Joshua Green: Bannon got 'steamrolled' by Scaramucci appointment

The Powerhouse Roundtable debates the week in politics "This Week."
8:41 | 07/23/17

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Transcript for Joshua Green: Bannon got 'steamrolled' by Scaramucci appointment
I do believe that the best messenger, the best media person in the white house is the president of the United States. I'm hoping to learn from him as well as Sarah and other people. There's the new communications director being questioned by Maggie Haberman. She's here this morning with Joshua green. They went to Eric Bolling's book first. The swamp. Do you think president trump like Eric's book better than Josh's. We have Republican strategist and CNBC analyst Sara Fagen. And Roland martin, the managing editor of "New one now." Right in the middle of the week. Health care is going down on Monday and Tuesday. He's shaking up his legal team. They say it's made in America week in the white house, yet the president gives you this interview heation on Jeff sessions, Robert Mueller, the deputy attorney general. I question myself, not offmessage at all. He said exact hi what he wanted to say. Right. Think this is the part where people get tied up with this president. There's this assumption that he didn't mean to say this. He was begin the opportunity by hope hicks repeatedly, who was sitting in the interview, to not answer questions if he didn't want to. He wanted the possibility there. While his -- what is going on in his head might not make sense to staff, observers, critics, he knew what he was doing. I don't know that that had a conclusion. A clear path. He throws these things out as you know to get off of another story. Think in this case, it was getting off of his son and refocussing to other issues. Peter baker and I had written this all goes back to Jeff sessions. That is the original creation moment in the president's mind of how we got to Mueller. He knows what he's doing. Does he understand the impact? Let me bring it to you Eric Bolling. It guarantees one more complete look at Russia. He didn't need to do that. He didn't need to sit down with "The New York Times" to do that. He could have tweeted about it. What president trump does is he moves forward. He moves the media. The story forward. He stays in the news. I will tell you, unequivocally. I spoke to him yesterday. He's very frustrated about Russia being the focus of everyone's conversations. He would like to talk about other things. The media never gets there. He sits down with "The New York Times" what happens? They talk about Russia. But Eric. Just to finish this. The sessions thing is on his mind. When I spoke to him yesterday, he is concerned that, hey, he appointed Jeff sessions. He shook his hand and said, you're the attorney general. How do you explain Sarah Sanders saying the president has confidence in Jeff sessions from talking to you and Maggie, he does not have confidence. I said he's frustrated that had he known Jeff was going to recuse himself within, days of being appoied over a hand shake on a receiving line in a book event, that he probably wouldn't be the attorney general. This is very simple for this president and his administration. If you want to stop hearing about Russia. Stop lying. Stop changing stories. The tell truth. As George said to Sarah, multiple stories. Donald Trump Jr. Change his story from Saturday to Sunday and iteeps changing. What is the story? This is the story. One story that has legs. Eric, Eric -- this is the story. Donald Trump Jr. Says we got money from Russia. The president says we didn't. Eric Trump said it as well. Donald Trump Jr. Says to Jake tapper, oh, it's disgusting their discussing meetings with Russia. Now we know from his own e-mail, he did. Sara Fagen? There may or may not. There may or may not be a real story or any there there. But the reality is, there's now a special counsel. The best thing for the president to do is not go do interviews and talk about Russia but to talk about his agenda and let his lawyers, Mr. Sekulow, very cape thbl Mork. Let his lawyers talk about it and he should stop talking about it. Good luck with that. You see the strans trump is under. A lot of advisors do want him to defer to the league team. He has -- his son has hearings coming up the. Son-in-law. Son-in-law, this week. Both. I think trump wants to raise questions about the validity of this line of questioning in speculation that this is going to be in the news. I can't stop it. I can raise questions. You can't have it both ways. You can't constantly complain about the Russia story and constantly talk about it. That's what he does. He doesn't come -- he complains about the media's treatment of his presidency. The media only cares about Russia. Because he talks about it every day. I would -- my first question to Jay sekulow, had the president not tweeted about Russia yesterday. To Maggie, in the midst of all this, a big white house shakeup. One that apparently the president -- it sure seem like most of the white house didn't know that the president was sitting down with you. Seems like most of the white house didn't know that Anthony scaramucci, including reince Priebus, until the end, was going to do that. Most people in "The white house" knew th-- most people in the white house knew that "The times" was coming in. This was a direct negotiation between Antony scaramucci and president trump. They have known each other for a long time. Basically, the president has been very frustrated by his messages team. Part of why sit that you see him tweeting. See him giving interviews. He feels like people are not accurately representing what he thinks or are not defending him well. In terms of scaramucci, and you saw Sarah talking about this. The president is consumed with frustration about leak. He blames a lot of the leaking of some members of the current staff. He believes this change will help. Your book, Josh, is about Steve Bannon, in large part. He was vociferously opposed to this. I haven't heard from him directly. Absolutely, Bannon got steam-rolled by this aproimt. He and rice Priebus had tried to intervene. Apparently, at that point, scaramucci had already been told by the president he had the job. They were unable to do that. I think scaramucci's first press conference is what trump would like to see on TV. I viewed it as a tuning fork. You could listen to it, hear the notes trump wants his advise tors strike. That he's brilliant. Underappreciated. Not getting a fair shake from the media, from Democrats. That he has good karma. A great athlete even. And I think that show of femaalty makes other advise nrs the white house nervous. Here's something the president should do. Be honest with your staff. You can't send people out to represent you and come back and tell a different story and then go, you're not doing your job. Be honest with them. It's a start. It will be interesting to watch how Anthony scaramucci does in this job. My experience with people who have very wealthy, as he is, there comes a point where they don't care, and they don't need the guy down the hall. That's unusual for a staffer to be in. This dynamic between the communications director and the president certainly is off on a very good foot. We'll see where it ends up. We'll be back.

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{"id":48803206,"title":"Joshua Green: Bannon got 'steamrolled' by Scaramucci appointment ","duration":"8:41","description":"The Powerhouse Roundtable debates the week in politics \"This Week.\"","url":"/ThisWeek/video/joshua-green-bannon-steamrolled-scaramucci-appointment-48803206","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}