Jonathan Karl on Hillary Clinton: 'She's Had the Best 10 Days of Her Campaign'

The Powerhouse Roundtable breaks down the latest news in the Democratic presidential primary.
4:21 | 10/25/15

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Transcript for Jonathan Karl on Hillary Clinton: 'She's Had the Best 10 Days of Her Campaign'
Is that meant positively or negatively? I love his family, but I just don't know enough about him. Experience. Career politician. Conservative. Been there, done that. Career politician. Push over. That Indianapolis focus group giving you some insights of some of the challenges facing Jeb bush. Roundtable, joined now by ABC news' Jon Karl, Ana Navarro, Jennifer Granholm and mark haleprin. And John heilemann. Mark, we just heard John podesta take off on Bernie sanders' new tone, how tough was it? It was medium tough. He never mentioned her name. He did point out a lot of contrasts. Look, George, he has a ton of material to work with, there are a number of issues where he's more in line with the party than Hillary Clinton, where her position has shifted or she can't erase what she's done in the past. Was last night the start of Bernie sanders drawing these contrasts? John, one thing that he didn't do was repeat a line in his written speech, suggesting a bit of a poll punch. Yes, look, I think that line only got cut because of time. Sanders was running quite long. He had cut off a chunk of his speech. But I think mark's question is exactly right. There last night after the speech, no doubt that they think the campaign has moved into a new phase, the persuasion phase. We might call it the contrast phase. If question is, how far he's willing to go, how specific he's willing to do, not only drawing implicit contrasts, but explicit contrasts, that's the big question going forward. Jennifer, you're a big supporter of Hillary Clinton, how worried are you about that? I think his contrast in comments last night, showed she's doing really well. He has to kick it into other phase. But, honestly, for him to call her out on the defense of marriage act or nafta or any of the things that her husband did personally, I find that -- she's not running for his third term or Obama's third term. She's running for her first term. And as she will say, positions do evolve. And, you know, I mean, he's got a position on guns that he's trying to massage, too, every candidate has some sort of evolution. But the bottom line for her, her speech last night was forward looking and issues-based and I think that contrast is a good one. And Jon Karl, after the last ten days, Hillary Clinton now has the race she wants. Yeah, look, she had a terrible summer, her campaign was foundering, now she's had the best ten days of her campaign. The debate performance, that benghazi hearing. She no longer looks like a vulnerable candidate, that was the biggest thing that Bernie sanders had going for him was, doubts about Hillary Clinton. Ana Navarro, lot of conservatives even gave Hillary Clinton props before the benghazi hearing. Is that over? The e-mail issue is not over. I think she did perform well in the benghazi hearing, you're talking about nine hours of testimony, 11 hours of hearings, I think, you know, we don't -- all of these charges that it was politically motivated. I don't buy it. The political results were benefiting Hillary Clinton. She looked good. The benghazi committee did for Hillary Clinton what Hillary Clinton hasn't been able to do for herself over the last six months, get the democratic base unified. Moving on to republicans right now, the big story this

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"The Powerhouse Roundtable breaks down the latest news in the Democratic presidential primary.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"34719310","title":"Jonathan Karl on Hillary Clinton: 'She's Had the Best 10 Days of Her Campaign'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/jonathan-karl-hillary-clinton-shes-best-10-days-34719310"}