Hayden Says He Was 'Heartened' By Trump's Pick for CIA Director, Rep. Mike Pompeo

Former CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden weighs in on Trump's transition to the White House.
6:50 | 11/20/16

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Transcript for Hayden Says He Was 'Heartened' By Trump's Pick for CIA Director, Rep. Mike Pompeo
Our foreign policy is a complete. And total disaster. No vision. No purpose. No direction. No strategy. Donald Trump campaigned on a pledge to up end US foreign policy. A secret plan to defeat crisis a renewed relationship with Russia. A ban on Muslims entering the US and questioning the need for NATO we going to finally have. A coherent. Foreign policy based upon American in dress. And now he's building the team to make that happen. His most important picks so far national security advisor Michael Flynn and a retired lieutenant general. Flynn is the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency who helped root out terrorist networks during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He's known for ringing early alarm bells about the growing threat of crisis and for his controversial. Views on Islam. Trump also named a new CIA chief Republican congressman Mike Pompeo. Of Kansas. First in his class at West Point Pompeo was elected in the 2010 Tea Party wave now serves on the House Intelligence Committee. He's been a fierce critic of the Obama administration. Especially on Ben Ghazi the Iran deal. And its efforts to close the prison at Guantanamo. And let's dive into what all that means for your security and America's foreign policy joining us is the former director of the CIA and head of the NSA. General Michael Hayden welcome general Hayden good morning. Before trumps wind. You win you called his potential. Presidency dangerous turning about fifty top Republican national security officials and expressing your opposition. Now that he's one you say it's time to give the president elect a chance so let's go to those national security picks. He has tapped congressman Mike. Pompeo to be the next CIA director you work CIA director. Does he have enough experience for the job. I think self I was actually heartened by but by that pick I act she. I'm aware that the broader intelligence community was heartened by that pick I mean he's gotten much experience going into that job is Leon Panetta did. And I think Leon did a wonderful job and he's highly regarded at the agency the people who know him from the House Intelligence Committee have always said. He was serious he studied the issues he was worth talking to now. I get that political put Taina with regard to Ben Ghazi and email servers and so on but even when that was going. They had a lot of time for him to discuss serious issues. It you know Britain president elect trump has been critical of the intelligence agencies doubting whether Russia was behind the hack. How will that go over with career intelligence people you said they're looking forward to Mike Pompeo. Ya that doesn't go over well. The actors who are we doing this if you're not gonna pay attention to it it's not so much that the president disagreed based on president elect disagreed based on facts he just dismissed. Again congressman Pompeo has been viewed as a serious guy as someone who does look for dad who does look for facts what. Well one of the things I'm an artist regret congressman compared defended CIA's detention up. And interrogation techniques in the aftermath of 9/11 he said quote these men and women are not tortures they are patriots the program being used were with in the law within the constitution. Prison electron. Has gone even further saying harsh interrogation tactics like water boarding should be used again you were there right during that period should that. Be brought back. Quote not number one what the congressman said is correct this is done within the law. Done by people who did it reluctantly not out of enthusiasm and it produced good intelligence for America. Bringing it back to separate question and here's route would begin which some people would argue with you aren't well what let little known it's very important. Let's begin with actually detaining people under the laws of armed conflict we don't do that. Outside of Iraq and Syria and less we're gonna put somebody into an article three court glory of the larger and accused him of something we don't hold them. As an enemy combatant for their intelligence value to the first step I would say is let's start to do that. And let's questioned them. And then if the current lawfully authorized techniques are insufficient. Let's have a conversation about them at. That time OK let's move let's move to retired lieutenant general. Mike Flynn right. Praised for his intelligence gathering no question about that and this techniques but is he qualified to be national security advisors know how important their job as you have the president's here all the talk. Yeah very important job and in you're actually right Mike Mike has been very very successful but by and large she's been successful what the tactical operational level. This is a strategic. Global job until I think you'll be stretched a bit by this. Mike Scott great ideas but and less your hiring a Kissinger version skiers Scowcroft in that job. What you really want is a process guy. In the job the one who tees up issues make sure all elements of the government have a voice to that's going to extend Mike as well. I wanna go at what one point is we're seeing all these generals receive I don't know Madison this isn't Donald Trump said he was smarter than the generals well these generals but I'll make may be there are some generals out direction this stuff. Our game when he takes you some foreign policy questions here Iran trump hates the nuclear deal can they Karen out what happens I. I don't think they can teach tear up the deal was what we talk about the deal that's what's happening in the next ten years and they tell what I think they ought to do are right the current administration. Is holding American poets he writ large towards Iran hostage to the deal. We don't push back on Iran and a whole bunch of other places. Right so my first step for asking me for recommendations as stopped doing that push back on the Iranians in Iraq push back on them and Syria pushed back on them. In the gulf nine and then if Iran is want to walk away from the deal. Find the second thing Martha is not to deal for the next ten years it's the broader behavior. And it's what happens after ten years because all those provisions start to bleed off I think that's a conversation we need. And very quickly if you can act and I hate to do this so quick break up. Up prices can they really do anything different. We seem to be making progress -- we are not think we've been late and light under resource over regulated direction a pretty good place now where we're action on the squeeze them. They're gonna end existence as the Islamic state. Now we gonna do with the movement. What comes next always the big question thanks so much for joining a general Hayden.

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{"duration":"6:50","description":"Former CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden weighs in on Trump's transition to the White House.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"43669729","title":"Hayden Says He Was 'Heartened' By Trump's Pick for CIA Director, Rep. Mike Pompeo","url":"/ThisWeek/video/hayden-heartened-trumps-pick-cia-director-rep-mike-43669729"}