Michael Avenatti says his policy issue is 'the truth... the facts and evidence.'

Fresh off a visit to Iowa, lawyer Michael Avenatti is interviewed on "This Week."
8:42 | 08/12/18

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Transcript for Michael Avenatti says his policy issue is 'the truth... the facts and evidence.'
ow to fight. They better be red for a brut Camey better be prefor a cage mat if they don't have the stomach fothstay home. I think if trump stilays that Michl avenatti could beat him. Avenatti, I like the idea. I'ork for hi I'm a rebl'll work for him. I Thi he has grit so tt's a big us to me Thyou have it, Micha making hipitc T the iowata he's been ting present trump he attornefo star stormy Daniels but now says S seriously considg running es Michl enatti joins us now. Let's start with the big question. Most of the world knows you as th fstar and somebody W goes on cle TV a lot. Why shldtaken sesly? T's a numbeof reasons should be takeseriously. Number oovs I've beenhtg on behalof David versoliath. Some of E largest corporations in the world, con men, fraudsteree had great Suess. Over $1 bilon in verdts and settlements. I've tried cases across th country. That'sber one.mber two, M a student of the law, very well versed in a lot of issueat are at E forefron O right now, eonues, sues relatg reme court, issue to rking people. So I think that that qus me. In addition, I have the ability tocate with people thout ha to take Al or consultanto figure W to tell LE the uth. So like Donald Trump he into this, you're some with no pitical experience, but trump had a sure issue he about for years, ade. U can go bk, consit, talking about trade. What is the even policy issue th you've en talking about over the years? Theru the truth. Theth? Halicy.uote unquote, is truth, theacts and evident I dealndal years with facts and evidence. 'S're succesulan attorney. I re how gooa speaker you are, good you E in Fron a jury. If you D'te facts an the evidce and the ability to talk about the truth, you don't see what's happened unun especial over the T yearhree yearsith this presidt, Donald ump, we've lof holding anidence. Let me tell you thism going to putd trump on trial. We're Goin hl one way or theth the only question is how many juroe ING to havin at 'sn down WHE you stand on the policies,isere you fiinhe democratic party. We'll do a lightning round. Let's do some short ans to big issues. Thiss a long cpaign, plenty of time to get ifics but let's stwi the last democratiimary. Whu stand? Were you with Hillary Clinton or Bernie sders? Rynton. Where didou stand oth issue oflishing I.e.? It believe we should abh I.C.E. Olaw enforcement, but we should curtail I.C. Ou say outiowa that in favor medicarr Al Bers issue. How do you pay it? Well, youtanot ilding a wl on our southern border. I ale out whatyou're goi ting to some of thesx breaks that we given, but I think, look, this ico hvi basic level ealth care fll America numb one. Mber two, people then W ent that with adtins, they suld be permitted to do Would Y repeal alof the ump tax cuts? I havenecided yet I'm stl analyzing the issue Okay, thegel security threat facing the ted states right I think it would the situion in the Middle East and -- well, I would say ofold. It's North Korea a Iran. El. If you're going to go to singape a summit,ou don't go T F op in front of flags and a red carpe you actually go there to get something done. I'd still bthere if we were still in the ion we are we made no progress in connection with that.t relates to Iran, don't sel caps twe I thmie night in a situation thatthat serio.the problewith this esident is hs interjecd uncertainty the internatiol Would you meet face-to-face with Kim Jong-un? Yes.solutely. Tpp, president in one of his first tions as psi it up. I would T to revivet also revi I Lot of decrt that was a bad T deal, badr American W unyou're a fe trade democr I am a ee trade B it has number of trade deals that have been put in place over that have en ded, but we can't just ignore allour trade Al If Democrats take back the use, should they mto peach president trump? It Deon the evince D the fact ain, I'm AIG guy on evidence and facts and it dependsthe evidence and facts as presented by Bob Mueller. The facts you know no should the campaign opehing? Factd evidences change or it may well change next week. B on the fas don'there's enough evidence to impeach president trump? Not as we have right now but I do belie, to be R thghtonding why, why the president is shoulder tohoulder with Vladimir Putin. Should Nancy Pelosi be speaker of the house? Tt's a tougci I think the house leadership I ultitely and thereps are going to make that decision. Don't knowet You say you will only run if ATS seem unlikely nay at esident trp.nt to go tou quick names. Can Joe den beatonald trump? Again, I'm not going to opine etinrticular candidate can beat mp or not T re's what I'm going to say. Years the Democrats have had lot of ve talent indivials. They have lacked fighter they have lacked individuals willing to take the fit Donald Trump and others and thniroblem. Here's the other thing I'm going to say. Loeople theatre consider running,hey've been around for a very long time ifheabto take down -- would be J Biden. If they had the ability to take down Donald Trump, they likely WOU have alrey done so.however, I do ththere are someple that are talking about running that might be able to D. Lizabeth wren? Again, I'm not going comment to certainai have my N opinions as to whether or not individuals can do it. Bernie Sanders? A -- One more. I like nator sands. I think he's been a phenomenal senator.I think heidf good in the '16 camp. Okay, there been no Shor of controrsies suyour businesalings. At some the hes we've seen stonths. The "L.A. Times," law firm of stormy danieto wi aon judgment. Litico, fedsenatti over firm's unpaid taxes. Na settles case with the irs for $800,000. Don't thettackds here eslly write themselves? No,hink look, I'll P upackground and my record of fightin on of,wingeopleve the last 20 years against Donald Trump'y day of T week. I say bring it. Lary Clint released of her taxeturns jus afshe started running. Do the same? I don't know yet. I haven't decide at the ISS. Here's what I do know -- You don't kno you'll ururns? This was aor issue wh trp. I don't know if I'll release 8 years of my tax returns. Here what I do know -- Wl you comm tg some? Yes. You will? . Howl you makehat dgw I don't know. I'm going to consult with people we'rgoing toe what th standardover the years. Where Donald tru's tax return Last question, you've criticized presidentor not being smart enough to know WHA 'T know. Soyou ran, tl S ur biggest weakness?you don't know? Well, think thacl the ideahat I haveot held elected of is a negave I'hat. But here's the difference N Donald tmpnd me. Dona tmised the americeople the St and the bright. He's to surrou hielthing but the best and bnd the Reas is peopleon't want W why don't people want to work with him? Because he doesn't listen because hiego does not allow him to take in that advi ant on it. I'm not built that way. Were io be elected, I would round melf with vy qualified people and I would actuhem. Michael avenai, thank Y fojoining us in your first -depth intlepresidenti C appreciate it. Webe right back with the

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{"duration":"8:42","description":"Fresh off a visit to Iowa, lawyer Michael Avenatti is interviewed on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"57144799","title":"Michael Avenatti says his policy issue is 'the truth... the facts and evidence.'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/michael-avenatti-key-policy-issues-amid-2020-speculation-57144799"}