Voters can 'impeach Donald Trump at the ballot box': De Blasio

Democratic presidential candidate Bill de Blasio talks about President Trump and the 2020 campaign on "This Week."
5:44 | 07/28/19

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Transcript for Voters can 'impeach Donald Trump at the ballot box': De Blasio
We're joined now by New York City mayor bill de Blasio. Thanks for joining us this morning, mayor. I want to get to the debate in a but first, your reaction to the series of tweets by the president over the last 24 hours. Look, this president is trying to distract people from the larger reality of this country, he uses the racist appeal, he uses the bait and switch, you watched him for a long time. I've watched him for a long time here in the context of New York. This is a con man reality to Donald Trump. It's a classic bait and switch maneuver all the time. The real issue in this country working people are stuck economically, there's tremendous frustration out there in working America and folks aren't getting ahead. They think the next generation is actually going to do worse than they have done. Donald Trump has given away the store to those who already have a lot. He made the rich richer. With those tax cuts for the wealthy. He wants to keep the attention off that. With the constant controversy, something we all go chasing after, the Democrats do it as much as Republicans, the media, everyone goes chasing after those tweets he keeps the attention we should be talking about. How do Democrats counter that? Democrats can't fall into the trap. Sometimes bluntly, George, we are too much. I'm someone who believes there should be impeachment proceedings, but I don't think we should obsess about it. I think the best way to impeach Donald Trump is at the ballot box. That's what I intend to do. We should be asking ourselves this question, why do we lose and what do we do differently? Simple. Start talking to working people. We lost their allegiance. Lot of them stayed home. Some of them migrated to trump. Why? It seemed the democratic party was the party of the elite. The democratic party became the party of nafta and I'm fearing that's going to happen again. Democratic party didn't seem like the party of labor unions, and so we lost the allegiance of the people who have been with us for generations. Isn't that the pitch that Joe Biden is making? Here's the problem with Joe Biden and I respect his public service. He needs to back up that warm rhetoric with action with a vision that will actually help working people. This week I put out the working people bill of rights. I said we need to make sure that the folks in gig economy have benefits and wanls that are protected. Make sure that folks can't just be fired in this country without just cause. We need to do things like ensure a $15 and paid vacation days. Every country on Earth, every major country on Earth provides paid vacation days as a matter of law, doesn't happen in this country. We'll pass a law in New York this year, two weeks' vacation for every working person. Those are the kind of changes that say to working people we're on the side. What I fear about Joe Biden is, here's a guy who voted for nafta, told wealthy donors not much is going to change for them when he becomes president. He's got too much of a track record of being part of the status quo that Americans don't want anymore. They want to break out of that status quo. Donald Trump very artfully is keeping attention off that central issue -- do you want a change in your family's economic reality? Do you want something different? Are you going to accept the status quo? Most Americans don't want a status quo. Donald Trump doesn't want that conversation. You face a practical problem. You broke through, you're able to grab some time in tis debate. Another debate coming up. Far short of the fund-raising threshold in the third debate. Is Wednesday night the last chance to break through? George, look, that first debate, you're right I was able to get a lot of information out. There's something powerful and democratic with a small D in the DNC has set up here. The people will get to decide in the polls and those grassroot donations. It's literally are going to be people voting with their feet. So, I believe this is going to be one of those moments of truth, where I'm going to be able to present a Progressive vision that's been put into action. New York City, pre-k for every child for free. We've done $15 minimum wage, paid sick days. We're giving those paid vacations. These are happening in the nation's largest city. My good opponents, and I respect them, they're going to have ideas and position papers. I'm someone who can say I put it in action. You're going to tout the experience of New York City. You said president trump won't be welcome back into New York City after the presidency. What did you mean by that? I was speaking from the heart. Not only did he lose New York City overwhelmingly in the 2016 election, this is a guy who's created pain and division in his own city. He has to understand that this is place if he comes back to it, he's going to hear the anger and the frustration of the people. He doesn't understand the very people he theoretically grew up. Hes a child of millionaire, I don't think he understood new York City to begin with, it's real life. Think about that. Think about going back to your home and no one wants you there. That's the reality he's going to face. Mayor, thank you for joining us this morning. Up next, the roundtable takes on the democratic debates.

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{"duration":"5:44","description":"Democratic presidential candidate Bill de Blasio talks about President Trump and the 2020 campaign on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"64614523","title":"Voters can 'impeach Donald Trump at the ballot box': De Blasio","url":"/ThisWeek/video/mayor-bill-de-blasio-64614523"}