Senate Dem: Justice Kavanaugh will have 'a big asterisk after his name'

Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, discusses Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation with Jonathan Karl on "This Week."
6:25 | 10/07/18

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Transcript for Senate Dem: Justice Kavanaugh will have 'a big asterisk after his name'
Senator Mazie Hirono a democratic member of the Judiciary Committee who helped lead the opposition the capitals nomination so. You called good morning called this process a sham he is now justice Kavanagh to you. View justice Brett Cavanaugh as a legitimate justice. He's going to be on the Supreme Court with a huge taint to and a big ass service. After his name that the partisanship that he showed. A was astounding. The conspiracy theory that he accuse us behaving in was bizarre. So prior to his testimony in I had already decided having gone through on his record and his descendants of there's a pattern. Which show that he was not for women secret reproductive choice that is sure. And though there are a number of other the pattern is that where the very troubling and I am had already decided but. With regard to this sham FBI investigation. Everyone knows that when you just in a vis a small number of people. And not to the dozens of others who want it to be interviewed by the FBI. That is a sham. And at times it raises more questions than investors. So even before the final vote on the confirmation. We heard from the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee the possible future chairman of that committee. I say this about the confirmation process. If he is on the Supreme Court. And and the senate hasn't investigated. That ninth in the house will have to. You'll investing we would have to investigate any credible allegations certainly of perjury and other things that haven't been properly looked into before. Guess this confirmation battles over he is justice spread Kavanagh. Do you really think the Democrats. Should they win control of of the house should continue in an investigation apps and some new. Revelations. The confirmation battle may be over but the court packing is definitely not over so the Federalist society The Heritage Foundation these two ultra conservative. Organizations have spent decades. Preparing their people like Dutch Kavanagh. For the Supreme Court and every other. Court for a for life and in fact just stepped next week. But even share from two more for the six circuit. These are but Clinton would look I'm as least you wanna continue and invest Jerry and very well do let Jerry Nadler would do what I'm totally focused with all the angry women and the men who listen to women and support they credible. Accounts of sexual harassment and sexual assault which is very under reported that I focus like a laser beam on the elections because all these and be people out there they know. That it is the people are sitting in the senate that they be elected who are making these decisions and they're liable to the polls and they're gonna vote to different. They can you can you rule out this idea. Of impeaching. Cattle when it all starts with they house so you know I. I went home and I think these things as basically John it'll bring you for aligning tale. Ask these questions because I know it did checks had talked to Kelly an asthma attack to get away at an enticement there. But this whole impeachment thing you know what I'm very focus on the here and which this that all of these very angry women mainly. There who saw what was going on and how the senate was nodding but to deal fairly. With the entire issue of sexual assault clearly this idea that. That doctor Ford was given and not all accommodation. Isn't really I have to say alone he. But you won't rule out impeachment we've all it was just a others fouling out impeachment but that is added that a mistake of who I mean do we really want after reached I was a Arnold this what we need to do which is we need to get to the rebels Chile. Okay I'll. Also you've heard Kelly M raised the issue of the protest somewhere show you something Marco Rubio. A tweeted just a short while ago can you imagine what Democrats and many media would be saying if it was conservatives. Ambushing them at restaurants confronting them at home disrupting senate hearings. And votes with primal screams now literally banging on the door of the Supreme Court building they would call it a mob so. We ask you mention the anger the anger is real but are these tactics are Mario do you approve at least. Act anger is real there a lot of people who feel very very strongly and the Republicans seem to forget what happened during the passage of the Affordable Care Act where. Leave me that Democrats were the focus and the brunt screens. Cough things being left on our doorsteps all of that so. But how do you approve of those tactics whether it whether it's heat. Ears or whether it's the people are the reason is there own decisions because as you know in our country syllabus of meetings is very much a part of our country and of course. If you go over the line venue have to. Be held accountable. But people feel very strongly that's what happens in our country people felt very strongly among any rescue Barack back then sure let me ask you about what Mitch McConnell had to say about all of this. They've made a tactical mistake that really helped me unified. Conference and turn all the Republican base going into the election. Maybe ought to say thank you. So was this a political mistake you lost to confirmation battle. He's on the Supreme Court and now all the indications are Republicans are more energized they weren't into external. Everything is political starting from after President Obama got elect dead and send my goal in life since and nature and that he's one term president. That there was not going to be a Supreme Court C a filled by him with Merrick Garland. Everything with mr. Connelly is political and on to say Houston very ruthless about it. Now. I had major. Concerns. About to touch Kavanagh even before god or against them before the hearings and I actually studied his cases. And I read is an and particularly his dissent such a very telling. Pretty much against reproductive choice so it doesn't matter to me frankly yes of course it matters a vehicle within actually overturn Roe vs. Wade but I doubt they're gonna do. But as Kelly and said the stakes are very busy passing all kinds of laws. That would limit a woman's right to choose. It's those things settle go before a justice in India and you doubt they will overturn Roe vs. Wade be easy even if they don't think you will notify it pretty much. Thank you for joining us on the Eric I appreciate it.

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{"duration":"6:25","description":"Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, discusses Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation with Jonathan Karl on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"58340790","title":"Senate Dem: Justice Kavanaugh will have 'a big asterisk after his name'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/judiciary-dem-sen-mazie-hirono-58340790"}