Lewandowski and Mook weigh in on President Trump's relationship with media

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and former Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook discuss President Donald Trump's relationship with the media.
8:15 | 02/19/17

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Transcript for Lewandowski and Mook weigh in on President Trump's relationship with media
Right and we are back with more with a two campaign manager Corey Lewin Dow ski the first campaign manager for Donald Trump probably must be. Campaign manager for Hillary Clinton from start to finish so. I want to get started with this extraordinary. Comment from the president that the press is the enemy. Of the people. Now Cory RI just heard did general Mattis the Defense Secretary. Said the press is not the enemy of the American people so can you help me understand who's right here Donald Trump or. The president but Brennan's direction. Eleven people come on the enemy at I'm. What is you have to look at. If you look at the Wall Street Journal this week front page story about intelligence briefings not being given to the present clearly inaccurate clearly. Guy he had the director of central intelligence. In San row going quarter on a story or wrong is not the same sentiment but avenue that you you put a story out there that says the intelligence community is not giving the president all of the information is very dangerous. You look at the New York Times story this week you know is he time and time again where you have anonymous sources that look I wish in the value of anonymous sources. But we have people on the record that are the principles what does the president ad states or the director of central intelligence saying. This information is factually inaccurate oppressed chooses reporting race as free dangerous the American people. Our I don't completely disagree there were so many wrong inaccurate stories about Hillary Clinton on the campaign. All the time effect and you have to like that New York Times story about the emails that record we know that was false. There the New York Times sort of peace in October last year saying that there is no connection between the term campaign and rush are that there is very little there they then wrote the story that was completely different recently I'm glad they did. You know. Freedom of the press is fundamental to who we. And it's fundamental to our freedoms and what's scary to me right now is that. Prison in trump is saying this about the press a at the same time of these praising leaders like Vladimir Putin who regularly and routinely corral sale the press. We can not let this come into our country that kind of autocratic dictatorial leadership. Drought stricken you can have freedom of the press has to be honest right in Denton the president said this. You can write any store but there are frustrated Rick mistakes tend and that. I mean look where's the accountability here's the problem. With the press when they make an accountability is what viewers and readers what they say ultimate cop and look at that the time magazine guy who tweeted out that the bust up. Martin Luther King Jr. was removed from the Oval Office me to 3000. Media outlets. Before they're responsive whoops I guess I made a mistake what we know is that on many occasions the White House was never consult we saw just this week hate. That we're going to engage and use the National Guard to round up people. Actually factually 110 inaccuracy never Jesse White and about that this is is actually the eight. So that they did check with a White House and there was no response I think towel after the story ran. Look at Hashemi accountability and where is it an ability at the reporter level and when they report something like. The bust of Martin Luther King Jr. has been removed outlook is that a big story nobody it is symptomatic of the problem where a phone call to the White House could the fix that before the story when out at 3000 outlets Karen Jonathan. And this is particularly rich coming from the team that was that that comes from Brett partners. I mean talk about falsehoods lies total inaccuracies I don't think that Donald Trump. Or his White House has any credibility when it comes to telling the truth and getting the facts are I'm sorry. And they can beat up on the press and it's a great diversion because guess what the press likes to write about it. And civil right about that instead of what Donald Trump is doing putting Wall Street in charge and so on spending taxpayer money it is resorts. But this is this administration has no credibility on sing this is media should get the story was Inge. To me is and I spent a lot of time covering. As the Clinton Campaign and a lot of time of course carbon trump campaign. And for much of the campaign Hillary Clinton was almost completely inaccessible repression and hold press conferences. You get out or you could ask a question she would ignore you look right through you Donald Trump was on the phone all the time he was holding press conferences. He was doing in an out later what campaign now in order if not in the life you must certainly changed later campaign capsule and Corey was there and visited when Corey aboard air strategy essence let's get that because you you were there when he was mr. accessible does this. Team currently around him make a mistake when they try to rein him mean. It sees only gonna take a few questions from friendly outlets he's not goodies to limit the number of interviews he's got. I mean he's seemed in his element that press conference that was a throwback to the corneal when Dow ski days of the campaign. With my belief and I have been very open about this is that Donald Trump is his best messenger he understands the media in my opinion better than many staff person who works for his campaign. He understands how to answer questions on behalf of him and his administration better. I always believe it's an asset when he can guard speak directly from south not yet understand. He's the president has State's rent is a limited opportunity to do that but when he's given those opportunities I think he should he excels at we saw last finally there's claims could you wouldn't. Six months without giving a press copies he went to the back of the plane last night in and I think you've been doing is very reagans and Air Force One walking back and having brief conversations. To the press Jerry to have those. Discussions look. That's the president at his very best is direct communication. Whether it's through his social media accounts which he looked at use to directly communicate with the people or talking to the press directly you know this Jonathan. When the press calls he will pick up the phone he'll respond to those calls very very regularly that hasn't been the case in the past. With other candidates that would certainly the case when you're there what butcher how did think Charles Spicer don't. But I think John's been real tough job John the friend of mine I think he's growing into the role as white house Press Secretary I'm glad to see that they have given John some help now with a unique new communications rector. And I think what you'll see is Shaun understands he's getting to know the present very well under chance when he speaks to what he works is cadences and Johns gonna do a fine job but it's a tough job to very tough job. I think you can agree that eight completely I think it's an impossible job I. I I eight I actually feel for some of these staff in in as much as it is basically impossible I think to represented Donald Trump and maintain one's own credibility frankly and I say that in a very objective way I mean he is his own communication structure. First of all right I'm his column the shots there quit again what I wore what I worry about long term. Is how. President trumps lack of credibility is eroding. I would argue the the weights of that bully pulpit that the president you mean the disregard for facts and did for me. It ever hold office regarding how do you explain explore and know that something 0% owner of Fox News poll this week who do you trust he telling the truth. Donald Trump pres he had states with a mainstream media Donald Trump is three points above the mainstream media what does that tell you. About what the people think of the mainstream media the state go look at Media Research Center when they said they did a poll immediately following the election. Do you believe the bias in the media 97% of respondents that we didn't allow the media's bias to change our opinion of who we voted for. But but but but you cringe a little bit when he says stuff that just turns out to be completely not true I mean it when he said he had the biggest electoral landslide since Reagan and you know that's not true so it as it comes to the Republicans a case that George H. W. Bush had a larger margin OK I understand that. But what he's talking about as he beat George W. Bush and clearly beat. Mitt Romney clearly be John McCain you don't lose it all those he had an Indiana heart a higher margin and W. And don't forget I went back and looked at that the reporting on October 16 of just last year for an article after article left up articles to the Hillary Clinton was going to win by anywhere between seventy. And a hundred electoral votes over Donald child and they move this state of Florida right after the third debate to lean Democrat I looked at the no question a lot of people were very everybody was wrong. I'm on alert I thought that he ironically you know I when I was growing up even President Reagan was out there. He did a lot of things wrong a lot of things I disagree with but what he talked Rell more than anything was what made this country great. And what made a strong and he lifted people up and my concern is Donald Trump is chairing the institution of the presidency down his try to bring the pressed on with him. And I worry about young people growing up today who who who. See this race of the bottom and think that that's leadership is not leadership is now bringing people together and I don't think he's making our country greater. Well we will bring you guys facts talk about this more let's just say for the record we got Robbie moved to see some very nice things about Ronald rest yeah FIF thank you very much better Scott Elliott audition.

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