Jennifer Jacobs Says Steve Bannon Is 'Donald Trump's Chief Idea Guy'

The Powerhouse Roundtable debates the week in politics on "This Week."
9:40 | 11/20/16

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Transcript for Jennifer Jacobs Says Steve Bannon Is 'Donald Trump's Chief Idea Guy'
Take all of this and the rest of the week's news two hour powerhouse roundtable. ABC news political analyst Matthew Dowd ABC news contributor and senior ESPN writer LC granderson. Bloomberg national political reporter Jennifer Jacobs and a host of NPR's morning edition. Steve Inskeep welcome to you all and I want to ask you Paul. What do these early appointments say to you about a trump administration Matthew. Well they say to me that he is not gonna exercise leadership humbly. In this he's going to be stick to what he campaigned on it looks like almost every single one of his appointments. Work about reaching across a diverse America that you might not have gotten voted for him and as Chuck Schumer set up for. A plurality of the country voted for Hillary Clinton he doesn't seem to care about that in this. I think in the end we're gonna have to judge Donald Trump on the actions he takes I think most Americans are open to its leadership it's not surprising that he put these people in place because they basically follow where he is. But we're gonna the judge in the actions post January 20. It NN LC trump met with one of his harshest critics Mitt Romney what what does. That tell you and tell you about Mitt Romney what why woody go there and if he doesn't get a cabinet and I was joking with Matthew. Big but cancer in terms of Durbin of Donald Trump and here comes Mitt Romney is how do you hold a huge press conference Golan and find some might even make moments when against min utes off. And then a week later you're kissing the ring which is exactly what looked like from out of perspective so I think this has a lot more about Mitt Romney and who isn't. More sort of who Donald Trump is an end what do you think you do it. Power whether or not whether anyone I think I think there are finally adding that. Romney cares about the country and he cares about the presidency. I would be there so I wasn't surprised that he went I would be shocked if he took a position in the trump administration because Steve bed top editor who worked with Steve Bannon trumps pick for his chief strategist of very controversial figure who told you this week that his former colleague has no prejudices. Will tenants association with that so called I'll write the negative it's there. And it's real and it's part of the conversation there was a convention. All right people are white supremacist whatever you want to label them. In Washington this very weekend that is part of the conversation and you're correct that people who know Bannon. Who spent time with Dan and say that he doesn't seem to be an overt racist. But he's also someone who interviews has talked about embracing the dark side. Of how there is power in the dark side of the argument that this is a guy who wants to break a lot of China in what. It turned up the Hollywood reporter interview which was pretty fascinating and saying Darth Vader Cheney Satan these are the comparisons he made guest who has the I don't know the man personally and I'm gonna have to wait and find out I don't think that a lot of people did know Steve Bannon or had known his persona. And this gets back to something that Matthew pointed out I'm not sure that even though there was so much attention paid to Donald Trump during the campaign. That there was really attention paid to what he would do when he would govern and when I interviewed. Across the country a lot of voters including people who voted for trump there were people who would. Look at different statements that he made this don't offer support that but I don't think he's really gonna do it anyway I don't think he really means that we're finding out that he actually did me a lot of ways. It and Jennifer there's been a lot of talk of course about Jared Kushner. Donald Trump's son in law very powerful very influential with his father in law. Do you see him joining didn't the administration in what kind of difference does that make just ultra printing needs him there. I think it's and that Google I think that Donald Trump leans on his son lost so much that it's just. It would be. You know it possible for him not to not. You know be advising him in an asking him for his opinions. But with steel band and he is Donald Trump's chief idea guys that that's really the guy to watch he's the one who's going to be whispering in terms here. I mean he's just a fascinating guy he was in listed in the Canadian navy's sailor. He graduated from Harvard business he went on to make millions at Goldman Sachs and sacks and an investment banking this is a guy who drinks. A cafe America I know every single morning with five shots of espresso in it. His half an up until midnight. There's anything wrong when attempting now to comment. Amanda gets into every morning I know his allies think that the left is under estimating can that the lessons a lot of it is spent a lot of time right now casting him as this evil character is as someone who's racist and who knows whether or not. But meanwhile he's plotting behind the scenes you know to bring jobs he's all about speaking to applicable capital to that. American cities and this big infrastructure plan so I know I think he almost appreciates that the left under under its mix and. Ask you about it that I ask general Hayden about two. Looking at a lot of people who have been in uniform all these generals who got Mike Flynn you got Jim Mattis you've got. He's Agnew Bennett has experience in the military Pompeo was at West Point. Don't get. People in the military. Well of one I think he likes to surround himself with people that if that enhances his stature write it it's goes toll gets obviously what he said during the primaries which was the generals don't know anything I know so much better appeal by the way to generals in the room now. I think that and I'm honored just touch on something really really really pointed in this is you said earlier in the show. I think this is not the settling of it that battle but it's actually the enhancing of a battle that's in exist in America regardless of who Donald trumpets and you saw on Election Day. The country have a split decision on where they wanted to go where they wanted to be a transforming the country a reform of the country Donald term represented going backwards all his appointments represented got time let's go back to a previous time. We got on Election Day. Of one candidate at the popular vote one can get Electoral College we had a candidate cancer on Election Day who got who weren't able to appeal to either side woman's an urban candidate on as a rural small town can't. We had both political parties on Election Day who were unpopular we have both political candidates. Who were disliked and distrusted on Election Day and now were sent I think. For this immense battle of where we are country that I don't think it's going to be settled in the next two years her next four years I think we have a generational battle ahead of what country we are. An end it LC on that note. A hundred days what do you think he gets done in the first hundred days is a fascinating piece by damn balls in the Washington Post this morning talking about trump. Who will be the first truly independent president what does that mean in what does that mean for him. The first hundred it. Well it is Friday to try to characterize as a conservative because we all know he's been in the public right now more than thirty years he's not a true conservative he's not a Democrat he will be independent he will be making things up to go to Watkins will be leaning upon people to cut open from in the blanks once you've made these things these statements the first hundred days he's skeptical an attack. Good Affordable Care Act like that's what the congress definitely wants to do he's put on the web at the question is will he be able to manipulate. Doing so in a way that doesn't disenfranchise so many more millions Americans what a public thirty million Americans now. Are on the report for cataract and there are other lawful are conservatives do like such as you can keep your kid on into the 25 basis to preexisting conditions these are a lot of nuance things about their former Carrick he's got to figure out how to handle while he texture of that in the New York of course is immigration. I don't know the walker of open for a hundred days have been some design plans. Digit Jennifer I want a I want you to put your old hat on it could Moines register you were there twelve years. At and look at what we're talking about what the country's talking about what Donald Trump is talking about right now and and view it from. Those rural areas are from the heartland didn't do they look at the press and C were whining about him not having a press pool they look at these appointments how. I think what they're going to want is are going to want to stick with this campaign promises they're going to be looking for him to be this revolutionary who goes and an and smashes Washington replaces it with something. I'm they're going to be looking for you know him to build the wall I do know that the transition team does have a plan written up for building the wall. Using fees and not involving the Mexican government whether trump actually read satin and does something with that who knows but it's there. You know they want him to be online order candidate they want him to build a strong military I mean I just know that they'll those Iowa Republicans who voted for him will be watching for him to follow through on these these campaign promise a question becomes so dude there. Lives economically changed as a 55 year old person in Dubuque Iowa. A guy or gal at fifty Fieger a person does their like economically fundamentally change and that's a real question whether Donald Trump can actually. Do so that's something we will all be tracking no matter where they are in the country and Steve I want I want some comments about. Hamilton. Scolding. What did you make of that. You know let me back away from the fire storm that was ignited when Hamilton. When where and when Mike Pence goes to Hamilton -- the you know that he's booed a little bit he gets this statement from the cast. And then trump tweets about it everybody is taking advantage of that in different ways but. On a basic level it's just find that the vice president all of elect my home state governor. Went to Hamilton saw that very diverse cast saw that very well reviewed program. That's based on American history and it's fine that they let him know what they thought and find that they let him know what their concerns are. And it is a reminder of what Matthew pointed out in what Schumer pointed out trump won the election but lost the popular vote there's more than a million and a half. People a million have more people who voted for Clinton banned for trump and the challenge for this administration is whether they can. Govern the entire country and get the confidence of the entire country or battle with half the country. Okay I'm putting up my hands and is very appropriate because this is what our friend Gwen Eiffel used to do when she was about out of town out of time. We'll be right back with a tribute to our friend and colleague Gwen Eiffel.

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