Gov. Mike Huckabee on Clinton's 2016 Odds

The former Arkansas governor on Hillary Clinton's candidacy and his own 2016 plans.
7:15 | 04/12/15

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Transcript for Gov. Mike Huckabee on Clinton's 2016 Odds
How do you assess her candidacy so far? Republicans underestimate Hillary Clinton at their own peril. She's a brilliant woman. Brilliant intellectually. And she's brilliant politically. I will tell you, Hillary Clinton will be a very strong candidate across America, because she knows how to win. Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee back in 2007, the last time Hillary Clinton ran. He joins us now. He's looking at a presidential race as well. You had a lot of nice things to say back there in 2007. Has your view changed at all? I think, look, Hillary will be a formidable candidate. There's no question about that. She's got a lot to deal with that she didn't before. She's tied to the Obama administration. I don't think that is a plus for her. And recent polls show that there's almost an overwhelming demand for people to undo a lot of Obama's policies domestically and in foreign policy. She'll have to explain how she's not going to be Obama's third term. What do you know about beating Hillary Clinton that others don't? What do you know about beating Hillary Clinton that others don't? Well, every time I ever ran for public office in Arkansas, George, every time, I really ran against the Clinton political machine that had been developed for about 15 to 20 years before I ended up winning office. Every race I ever had, I ran against their machinery. I ran against their money. And both bill and Hillary Clinton came back and campaigned personally in the state for every opponent I ever had. To be fair, as Michael corleone would say, it's just business. It wasn't personal. But it was tough business. And you know the Clintons very well. They play to win. And anyone who thinks that she's going to get into this half-heartedly, they have never ever encountered the will, the spirit, the heart, and the determination of the Clinton political machinery. Rand Paul taking her on most directly, saying he'll hold both Clintons accountable for their shenanigans. He called bill Clinton a sexual predator. Is that the way to go? I don't think it will be necessary to get into personal attacks. I have never felt that that's really a wholesome way to enter politics. I think the issues are far more important than some of the personal issues. At least if you're a candidate running against another person. Now, you're not going to be able to stop the press. The bloggers. There will be plenty of people bringing that stuff up, whether it's about her or every other candidate. Some of us have to decide we would like to have a campaign about the future of America more about the future of America and working people who are getting busted in the gut by the economic policies that left a lot of middle class people working harder with less to show. And that really needs to be the focus, not what someone once did years ago. Foreign policy an issue. Secretary Kerry talking about the new opening to Cuba. And president Obama is calling for lifting the embargo. That kind of matches the position you had in 2002. You wrote that U.S. Policy in Cuba has not accomplished its stated goal of toppling the Castro regime. It's instead provided Castro with a convenient excuse for his own failed system of government. I urge you to join me in lifting the failed embargo. If the embargo failed then, why keep it now? I know you have changed your position. Well, George, I have to admit, I think I was wrong about some of those positions. I do think we need to hold Castro, both Raul and Fidel, more responsible for the fact that they kidnapped people, stole their property, murdered people, they robbed them of their human rights. From an economic standpoint, you might be to make the case that lifting the embargo could be healthy for farmers or certain people. I'm not sure you can say it will be healthy for democracy unless there's a complete repudiation of the policies that have left political prisoners in place in Cuba. Until there is recognition of basic human rights and reparations made for those who have been run over by the Castro machine, no, I don't think that sitting down and making nice and yukking it up with Raul Castro, who was personally involved in the shooting down of the Christian brothers and involved in murderous activities and kidnappings of Americans in the '50s, really makes a lot of sense right now. You won Iowa in 2008. Your chairman said you can't take support for granted this time around. It looks like Ted Cruz, who got if a couple of weeks ago, is going after your voters there. He just announced superpacs have raised an astonishing $31 million raised since his launch. Can you compete? Well, I did the last time. I was outspent 10 to 1 by Romney and McCain. I beat Romney. I came in second to McCain. We'll have more money this time if I run. That's clear and evident by the amount of support I'm seeing committed. Whether I'll have as much as some of the other people, I may not. But I think Americans ultimately don't want a candidate that is the best financed candidate. They want one with the best ideas. One that understands that the economy is not recovering for a lot of people. When people can give that kind of money, they're probably in pretty darn good shape. What about the people who can't give $1 million? Who is fighting for them? That will be a focus that I think people like me are going to be talking about. You wrote in your book people should not be able to hold office and run for another office at the same time. Does that mean the three senators looking like they're in the race right now -- Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio getting in tomorrow, you think they should resign their offices? It's up to them. But how do you do an office, do your job if you never show up? And why should taxpayers be on the hook to pay people for a job they're not doing? And essentially subsidize their campaigns with federal dollars? Guys like me and Rick Perry who have left office, we're not going to be able to live off the taxpayers. I was a governor for 10 1/2 years. I can tell you this, as a governor, that's a full-time job. A 24/7, 365 job. How do you say I'm going to run for president full time and I'm going to serve as a governor, senator, congressman? I don't know how a person can pull that off. If you want a different job, I know this, during the time that I worked for roger Ailes at fox, if I had been consistently going over to ABC and asking you guys for a job and never showed up at work at fox, I don't think roger would have kept me on the payroll. I'm pretty sure he would have turned me loose, as he should have. So I just believe that people, if they want a new job, be honest about it. Say this one is not satisfying to me. I really don't want this one anymore. I'm going to resign. I'll go after the job I really want, which is president of the

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