Matthew Dowd: 'Donald Trump, as of Today, is the Republican Nominee for President'

The Powerhouse Roundtable makes predictions for which presidential candidates will win their party's nomination.
5:28 | 09/06/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Matthew Dowd: 'Donald Trump, as of Today, is the Republican Nominee for President'
Let's bring in our political analyst, Matthew dowd, you don't think so? I don't think it's going to be the fall of trump. If you look at where the race is today and some level of history, this race is way beyond anying we have seen. I think Donald Trump as of today is the republican nominee for president. The republican nominee for president? He leads nationally in every single poll for more than two months. He leads every single state. Including Florida, where he leads Jeb bush, Jeb bush is third. Any republican who has led for two months and led every state, has won the gop nomination. Bill kristol? It won't happen. Trump has hit a ceiling of about 30%. He deserves a lot of credit for running a very clever campaign and showing how unhappy every is with the republican establishment and unfortunately for some of the rest of the field. But I do -- I said this about six weeks it's a little premature. So, maybe trump will last another two, three weeks. Here's the part that mystified people, donna, the rise of Ben Carson, now second to Donald Trump in Iowa and new Hampshire -- at least in Iowa, some polls in New Hampshire as well, surging nationally, what is the source of his appeal? Slow, steady, without the swagger of Donald Trump. He's the candidate that knows how to speak in this tone. David milibrand, thank you very much. The race for president, now your voice, your vote, and Donald Trump dominating the race his lead in wa aio newnd Hampshire. As Jon Karl reports, trump faces new challenges as summer turns to fall. Reporter: With summer winding wn, doack B schtor L oo foidpr alenesdi ctis.daante and it was pledge week for Donald Trump who said he won't make an independent run. I will be totally pledging my allegiance to the republican party and for the conservative values. Part clasclows parn,t class bully. The Donald is still head of the class, now soaring to 30% sanders -- it's wall to wall. It's free air time. It's obsessive. And I think in that, it is a disservice. Gate keepers are defining what is viable. In that, it's a disservice. Bernie sanders is a serious candidate with serious issues. He's today first in new Hampshire, closing in on Iowa. Too many are saying he's not viable. I think Americans should be trusted. I think of two things, media has covered this because there's a huge entertainment value in Donald Trump that's absolutely true. Two things about it. First, I expected an outsider to really emerge in this race. Steve Forbes, Alan keys got 54% of the votes in 2000. It's only increased since then. The reason why I think the media covers trump because the American public are looking for somebody who's big and bold. They don't want small. The problem with all of the other republicans is that they seem small compared to Donald Trump. And to pick up on Matt's point, bill kristol, Donald Trump will start to fall only if he gets Warren? Look, we did a poll of "Weekly standard" readers, only 15% are for trump. Our readers aren't that pro-trump. We also asked them, are you happy or unhappy that trump is in the race? 64% are happy in the race. I think some of that number is people are happy he's shaking things out. I think the one -- there are three outsiders are running. Trump, Ben Carson, Carly fiorina is actually one of the three of the outsiders who's a plausible nominee. Why not -- she's actually a serious person. I want to go back to what Matt said, what is big in American politics? A billionaire bully beating on big politics. I predict that trump will never become boring, but I think he's reached his limit. With all due respect to donna, Ben Carson is quiet. He's a certified extremists. He wants to bar immigrants -- It's not that, where the American public and the gop voters are now and this idea right now that trump has a lid, you look at the two way to put trump against any other republican, he beats every other republican. In some cases he's over 60% of the republican voters. He doesn't have the lid that people think right now. In the end, time is trump's enemy. He has to keep this going for five more months. First of all, I'm not a Ben Carson supporter. But, Donald Trump has rewritten the old playbook where, during this period of time, the candidates out raising the money, raising their profile, attending if fund-raisers. Donald Trump has nothing but time on his hand to come on shows. He has a lot of money as well. Free media.

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{"duration":"5:28","description":"The Powerhouse Roundtable makes predictions for which presidential candidates will win their party's nomination.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"33571619","title":"Matthew Dowd: 'Donald Trump, as of Today, is the Republican Nominee for President'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/matthew-dowd-donald-trump-today-republican-nominee-president-33571619"}