'I'm trying my heart at it … I think I'm going to do really well': Steyer on campaign

Tom Steyer is interviewed on "This Week."
9:53 | 02/16/20

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Transcript for 'I'm trying my heart at it … I think I'm going to do really well': Steyer on campaign
I am concerned that. When you have two guys are running news factored in the spend combined over a billion dollars I don't go to the Super Tuesday that's never happened before they. Pull on the stand there is something role. When we can't eat raw political says though that allows the newly why. We can't just have a government that's run by and for billionaires and people he's talked about we'll. It's one of the most divisive issues in the 20/20 democratic primary and it doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. Intense criticism of wealthy presidential contenders who some believe are trying to ride the nomination. Among those receiving criticism. Billionaire businessman Thomas Dyer. Who's been gaining ground in the crucial South Carolina primary and he joins us now thanks for joining us mistress dire. Martha it's good to be with the U. You have poured millions of dollars and ads in Nevada more than fourteen million dollars and TV and radio in South Carolina and are boasting the largest statewide operation of any other campaign there. You're saying you're ready to shock the world to you think you're gonna win in those states. I'm truck my heart out and I think I'm gonna do really well Martha. But what you haven't mentioned is that I've spent more time in Nevada than any other candidate. And I spent more time in South Carolina that any other candidate even though I was the last candidate other than Michael Bloomberg to dead end. I've actually been spending the time and we have people on the ground in both states from those states. Actually going out talking to people organizing listening and coming up with a message that matters. That's really why I'm doing well in Nevada and South Carolina is because I've put in the time listening to the people and I'm talking to their actual issues. It let's talk about the money you spent much more on ads than any candidate in Iowa and New Hampshire and let me read the results of backed. In Iowa sixteen point four million dollars spent a 0% of the vote zero delegates. In New Hampshire in nineteen point eight million dollars spent 4% of the vote. Zero delegates. So why should primary voters expected different outcome in Nevada and South Carolina even though you have those organizations act. I was the last person can do this race as I said. I wanted to compete in all the early primary states but in fact what we've seen is. On the ground in Nevada. And South Carolina I'm doing really well and that's what the poll say what it also says. Is that I'm putting together a coalition of people including specifically. African Americans and Latinos. Who are responding to a message that is inclusive and I'm putting together the kind of coalition that we're gonna have to have in November of 20/20. To be Donald Trump. So what we're seeing Indy snooped to next states. Both of which are dramatically more diverse. Than either Ira or New Hampshire is that my message actually is resonating as I believe you said earlier in this program. I'm second with a African Americans in South Carolina and those numbers keep moving up. So we actually think what we need to do in the fall we need to beat Donald Trump. And one of the things we need to do is get the entire diverse. Coalition of Democrats to show up. I'm a grass roots person fill past ten years I've built one of the biggest. Grassroots organizations in the United States next gen America. I've shown that I know how to get people to turn out and I'm putting give of that kind of coalition in Nevada and South Carolina. Which is exactly the coyote coalition is gonna take to beat Donald. Trump and and you have been endorsed by a growing number of black leaders I met some of them this week in South Carolina he said but you still trailed far behind Biden in South Carolina among black voters. And in the most recent national polls. You registered 0%. While Michael Bloomberg support. He's really skyrocketed you have said that the democratic nominee hasta have strong support among voters of color. So how can you win the nomination if you don't have that strong diverse support. That you say the nominee needs I know you're getting some in South Carolina but let's talk about national. The way this has to work for me Arthur is for me to show in Nevada that I can produce. A great result take it to South Carolina show I can produce a great result. And actually have some attention so people can learn who I am I'm not a famous person. But I've been on the ground in Nevada and South Carolina meeting people face to face. And doing really well and if I can show there that I can put together that coalition. And take that we've momentum into Super Tuesday with the kind of diverse coalition that I believe I'm building and that I believe I will show. The bout will give me the momentum and people have to look at me as a serious candidate because the real question here is who can beat Donald Trump. And the two things we're gonna need to do is take them on and the economy and my background says my thirty years in business. Says I can show where he's lying which is every time he opens his mouth on the economy. And that I can put together the kind of diverse coalition this'll be a turnout election. The question is will the democratic coalition turnout and my answer is going to be I can show I can produce up. Mr. Starr you say that you can take on Donald Trump on the economy. But the latest quinnipiac eight national poll again released just this week says 70%. Of voters described the nation's economy. As excellent or good so how do you convince them to the changes needed when they think they're doing so well under Donald Trump. I think if you take a look at what he says. Everything he says superficially sounds right but is actually a lot. So when he says the economy's growing. I can show that in fact all the money's going to rich people. When he says unemployment is low which is true. I can showed that the wages people are getting don't support a family. And what he says the stock market is up these were three big statistics. Largely because of the huge tax break he gave to big corporations but it also is it doesn't matter that what Chris. Most of the stock's 85% of the stocks are held by the top 10% of ten. But that's what I want to go back to that 70% number you know not any talk about the wealthy they're not. All wealthy people 70%. Say the economy is good and they're doing well. Well I'm just having you here we are on a show. And you're standing up for mr. Trump's version of the economy. And I'm telling you I'm telling you about and national poll I'm not standing up for anybody and tie I'm telling you about a national poll. And what I'm saying is this there is that different story of this economy and this country that has to be told. Mr. trump has to be faced down about what he's saying on the economy because he is running on the economy that's exactly what you're gonna safe gonna say. I'm great on the economy and Democrats think. So cutting I can't take them on that because it has to be shelled that this economy. Actually isn't working for the vast bulk of Americans and this president is dangerous to them in terms of money. And in terms of health care and in terms of retirement how how do you convince them that you ever do a better job correctly. How had a patty convince me you can do a better job than the other billionaire Michael Bloomberg. All I have a very I have a very specific. Set of proposals here marked one is I can. I am promising and can easily deliver a 10% tax cut to everybody in America who makes less than 250000. Box. Two if word I'm saying I'm gonna declare a state of emergency on climate on the first day. And that actually rebuilding this country will produce over four and a half million good paying union jobs every year for as far as the I conceit. An N mister Dyer will go ahead. Yes ma'am and third of all. We're talking about a wage structure here it is actually gone down over the last forty years. And that raising the minimum wage and getting living wages for working Americans. It's something it's absolutely critical and we need to stand up for unions and we need to stand up for the right of working people. Ticked bargain collectively to come together and to basically fight back against the war on the working people of this country that started with Ronald Reagan. And has continued right through to mr. trump. Mr. Sharon I want we aren't just running out of time honored mr. star running out of time here I want you would you two addressed. The criticism about amount of money you've spent on the campaign Elizabeth Warren has called it wrong and it is not the way. A democracy should work. Well Martha if you know my history. You know that what I've done in every single incidents including starting need to impeach. But including going after the climate crisis and fighting corporation successfully for a decade when I've seen a huge problem in the United States. I've put in all my heart and soul. And money to try and solve it. I see a huge problem here I got into the race late because ours word that no one was gonna take on mr. trump the weight he needed to be beaten. And that that's exactly what I'm doing here I am putting my heart and soul and money behind the idea that we need to take back this country. From the corporations that have bought it. We need to deal directly with our climate crisis and we need to deliver social and racial justice across the board. That's what I'm fighting for and giving it everything I have and that's what I've always done. OK Thomas Dyer thank you for joining us this morning.

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