefit from this plan. And, so, what does that say about what the Republican party is really all about? To me, so, this be careful what you wish for. This is like much of the pressure that the Obama administration put on the Democrats in congress in 2009 and say, you have to pass something. They pass Obamacare and lose almost every single office. This tax bill, the polls show, the it's very unpopular. 80% of the benefits go the top 1% in the country. It's not going to help the working class. The voters who will decide this election. Think Lindsey graham is wrong about one thing. The Republicans hold all the levers of party. I think he's wrong that the president party is dead. The Republican party as we know it. The party of Ronald Reagan. George W. Bush, is gone. The party is now the Donald Trump party. 80% of the Republican voters. Regardless of what those in Washington say what they think the Republican party is, that party is long gone. They have to come to terms with the idea, this is the trump, Steve Bannon party that is more welcoming to someone like Roy Moore than it is to someone like Jeff flake. George they have to accept you have this alliance of white conservative nationalists. What is interesting to me, I'm look at the trump voters. I'm going, at what point will you wake up and realize you're getting screwed? Not just -- one second. One second. They're getting screwed when you look at affordable care act because they're benefiting from it. They're getting screwed when this man talk about the opioid crisis and the most he did this week was to have a press conference. Broke the broke. And some of the brokest, poorest counties in America, two-thirds of them are in Republican districts. They're going to get screwed. Watch it happen. I don't know how you can say that. Unemployment is at at an all-time low. In 2003, I think, president bush's tax cut, the next five year, 7.8 million jobs happened. In those same people -- These people have jobs. When their pocketbooks are better. Hopefully, we pass repeal and replace. Their premiums go down. That mean nothing if you're dying of opioids. We're going take a big hit in the economy. Based on what? Who is telling you that? A number of studies came out. Actually, frankly -- I've not seen one. I'll bring them up here. I have to interrupt. President trump has tweeted. It didn't last. Never essential such Republican anger and unity as I have concerning the lack of investigation on Clinton made fake dossier. Now $12 million. So let's talk about tax reform. I have to say calm of things. Steve Bannon and se baas Ya Gorka white supremacissupremacists? I don't think so. That is a statement that I think is -- Excuse me. Brian, Brian. When you say Breitbart is the home of the alt-right. I'm trying to -- we saw in charlottesville, don't you dare try to cover this thing up. I'm not covering anything up. They're not white supremacists. You have to watch that term. It's a new buzz term. Actually, it's not a new buzz term. It's owned America since the beginning of America. I don't know what you mean the little people are getting screwed. I said 80% of the benefits of the tax bill are going to the top 10%. The top 10%. That's what the -- I'll give you an example. An example of how from what we know, George, you're right. We don't know everything. If you make $12,000 a year right now, you're being taxed. Under his plan, you're not taxed up to $24,000 a year. Is there no one makes $1,000 and pays an income tax. There a multiple tax codes. I think the trump people and the Republicans can talk about the stock market. The job rate. There's no relationship between the perception of Donald Trump and the perception of the Republicans and what is going on in the economy. Donald Trump is disapproved of by 60% of the country. President trump was the same guy in the last 25 years, he would argue as he is today. Decide elections in -- We're going hit the computer. We're out of time. I know you have a lot more to say. Thank you very much.

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