Gen. John Allen Refutes Trump's Claim That Generals 'Reduced to Rubble'

Retired Marine Corps Gen. John Allen responds to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's foreign policy comments.
6:42 | 09/11/16

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Transcript for Gen. John Allen Refutes Trump's Claim That Generals 'Reduced to Rubble'
And we are joined now by retired four star general John Allen he's a Hillary Clinton supporter general Holland. Thank you for joining us this morning want to get you respond dishonest things mayor Giuliani talked about the let's begin with his fifteenth anniversary. 9/11 your final years in public service in the military. Really track the evolution of this threat over the last fifteen years. It did George. And again thank you for how ABC. Acknowledge this day in the respectful manner in which it paid tribute to the families and all of those. All of those who suffered as a result of this attack and I also want to say how much all of us. Remember and respect. Mayor Giuliani and the example that he set for all of us at one of the darkest moments in American history. That I have. In my career did in fact track much of this. On the fifth anniversary. Was on an advance party in the Al Anbar Province. Getting ready for my own thirteen months deployment on the tenth anniversary. Was commanding the war effort in a funny stunt. And today I'm with you but in the fifteenth year. I was the president special envoy to the global coalition to counter Beisel. Three different conflicts fifteen years three different enemies and it's been a long time George. We just heard mayor Giuliani right there say that I myself he said ice is would not exist. Had we followed Donald Trump's advice and simply taken the oil which he said would have been legal your response. Well the two were completely separate the issue of oil in the existence of Beisel or has the Arabs Colin dash. There is only those remote just relationship between the two so limp let me just tell you that what we face in the context of the global terrorist. Movement. Is a long term problem associated with social economic. And political issues across that region in the world which is created such a widespread radicalization that one group a after another has sprung up over the years. It's not about the oil in Iraq and it's not about the oil and Syria. With respect to taking dual oil I seem to remember that the term to the Victor goes the spoils. In the justification. You know we. We as a community of civilized nations stop saying then stopped doing that years ago. We may have been able to help Iran in the process of of recovering excuse me Iraq in in recovering its oil enterprise. An attack we're doing that today in helping them with the Beijing oil refinery and others. But the presence of Iraqi oils had very little to do with senior emergence of Beisel now Beisel did in fact exploit the oil enterprise. But it did so largely in Syria and very little in Iraq if at all and so the two largely here or separate and on related. Mayor Giuliani also much what Hillary Clinton's senate that for me than that regarding ground troops in Iraq let's listen. We are not putting ground troops into Iraq ever again. And we're not putting ground troops into Syria we're going to defeat crisis without committing American ground troops. Says you know we do have troops on the ground in in Iraq and even Syria right now setting them aside is it wise for a potential commander in chief. To make blanket statements like that. We're like I think George we need to make sure that we're. Clear on what she's implying and I think what she's implying and I. She and I have not spoken about this but as I read it and her comments she's implying that she's not intending. To have the United States be committed into another large ground war in that part of the world you're exactly correct there are large number over several thousand. American and coalition partners that are on the ground today. And knowing her as. Potential and hopefully commander in chief. I know that shall consult with their her leadership and that is the commanders and will load give them the resources necessary to be successful. We've chosen and she has reiterated this we've chosen. That we intend to defeat bash Beisel. Through the use of indigenous forces Iraqis on the one side and the indigenous forces in Syria on the other and that's that's look route to permanent defeat. And that's something that she has reiterated and I believe she'll give the commanders what they need to be successful. At that form the other night don't trump also mentioned generals like you who served under President Obama here's what he said. I think under the leadership of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton did generals have been reduced to rubble. They have been reduced to a point where it's embarrassing for our country. Did you think we hear those comments. Once again I couldn't just shake my head. I don't feel much like rubble. Had the opportunities to participate the full career. For several commanders in chief. As I look around to my peers. And I won't go start naming names because I'd spend the rest your show doing it. For some of the finest leaders that America has ever put under stars whether they're admirals or generals. They're spectacular leaders and they have not been reduced to rubble in fact they are some of the finest. Both leaders and national security specialists in authorities that this country has minted. In a generation. Well I was proud to serve with them and I'm proud to have them in their leadership positions on the world today they haven't been reduced to rubble York. And he also says that he was he will ask the generals if he indeed is elected pres united cystic I want to come up with a plan. To defeat crisis. If you were to do that what do you get the plan we have today or something dramatically different. It's hard to say. What the but the commander in chief would do. When he calls in his key advisors would be to offer them his guidance as as is appropriate as the commander and chief. Four how he sees the conflicts of course he would ask for their advice but he would offer them their guidance. And than would give them. Some period of time to come back with with their best advice best military and licenses keys this is why. We have such fine leaders today and and the critical role that they played they provide the commander in chief there best military advice of my guess would be if if he test in general Don Perdue and the military leadership to come back to and within thirty days. They would get from them he would get from them their best military advice. General thanks for joining us that good to be with you Georgia thank you again what you did for the legacy of this terrible thing.

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{"duration":"6:42","description":"Retired Marine Corps Gen. John Allen responds to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's foreign policy comments.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"42009508","title":"Gen. John Allen Refutes Trump's Claim That Generals 'Reduced to Rubble'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/gen-john-allen-refutes-trumps-claim-generals-reduced-42009508"}