'I'm not sure (enthusiasm) will be enough to save (Trump)' in 2020: Silver

538's Nate Silver on whether or not enthusiasm will help Trump in 2020.
2:20 | 07/12/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'I'm not sure (enthusiasm) will be enough to save (Trump)' in 2020: Silver
I don't care about getting wet. You just wash it. I know they're calling it a tropical storm. We would have stayed here. Everyone would have stayed. Everybody that was showing up today will be coming back. I'm glad they're still having it. I can't wait until the new date comes out, in a couple of weeks they're saying hopefully, and I'll be back up here. Some of president's new Hampshire supporters not happy with the news that his Saturday night rally in Portsmouth was cancelled. The trump campaign is counting on the loyalty of his base to carry the day come November. Arguing that Joe Biden doesn't inspire that support. Is the enthusiasm gap to make a difference on election day. We asked Nate silver from fivethirtyeight. Despite polls showing him trailing Biden, trump's advisers say that trump will benefit from a enthusiasm. 64% of trump voters said they're very enthusiastic about voting for trump in the last ABC news poll, versus just 31% of Biden voters saying the same about their candidate. But Biden pitched himself as a safe alternative to trump. So far that seems to have worked. Two-thirds of Biden voters say their vote is mostly a vote against trump. November isn't just about the white house. The Democrats are rising unprecedented amounts in key races. In South Carolina, Lindsey graham's challenger, Democrat Jaime Harrison raised almost $14 million last year. Democrats in Montana, Iowa, originally thought to be top-tier races have raised in near seven figures. The other problem for trump is that enthusiasm for a candidate is not necessarily the only reason people will turn out to instead, elections with an incumbent can sometimes be a referendum on how the country is doing. 67% of voters now disapprove of the president's handling of race relations, and it's estimated that around 20 million Americans have protested in black lives matter protests. Making them the largest in the country's history. Both trump and Biden have received more than 17 million votes in their respective primaries. With some say still left to vote wind up with the most votes of any primary candidates in history. So, do I buy that there's plenty of enthusiasm for the president? Well, absolutely. The problem is there might be as much enthusiasm against him, too. Thanks to Nate for that.

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"538's Nate Silver on whether or not enthusiasm will help Trump in 2020.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"71740529","title":"'I'm not sure (enthusiasm) will be enough to save (Trump)' in 2020: Silver","url":"/ThisWeek/video/im-enthusiasm-save-trump-2020-silver-71740529"}