Ferguson, Missouri Community on Edge

ABC News' Martha Raddatz sits down with the Ferguson Wellspring Church Pastor Willis Johnson and two young St. Louis residents to discuss how the death of Michael Brown has impacted the African-American community.
4:26 | 08/17/14

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Transcript for Ferguson, Missouri Community on Edge
Now to a community literally caught in the cross fire and the residents desperately trying to bring back a sense of calm. Check out this photo that caught our eye in "The Washington post." That's reverend Willis Johnson. His church is a couple of minutes from here. He's counseling a young man in the middle of the mayhem. This weekend, we sat down with reverend Johnson and two young men who have been right there as the pro tests unfolded. Alvin ransom, who went to the same high school as Mike brown. And Brendan hart, who attends Johnson's church. You said you have had a hard time containing your own anger this week. It's just really hard. Especially -- especially on us. On the young people. On the young african-american people. We know the struggle. There's a lot of dirty cops out there. It's hard. Sometimes I don't get looked for my intelligence. I get looked at as my color sometimes. It's hard for me to show people who I am because they already think I'm this type of person. And when you say the cops are dirty, have row had expeer Wednesday with that? Or just the mistrust is so high? I had experience. My skin color. They pull you over. Search through the car. Slam you on top of the hood. Say things to you. Put the -- handcuffs on your wrists very tight. When you heard this week that Michael brown might have been involved in that robbery, what did you think? I think that was not the point. The point was why did he get shot? Several times with his hands up? They're supposed to protect and serve. They didn't protect and serve. They're destroying us. Do you behave in a way that will keep you safer? Um -- I feel like, in fear, I do. I react out of fear. So I have to tighten up a little bit. I have to -- I have to make sure I'm not sagging. Because they look for things like that. We have to put on a show that we're perfect. So if you saw police officers coming at you, what would you do? Hope to god that they are not coming to me. I would hope that -- I don't know. Is this a real fear for you that you could get shot by police at any time? Yes. And at any age. And at any age. Doing anything. I feel that same, I mean, when I see blue lights in the rearview mirror -- It's fear. -- I'm hoping they're going past. And not stopping me. I know I have nothing in the car. Reverend, I -- I want to go back to that picture. You were with Joshua Wilson. A young man, 18 years old, he was angry. At a protest. What was that moment like? Um, it was -- obviously real. It was -- a moment of helping each other. And it was a moment of trying to speak to a son, whether it's my son, someone's son, our son, so that we did not have to experience what Mrs. Brown and so many others have had to experience previously. What did you say to him? I said we need you. I said I need you. If you need to get mad, get mad with me. Don't give them. Don't do what they want and expect us to do. I want all of you to tell me what you would want to tell people watching about the importance of what happened here and what you do about it. It's sad to say, this tragedy has brought us together. I have seen people who were enemies standing together hand in hand, all fighting for one cause. And that's to bring justice for Mike brown. Look, look how everybody is coming together. Look how big we got. Like we're standing strong. We're standing on our feet now. Mahatma Gandhi said, we must become the change we wish to see. It's made me look at me and I think there's not a person who is experiencing this that has not had to go through that.

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{"id":25013625,"title":"Ferguson, Missouri Community on Edge","duration":"4:26","description":"ABC News' Martha Raddatz sits down with the Ferguson Wellspring Church Pastor Willis Johnson and two young St. Louis residents to discuss how the death of Michael Brown has impacted the African-American community.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/ferguson-missouri-community-edge-25013625","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}