U.N. School Struck in Gaza

ABC News' Terry Moran reports on new tactics from the Israeli military, and the "This Week" roundtable weighs in on the prospects of a ceasefire.
11:05 | 08/03/14

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Transcript for U.N. School Struck in Gaza
Israeli defense forces take out a hamas tunnel. And there are new reports of another U.N. School coming under fire. As Israeli prime minister Benjamin netanyahu says it will continue under his terms. No talk of a cease-fire. ABC's terry Moran is tracking the latest from gaza. Good morning, terry. Reporter: Good morning, George. The news here today is Israel is changing tactics in the war. The Israeli military redeploying ground troops out of population centers, back towards the border. In some cases, across the boarder. The pace of the air and artillery attacks has not slacked off. The bloodshed continues in gaza. Israeli forces bombarded downtown gaza city again this morning. Pounding a high-rise office building. Yet another U.N. School housing refugees hit by shells. At least ten reportedly killed there. How this continues to happen. Continues to happen, I have no idea. It's -- I don't have words for it. I don't know how -- I don't understand it. Reporter: But Israel's ground war seems to be winding down. Some troops returning to Israel. Others taking positions along the border. Officials saying that the main military task, destroying that hamas-built tunnel network into Israel, is almost completed. Prime minister Benjamin netanyahu says Israel will not stop until the threat it sees in hamas-run gaza is I LEM noted. They reported this morning that the military soldier thought to be captured was in fact killed in an attack. Israel rejecting any truce talks. While ordinary Palestinians like this man, who introduced us to his family, they want the most simple, basic thing. I want peace. I want peace. I want to live in dignity. Reporter: There are truce talks under way in Cairo. Israel is not participating. The cabinet making clear they'll act unilaterally deciding if, and when, to stop operations here. George? Back with "The roundtable." David remnick, let me begin with row. Prime minister netanyahu says he'll do this on his own terms. This might be the beginning of the end of the end game. Hard to see where this leads. The only end game, let's not get into the back and forth about tunnels and the brutality of the horrendous deaths of civilians in gaza. It is horrible. And hamas is a contemptible organization. You can -- I think we can say two things in one. But this cycle, these cycles are not going to end until occupation ends. As difficult as that is inevitably going to be. And it's not going to bring immediate peace by any stretch of the imagination. The only way this story changes and ends is with the end of occupation. That can only begin to happen with netanyahu taking his best interlo interlockuter seriously. A flawed interlockuter. After six months with secretary of state Kerry? Israel is where it is. In order for it to have a future, in order for the Palestinian people to have a future, this ongoing business of occupation has to find a resolution. It cannot be -- you are not a strategic thinker when you're thinking from Friday to Friday. From Saturday to Saturday. You cannot. I totally disagree. The occupation of gaza ended in 2005. Ariel Sharon pulled them out of gaza. Hamas needs to be destroyed. The leader ship. The tunnels need to be destroyed. That's what prime minister netanyahu has to do. The west bank has been pretty peaceful. They can work out the differences there. The fence has helped a lot. Hamas is not a partner for peace. A partner for negotiation. They do not have many friends in the Arab world either. It's hard to see what happens with gaza once the tunnels are destroyed. And Israel is still deployed right on the border. That's why people are critical of secretary Kerry going to Paris and talking to hamas. Because what was thought that -- the Arab league thought that was supporting hamas to the exclusion of the Arab league. Look, this is an ugly situation. I'm surprised that anyone is surprised that netanyahu is doing this. He's been telling the world for a long time he was going to do this. All of a sudden, everyone is shocked. This was inevitable. It was a question of when. Support for Israel is one of the few things that congress does agree on in a bipartisan way. We just funded another $225 million for the iron dome system before we left. But, you know, we have to keep pressing both sides to come to the bargaining table. Come to an agreement for a cease-fire and a longer term arrangement that respects both sides. Hard to see how much leverage the United States has right now. I want to move on to Russia. The president announced new sanctions. David, you just got back from a reporting trip for "The new Yorker." I want to show the cover story. Watching the eclipse. In Reading your report, it helped understand why Putin has not backed down in the face of this united front from the U.S. And Europe. Mm-hmm. Well, Vladimir Putin is not the Vladimir Putin of 2006, 2007. His popularity rating then was in the 80s because his economy was booming. Ering on pensions.cc1: Deficits were come LG down. There was a kind of warped authoritarian legitimacy to what he was up to. Now, with growth rates at zero. With the economy in real disarray, nationalism and neoimperialism has been whipped up by a state media, has been responsible for his much higher prop lat-- popularity rating. To me, it's a strategy without a future. It will be a disaster for the world and for Ukraine. I'm hopeful the sanctions will work. I hope there are no cheaters. Russia is not the soviet union. It's part of the global economy. This is a possible choke point. This is not the soviet union closed up. I think sanctions have a chance if they're strict and there are no cheaters. But I do think that Putin has the fundamental decision to make in the next few years of, whether Russia will go back to being the isolated way it was before or being part of the communities and the nations of the world. Be productive. Respect borders. Interact. Everybody keeps thinking he is making the choice. I was surprised after the Malaysian flight comes down, you would think that would be the moment to take the way out. Instead, more forces built up on the border. I think David's piece explains Putin's mind set quite well. He will not tolerate a democratic Ukraine. He thinks all of Ukraine should be part of Russia, or the eastern part. He cannot tolerate a reasonably democratic Ukraine. On his border. It causes a threat to him. People in Russia would say, if Ukraine can have a decent government, why can't we? I don't think Putin will back down. This is about money. The military industrial complex of the old soviet union. Half of it is in eastern Ukraine. It's not just coal. It's not just resources. The deals made between a corrupt Ukrainian leadership for years and a corrupt Russian leadership are in jeopardy. Made in jeopardy by a new Ukrainian government. By a more transparent system that brings in Europe. By the way, the United States and the european union are not blameless in this crisis. They are not blameless. And Ukrainian army has killed a lot of civilians in eastern Ukraine. Even after the fight -- Which is terrible. But the singular actor here is Vladimir Putin. It's all in his hands. I want to move on to cia John Brennan. We heard Dan Pfeiffer say the president maintains confidence in director Brennan, despite the fact that we learned this week that the cia did indeed snoop in on senate computers. It's not just snooping. Everyone is saying snooping. This is called violating the law. This is a crime. There should be a grand jury investigation on this. Eric holder should be doing something. Eric holder looked into it and said he doesn't have the grounds for it. He's got, what the media's calling an apology. He's got an admission, a confession by the director of the cia. You can't get better evidence. Somebody violated the law. Everyone's calling it snooping. An apology. Go to the cia website. It's against the law to spy. This is not a close question. Everyone says snooping, apology, you know, whatever. I don't get it. Obviously, our intelligence agencies are important to our national security. But, you know, the NSA went through its own bout of congress having -- Ignoring the fourth amendment. Hogwash. Hogwash. The NSA is not accused of doing anything illegal. No, nobody does anything bill. You're right. Look at the fourth amendment. No, you're nonsense. With the church committee. The pike committee, a thorough review by congress of these capabilities. A healthy thing. Likely to get that kind of focus this week, or following. It wasn't a healthy things. It's caused problems in the middle east. I agree that president Obama, the cia shouldn't spy on congress. President bush's cia was focused on interrogating the terrorists. But when you spy on the senators? I'm saying they shouldn't do that. Does he have to go? Are we going to say the word torture here? This press conference had to do with revelations about torture. We're about to get a much fuller accounting. This is a shameful episode. I know bill will jump in and disagree with me vociferously. He's wrong. This was a stain on this nation. And, I want to see more from this report. I want to hear a lot less about our own intelligence agencies spying on congressional committees. David, that's -- I don't think we have to do it to the exclusion. I think both are important. I don't disagree. Not one to the exclusion. I don't gudisagree with you. But when our cia is violating the law. We'll hear about a lot of both next week. We'll be back with the man called Africa's Bono.

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