GOP's Scalise on shutdown: Democrats have 'to put a counteroffer on the table'

Rep. Steve Scalise, the Republican whip in the House, is interviewed on "This Week" about the negotiations to reopen the government as the partial shutdown becomes the longest in U.S. history.
8:25 | 01/13/19

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Transcript for GOP's Scalise on shutdown: Democrats have 'to put a counteroffer on the table'
The number two Republican in the house now seeks goalies Carson's police thank you for joining us this morning is church senator Durbin. Rightly says is all percent of Republicans if they make a move this can get solved what do you think. Well good morning George good to be with you and first all senator Durbin was in the room. Clearly you've seen a number of offers put on the table by president trump to try to resolve this issue. I fact win the Democrats asked for. The Department of Homeland Security gave a very detailed breakdown. And it includes border security it's wall funding. It's more border agents it's more tools for a border agents who are being attacked at the border about some of the criminals in this caravan. But ultimately. When president trump what that Nancy Pelosi and said. Look you're stalling your stalling you've yet to put a single counteroffer on the table to all the various offers the president's put. On the table Nancy Pelosi said no when the president said if we go another thirty days keep everything funded even the things we disagree on. But at the end of that thirty days will you be willing to negotiate. On these areas where we disagree like the wall and Nancy Pelosi said no emphatically. All to believe they don't want to reach a solution Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. In every meeting I've been in we've had three meetings in the situation room George with all the principal negotiators. Many times have seen the president willing negotiate on the definition of a wall even said. He'd be willing to let them banned semen walls structures. They say he said he'd be willing negotiate or how much it would cost but he's got from our security experts. A detailed breakdown of what it will take. To secure America's border not one single time George has Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer put a counter offer on the table. Except a dollar Nancy Pelosi said a dollar. That's not serious we all know that congress does for them. To come the table one of one of the arguments they make as you know is the president promised again and again and again during the campaign I think some 212 times. That Mexico. Would pay for the wall so why should taxpayers foot the bill. Well they've they've never been concerned about whether or not Mexico would pay for the wall they've just been against the idea of all wal. The president talked about what Mexico's gonna pay for in the new. Agreement that we've got the new renegotiating NAFTA if you want it doesn't add any ambitions have yet to pay for the wall you know that. Most first of all it hasn't come to congress ship the president's going to be submitting that that's never been the issue in any of the negotiations George. It's whether or not they would agree to any physical structure and let's keep in mind. Chuck Schumer voted in 2006. For the fences act which by the way the language that Chuck Schumer voted for. According to Homeland Security would give them most of the abilities and tools they need to build that physical structure. You can call or wall you can call it steel slats that name's not important. It's the strength and ability to secure the border in between our ports of entry. Right now we can control who's coming in at ports of entry it's those hundreds of miles where there's no border there's no wall. To differentiate between the Mexico in the United States border in we're seeing by the way we're seeing over 90%. Of the terror when that comes into our country. Comes in through the southern border yet the notion that as you know comes housing criminals torch most of that as you know come in through valid. Points eventually ability to move on the president that's theories we know about we don't know about what's come across in the areas where we have well that's organizers assured figure comes. Well but look at the 171000. Known convicted criminals people with prior convicted. Criminal backgrounds that came across our southern border just last year those are only the ones we know about George so we know what's coming across our border there's human trafficking. There's crime there's hardened criminals gang members coming across our border we need to protect it. If they say they're for border security which they say. But they're yet to be willing to put a dollar offer on the table. For what it's gonna cost to secure the border that we don't know there's a cost of this they've got to put a counter offer on the table. The president Toledo yesterday that he has a plan. To end this do you know what that plan is in would you support a declaration of national emergency. Well the ultimate plan is for congress to solve this in the president's been very clear congress needs to solve this. The only people that have been unwilling to put any kind of offer on the table have been Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Of the president's put multiple loss certainly on the table we don't want it to come down or national emergency declaration clearly the president Scott. Authority under law a but he said he doesn't want it to come to that he wants congress to solve this problem congress needs to solve this problem. You're senator its responses that news stories New York Times in the Washington Post about the Russia investigation and the president. We get we do know that the new house chairman of a foreign affairs of in touch each issue are going to be investigating. These questions and heard senator Durbin to say he has real questions about president chops entire approach to prove what's your response. We'll look at the facts in again a mean it seems like the Democrats have this massive infatuation. With Russia in prudent now they didn't seem to be concerned about Russia when Barack Obama was. President and letting Russia run roughshod over Eastern Europe. President trump has taken more steps to stand up against Russia than anybody we've seen in a long time. A look at what he's done with the Ukraine. Who is Russia was running through the Ukraine when Barack Obama was president Ukraine's asked for help from. America that and asked for troops they said look send us some of the tank busting missiles. That you have so that we can stop Russia. Barack Obama said Nell. Donald Trump said yes and help the ukrainians. To pushed back a Russia out of the Ukraine look at what he's done with Bayh ran and you've seen this partnership between Russia and I ran. A president trump has stood up against I ran the bad deal that allows I ran to get a nuclear weapon. Are you seen time and time again with sanctions with other things a president trump standing up against Russia. This whole idea of collusion they've investigated this to smaller investigations going on for over year they found no collusion between trump. And Russia the house did its own investigation. And found no collusion. And so at some point as they meander around looking for something it looks like a witch hunt if they don't put facts on the table have they found collusion. I've seen on George they put no facts on the table. To show there's collusion there's a strong record of president trump standing up. True Russia and pushing back and supporting our allies in Eastern Europe who've been looking for that for a long time. For going to ask you for your colleague Steve King is and it caused quite a controversy with his comments he made. New York Times saying white nationalist white supremacist western civilization how that language become. Offensive I know you've condemned. The remarks were seeing stronger calls from the Democrats and house speaker plus she says she's gonna take action to congressional back caucus says that congressman king should be denied. His committee assignments will Republicans take any action against congressman king. Well you're seeing all of our house leaders from Kevin McCarthy myself Liz Cheney. A rejecting what Steve King said a pushing back and calling. On him to come back and develops it I would recommend that Steve can go and read the op Ed by our colleague senator Tim Scott which was very poignant. I will say George. As they talk about Steve King on the Democrat side we've pushed back against his comments. There been many Democrats who have said not only highly offensive things align themselves with anti semites. Have hauled on physical violence. But they haven't pushed back on any of that language. We've got to raise the bar on civility George we need to call it out on the Republican side. And the democrats' side I've been willing to call it out on both. It's time those Democrat leaders you just mentioned call it out when it happens on their side as well yes or no Republican leaders call for any action against Connors K. I would imagine we're gonna continue talking about this just just popped up on Friday we were very quick to reject. Those comments there is no place for hate. For bigotry or anybody who supports that ideology it's evil ideology we all ought to stand up against it. It's easy when the Democrats condemn or Republican I don't see the Democrats condemning Democrats on their side or doing this kind of thing. And use in this kind of language torch commercials cleese thanks for times when. Great being with you.

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{"duration":"8:25","description":"Rep. Steve Scalise, the Republican whip in the House, is interviewed on \"This Week\" about the negotiations to reopen the government as the partial shutdown becomes the longest in U.S. history.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"60344562","title":"GOP's Scalise on shutdown: Democrats have 'to put a counteroffer on the table'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/house-gop-whip-steve-scalise-talks-reopen-government-60344562"}