Kellyanne Conway 'Didn't See The Point' to Women's March on Washington

The counselor to the president is interviewed on "This Week," two days after Trump's inauguration.
17:05 | 01/22/17

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Transcript for Kellyanne Conway 'Didn't See The Point' to Women's March on Washington
Good to have you with us. I'm Todd kazakiewich. Doug Meehan is live at gillettte stadium this morning, Doug the patriots are taking on the steelers in an afc showdown tonight. Doug: Yes they are indeed. It is championship Sunday here. A lot to talk about in this hour. We have got an arrest at the steelers hotel after somebody pulled a fire alarm. More on that in a minute. It could be a very historic day here at Gillette stadium. First, we need to find out how the weather is shaping off -- shaping up not only for kickoff but for folks enjoy barbecue before hand. Kelly Ann: The weather is looking to work with us. We have a hazy sky overhead but things are dry at this point. Temperatures at the 40's, feeling awfully mild. We see temperatures for much of the area, not just Boston, Providence, 43, plymouth 40's three right now P. We're climbing quickly. Many of us topping out in the mid-40's. The advisory, we see the fog dissipating. The main concern at this point is that system where we are seeing some sign of drizzle right now. It is that chance all afternoon and night as well. The system down to the south and west, a major impact or tomorrow and Tuesday. I will break it down in just a bit. Shayna: Thank you. Are you ready for football? Final preparations underway at Gillette stadium ahead of tonight's afc championship game . Todd: Let's send it back out to Doug Meehan who has breaking details on an arrest at the steelers hotel. Doug: This will be a big talker today. Breaking overnight, an arrest made after a false alarm at the steelers hotel in Boston. This was at the hotel for the steelers over in east Boston. We have got a picture showing the fire trucks outside the hotel near the airport at around 3:30 this morning. 25-year-old Harrison of east Boston is charged with disorderly conduct. Not a guest at the hotel. ESPN reporting a man pulled an alarm in the stairwell and then jumped into a waiting car. The steelers did not have to evacuate. Probably a disruptive night's sleep. Back to the game itself, win or go home tonight for the patriots against the steelers. That is a familiar feeling for the patriots. They played in 12 championship games and are taking home the title eight times, including two times against the steelers back in 2002 and 2005. It is their sixth straight afc championship appearance. They lost three of the last four. Let's bring in Josh here now. While I was talking, can you tell me what the alarm is all about, first and foremost? Collects it is a true I believe. Something they do to test the system before the game starts. The system works. So let's talk about the matchup. The teams know each other. They go to their ninth super bowl. Incredible when you think about it. Steelers and patriots. The patriots have had on their side for the most part, 100% attendance on Friday with other guys. Back and mean a difficult decision when it comes to choosing which players to keep active. Seven players listed as questionable. Patriots know they need to step up their performance if they want to move on against the Texans. Tom Brady says the team has studied the steelers extensively , calling them the patriots biggest challenge. Tom Brady phone a great defense. They played all season, scoring points and a limited amount of offense. It is a tough test. We will need to be our best. At all the games really all year. We are seeing a replay they run this year. Alexi remember we -- week seven in Pittsburgh. They walked away with a 27 victory. A big day, 127 yards. That was against the Texans, this fire alarm, I think we are ok. It makes us feel exactly what the Pittsburgh steelers were feeling at the hotel. It may actually be a good luck sign. The patriots have their own good luck. By the way, the patriots are not defeated. 8-0. Hopefully he has got his hall of fame laser ready. We will send it back to breaking news inside. Thank you. One person is dead after a serious crash in methuen. A car slammed into a utility pole on milk street around three this morning. Methuen fire says two victims were taken by ambulance to area hospitals. A third was air-lifted to a Boston hospital. A fourth victim, identified as Jennifer Montanez of Connecticut died at the hospital. The cause of the crash is under investigation. Police temporarily shutdown a ramp to interstate-93 off of Rutherford avenue last night. They towed a car from the area. No other confirmed information is available, we are continuing to follow developments. An overwhelming show of support, in Boston, in Washington and beyond for women's rights. Hundreds of thousands of people, armed with homemade signs and pink hats, chanting this is what democracy looks like. And just minutes ago, president trump, weighing in on the demonstrations, for the second time this morning tweeting " peaceful protests, are a hallmark of our democracy. Even if I don't always agree, I recognize the rights of people to express their views. " earlier he questioned why the demonstrators didn't vote. An estimated 175,000 people packed Boston common and surrounding streets for the demonstration. Ten's of thousands more than organizers expected. The crowd demanding economic opportunity, a celebration of diversity and respect for all. Senator Elizabeth Warren and other local leaders are vowing to fight for core values. Senator Elizabeth Warren: We can whimper and wine or we can fight back. I know if I don't fight for this this could fundamentally change how she will experience life when she develops and what woman. The March was inspired in part by president trump's offensive comments during the campaign about women, his call to ban muslims, and a promise to build a wall along the Mexican boarder. T trains and buses were packed with demonstrators. These were the lines at Riverside station yesterday. The agency says, the crowds were the equivalent, of the rush for a B.C. Football game and red sox game hitting at the same time. The mbta added extra trains and used buses to help get protestors out of the city. A huge turn out in Washington, D.C. An estimated half million people gathered in the nation's capital for the women's March. Organizers vastly underestimated the turnout, applying for a permit for only 200,000. Many people say they were inspired to join in after president trump's divisive campaign. Organizers say similar marches in 670 cities in the U.S. And around the world drew larger than expected crowds. A man has been found at officers found James earlier this morning. He has been taken to the hospital for a session evaluation. He failed to return home yesterday morning. Todd: Marshfield high football coach Lou silva will be back on the field in the fall. Fans and players rallied to show their support for the coach last week after learning he might not be hired back for next season. The coach D high school say they came to an agreement Saturday. He will be back for one more year to cap off a four decade career. Silva retired as athletic director a few years ago and the school says it wants a full time coach. A sign of hope after tragedy. Shayna: A Brazilian soccer team back on the field after a deadly plane crash. The emotional moments during the first game. Todd: Severe weather turning deadly. The devastating storms moving towards the east coast. Kelly Ann? Kelly ann:ke let's welcome back. You can see the entire department has been escorted out of Gillette stadium for what appears to be a drill. Though the alarm is bill going on, I'm not sure whether or not we have the ok to go back in. This happened last week around the same time. It looks like right now, they are allowing everyone back in. We will continue to show from inside here that is it for now. Interesting morning out here. Shayna: Thank you. Stay safe. An arrest was made after a false fire alarm at the steelers Boston hotel the Hilton near Logan airport was evacuated around 3 this morning. 25-year-old Dennis Harrison of east Boston was arrested by state police. ESPN reports Harrison pulled a stairway alarm then jumped into a waiting car. Some players were awoken by the alarm, but were not evacuated. We are also following breaking news out of Georgia. Severe storms are blamed -- state officials in Georgia are blaming severe storms for the deaths of 11 people in the southern part of the state. This is video of the devastation after yesterday's storms. Another round of severe weather is expected to hit the state today. Todd: The search for survivors continues this morning after a series of devastating and deadly tornadoes hits the south. The Mississippi city of hattiesburg suffered the worst damage. Dour people died in the storm that hit Saturday morning. The tornado ripped trees from the ground, left thousands without power, and destroyed dozens of houses. Everything uprooted, tossed with a rag doll. Todd: The campus of William Carey university was left in ruins. Severe flooding is the issue in California. Residents in a neighborhood have been forced out of their homes for the second time in weeks. Officials say a combination of heavy rain and the widening of a levy -- the red cross is helping victims of the flood. It will get rain but nothing like we are seeing. It is all about perspective. Though the -- those are the same system tracking toward us. For us, it is heavy rainfall and wind we are concerned that is what we are tracking heading in tomorrow. We have some clouds out there. Otherwise, inflict relatively quiet. If you areas of frank wolf silhouettes. This is lovely look that much of the afternoon and evening. Possibly impacting the game for tonight. Temperatures are climbing. 42 degrees, smit 40's on the coastline. Average high temperature in the mid 30's. We will stay above average through the afternoon. Temperatures do not that much warmer here it clouds stick around. As we kick off the game, we will see temperatures: At 640 -- 6:40. Wind will pick up and strengthen tomorrow. Nader -- major concerns. We have some clouds in place today. Some speckled chances trying to move through but things are looking relatively quiet. Could see some snow in Vermont. For us, locally it may be quiet into the Monday morning commute. Trying to fall mainly out to the north, most of the main action heads to us Monday evening. Just in time for the evening commute. Heavy downpours from 495 is stored. North and west, that is where we see sleet and wet snow westward. Human it's Tuesday morning, some

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{"id":44966940,"title":"Kellyanne Conway 'Didn't See The Point' to Women's March on Washington","duration":"17:05","description":"The counselor to the president is interviewed on \"This Week,\" two days after Trump's inauguration.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/kellyanne-conway-didnt-point-womens-march-washington-44966940","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}