Giuliani on Anti-Trump Protests: 'These People Are Kind of Like Professional Protesters'

Donald Trump's presidential transition team vice chairman, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, discusses the aftermath of a hard-fought election.
8:53 | 11/13/16

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Transcript for Giuliani on Anti-Trump Protests: 'These People Are Kind of Like Professional Protesters'
Let's move on Natalie top chump advisor and vice chair the the transition Rudy Giuliani mr. mayor thank you for joining us this morning congratulations. On the victory. So is this cheer you want to be secretary of state. Whatever I want a BL discussed with the the president elect but that's the best way to do it not to create more rumors. So that's between the community that I'm. Have been answer any other question Al pillow and other so just do once all of and they've also been mentioned as a possible attorney general is it fair to say that you would like to serve president trump. Again that's a discussion I'd like to have with him I mean I'm very happy in my law practice and might. A security firm I work all over the world. It have a very very full life so it would have to be something where I felt he really needed me and not that I be the only one that could do that maybe that I could do a little bit different a little bit better than somebody else it's all of us some of his other campaign promises present electron. Has not ruled out seeking a special prosecutor for Hillary Clinton says he has other priorities priorities he thing would be a good idea to go for where that. That's a tough one. George you really is it's. As a lawyer I hate used the on the one hand but the other but on the one hand you don't want to disrupt the nation. With what might look like a vindictive prosecution even though it might not be on the other hand we want equal justice under the law and as she has violated the law. You know the FBI never completed. I just. The foundation investigation. That's and that's as far as I know that's still an ongoing investigation. They completed the email investigation about the foundation investigation. Exactly what you do with that. Heidi I guess the next attorney general is gonna have to figure that out I don't know settled the media not that the next attorney general would have to figure that out and I'm gonna make you guessed not a definitive statement. I would think if you had to make a decision like that he'd give it it did he give that to an independent counsel. You wouldn't you would make it as the appointee. You know the new president. We have a lot of precedent for that we've done that in the past. Four or may be that you you wanna sort of put that behind you I don't know that's that that's it that's it that's a tough decision we saw we saw secretary I could see why. So as you say we saw Secretary Clinton never reported today that she believes that she would won the election. But for the interference of the FBI director James combing your response to that. Well you know I actually think it was Obama care amendment again move moon. Who who what why he won an election and why you didn't do is a subject of you know books to get written. Twenty years later. In and being part of the campaign. We put up front and all Donald Trump speeches for the last two or three weeks not the FBI that obamacare. That seems to me to be this thing you move the votes in. In. Michigan. That moves and votes in. Places where we are the what up Pennsylvania Wisconsin. The blues the Blue States we were able to turn red. I have basically have been red since Ronald Reagan I think it's I think obamacare. Was the bigger. Hit you the fact that those premiums it no over the November. First write such as such it closely divided election Secretary Clinton won the popular vote. They in this three states you just mentioned Michigan Pennsylvania Wisconsin about a 1121000 votes separated the two candidates as well also how much of a mandate. This president elect trump have coming out and this close result. The that you have the same mandate whether it's a course results urges that you the president of the United States you have to act like the president of the United States. You're the person in charge you have to set the agenda. That's how you get yourself reelected by a much bigger number if you want to get reelected and that's the way you govern the country I mean. The constitution and United States doesn't change the powers of the president. Based on the number by which you get elected and he has a pretty sizeable electoral. Matt. Win much more than anybody thought I think people thought that if she won he'd win by by one state. The way. President Bush did and he won by a sizable margin high I even believe you want a little after. After this election. Free thinking I think if we spent a little more time to Minnesota who would one Minnesota. You see a lot of anger in the streets this week demonstrations every night. Since the election you call the protesters called a news earlier in the week we've also seen a spate of incidents racially charged incidents across the country right now. What should present electron due to get that under control. Well you know first of all I start. I do have to ask the following I still very bad about that but if so doesn't Donald Trump people doing that after Hillary Clinton election. I think a lot of people BO a lot of that a lot would be up more anger in the media. At the fact that they're protesting. A legitimate Italy decided election. Having said that I think we understand their frustration. You certainly don't want to make it worse. I think you're exaggerating the fears of a Donald Trump presidency because the coming off a campaign with a very disappointed. I'm sure Ross supporters would have been very disappointed and Donald Trump not one. And I just hope it calms down now where it goes into violence. I have a zero tolerance for riots you know. To Clovis to go over a city that led to riots and for years and I had none. And they knew they couldn't ride on it. And when I saw the people on the street in New York City I said to myself. You breaking Giuliani's rules you don't take my streets you can have my sidewalks you don't take my street. Because ambulances have to get through there fire trucks have to get through there people die. When you crowd the streets of New York City with protesters you can do plenty approach testing on the sidewalk. So. You know I listened to please respect I'd ask him to please respect the democratic process I know boasts a Secretary Clinton. And president. Obama were very gracious and Brian I respect that a lot in the way they handle it the day after two days after but I wish they would say something about it too. Because after all these support is. Both President Obama Obama and Hillary Clinton and maybe they could say something about this really got the right thing in the democracy alleged said that everybody should remain Obama said that every issue and it should root for the success. A present electron but what about that those are the protesters protesting presently trump. What about those trump supporters out there we've seen several incidents of this. With a racially charged intimidation of students and things like that doesn't doesn't presently trump have some responsibility to say something about that. Well and good. They ate a Canadian I shouldn't be doing it either but I mean have been the major the major focus here is they that would at least one that I would I was in one. A couple of days ago where they saw me in the car and they started banging banging on my car. So these are not. Not today he held up that I've auto amend my statement a little bit. I'm not sure the as a reason Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama supporters. I think these people are. Now kind of like. Professional protesters Moore did it didn't look to me like all those Politico just an all those cities professionals. What BS you gather that you gather a certain number of people around you bit. You know. They looked they looked. Didn't look to me like people who were you know. Carefully studying political science and were all upset about. You know the ideology of the election. There you know we find a final question what do you know a Brian Ross was talking about earlier. What what do you think presently trump should do to assure people that there will not be envy and mingling of his business interest in his governmental. Duties given the fact is chill will be running an inn now part of the transition. Wellemeyer in my head my advice would be once again enters office. There should there should be separation of well. The blind trust or some kind of blind trust as Brian pointed out. It's different in the case of a president they fail they have a lot more leeway in the way they can fashion it. But I think go through you know for the good of the country and the fact he you don't want to question coming up every time there's a decision made. He should basically take take himself out of it and just be passive. Participant in the sense that he has no decision making no involvement. And those decisions get made separate. Separate from him which is the way it's done. For most cabinet officers who I think goal capped her office mayor Giuliani thanks very much for time this morning. Thank you very much.

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{"duration":"8:53","description":"Donald Trump's presidential transition team vice chairman, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, discusses the aftermath of a hard-fought election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"43505550","title":"Giuliani on Anti-Trump Protests: 'These People Are Kind of Like Professional Protesters'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/giuliani-anti-trump-protests-people-kind-professional-protesters-43505550"}