Minimum wage is 'an opportunity to build a bipartisan coalition': Rahm Emanuel

The Powerhouse Roundtable breaks down the latest news on "This Week."
15:48 | 02/28/21

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Transcript for Minimum wage is 'an opportunity to build a bipartisan coalition': Rahm Emanuel
find good ideas for everyone We will not win the future by trying to go back to where the Republican party used to be. Let me tell you this right now, Donald J. Trump ain't going anywhere. We will not go back to the days of the failed Republican establishment of yesteryear. They said we were going to lose 20 seats that night. No one said we'd win seats. You know why we won that, president trump worked on all these races. Still Donald Trump's party. The CPAC conference getting ready to see him today. We'll talk about that with our roundtable joined by Rahm Emanuel, Chris Christie, Yvette Simpson and Republican strategist Alice Stewart. Let's begin with president Biden and the covid package. You have senators like Mazie hirono saying minimum wage has to be in the bill. First of all, I think Democrats will support this package because it has a lot in it that's very good both for the covid and the economy. I actually think the minimum wage if it's not in it is an opportunity -- It can't be in it -- I think the parliamentarian is pretty clear and they're going to live with that ruling. An opportunity to build an bipartisanship coalition. Around fighting poverty. I actually think, and I think the president will have, and this is also a challenge to Republicans, if you think covid is out of economy a vote no. A no vote on a very popular package is going to come back to haunt you 18 months politically. So I do think this is minimum wage and get the entire package done. Is that good enough for Progressives? I don't think so. You have to do it here. This is very, very popular position, $15 minimum wage and if you don't attach it to the package you're going to compromise it away. Because Republicans are starting at $10 and work our way up. This number is already really low to where it should be based on inflation. You put it in the bill, whip your caucus. Manchin said he's not going to vote for it. Joe Biden came in the promise that he can bring Republicans in. He needs to do whatever it takes, guess what, if Manchin is bold enough to vote the entire bill with $15 an hour, he needs to be ready to take the heat. West Virginia needs this covid package. Why are we worried about compromising away $15 minimum wage. That's a policy that Democrats have wanted for a long time. It's not a timely one. Covid is a timely issue. We need it now. We need it all of it. Democrats have taken a nonpartisan issue that's important to the health of this economy and made it a partisan issue, so Joe Biden campaigning on being a moderate has put a partisanship an issue that's timely. We talked to senator portman about this as well, the provisions inside this covid relief bill are popular with Republican voters. Well, listen, yes. About 40%, right, so it's not a majority of Republican voters for sure. But I have known Joe Manchin for 12 years, he's not voting for it. It's over. You know, this is what I love, Yvette. Joe Manchin is the only standing living Democrat left in west Virginia. So you want to treat Joe Manchin that way, believe me we'll welcome him to the Republican party. We can organize all of the working class west virginians who need this bill. Good, you can organize them. In the meantime, Mitch Mcconnell will be the majority leader again. Because if you bully Joe Manchin around on this, it's hard to be a Democrat in West Virginia right now, especially statewide. I've known him for 12 years. I take him at his word. He thinks this is bad for the senate and he's not going to do it, so this is what I love -- If Joe Manchin wants to be a Republican let him be a Republican. That's not -- If we can't get this done, we can't get anything done. The caucus needs to stick together on this. The caucus is together on this. I think, this is an opportunity rather than a burden. I think it we're approaching it wrong. You got actual relief for covid and get the economy moving. That's what the trajectory shows. Number two, the minimum wage has to be done. I think Nancy did a smart thing putting it in there, with all due respect knowing it's not going to be in the final package, that's a TV spot against Republicans, Florida showed you $15 is popular, put that package allow states to ramp off, if they want to do it at $12.50, $13, and with other things that are important for fighting poverty, then you have a package that people can come together. I think it's an opportunity, and Joe Biden showing that he's going to fight is doing exactly and the Democrats will rally behind the president. We need a popular president. Saying we're going to threaten somebody, '92 Bill Clinton won 50 out of 72 counties, neither Barack Obama nor Joe Biden won a county in West Virginia. I'm saying -- get it on the bill by any means necessary. But we can't allow one man fromest Virginia to control this entire next four years. At the same time, we can't allow one facet of the democratic party to dictate covid relief. It should have been taken care of long ago and stand alone. The key is, we also need to talk to not just those who are going to benefit from minimum wage all the people who will lose their jobs -- Here's one thing that people got to remember, every one of the Republican leaders voted for the 2007 minimum wage that George Bush signed into law, with small business tax cuts, Mitch Mcconnell voted for it. Roy blunt voted for it. There's actually a roadmap that's not hard and George Bush signed it into law. Let's talk about the Republican party and CPAC. Chris Christie, history seems to be repeating itself. Three weeks ago, Mitch Mcconnell says the president bears responsibility for the siege, Kevin Mccarthy says the same Kevin Mccarthy at CPAC this is president trump's party. Mitch Mcconnell saying he'd vote for him in 2024. See, let's start with the Mcconnell comment, to me that's not groundbreaking. Mcconnell has supported every Republican nominee for president. He said if trump was the Republican nominee he would vote for trump. So that to me wasn't groundbreaking at all. The bottom line is this, George, you know, Donald Trump is not a departing two-term president like George W. Bush was, and as a result he's got an opportunity to come back again if he wants to and there are going to be some in the party who want him and some in the party who don't. What's consistent, many of the policies that were pursued over the last four years, take aside the personality and the tweets, lot of those policies are things that Republicans support, this is going to take some time. I know everyone's anxious to have a resolution of this issue, we're literally 40 days since he left office. Let's take a deep breath, the party will work its way through and when Joe Biden and Democrats start to put policies forward there will be things for Republicans to oppose. The trump presidency was never really about the policies. No, it was about personality. Look, certainly a defeated candidate he's be no doubt the de facto leader of the Republican party. Is that good for Republican party? It is in terms of his base. From his speech today he'll really focus on the policies. He'll focus on conservative principles, limited government and individual liberties. From what I'm hearing, he's going to lean in on appealing to working Americans across this country. Now that's good language but he needs to follow that up with action and that will be important, but the key is for not to focus on the personality but to focus on the policies, and those who are upset with his tone, they weren't going to vote for him anyway. It needs to be more on the policy. Two things. One, Donald Trump lost, never won the popular vote in any election, he also lost the electoral vote. Second, while he was president, he never, ever broke 50% in support. Third, he is the only president since Herbert Hoover to lose the white house, the senate and the house, if you guys want to keep him have him. Because that's a electoral defeat. The Republican party got more upset about tweets this week than they did around the policies of $1.9 trillion. The Republican party built itself opposing the new deal to a great society. They're now for spending and against tweets. That's a morally bankrupt party. Hypocrisy of the tweets is clear. You're talking about neera tanden. Exactly. We can't throw Donald Trump off the train. No, keep him. We need to keep his people. 74 million who voted for him we Ed to keep them and build on them. What does one man to get disregarded by this party? He's now the president of white supremacists, violent insurrectionists, qanon conspiracy theories, he's our standard bearer. It's embarrassing and shameful. He should have been disqualified. I have said it before, if Donald Trump says he's going to run again, he's going to run again. The signal from Mcconnell saying he's getting for that to happen. It's really a dangerous thing not only for Republicans but it's our country. He's always telling the truth. Are you done? Yes. Just warning you. Listen, George, the bottom line on this from a Republican who actually knows Donald Trump and knows this party is that this is too early for anybody to make determinations about what is going to happen in 2024 and so the fact is, every party looks dysfunctional and like a bunch of losing candidates when they lose the house, the senate and the white house. There's no way to avoid it. Barack Obama came in with a 60-vote majority in the senate, came in with a huge margin in the house, two years later, he lost both of those, and then, you know, at the end of it, except for his personal popularity, he wouldn't have been the president. What I say for folks which is, we need to focus on the policies and let the personalities filter their way through over the course -- I know these guys wish for Donald Trump to come back. Absolutely not. Actually he's legitimized racism as part of the political dialogue. Wait a second, I sat and listen, you're a house divided your party and he's legitimized the ugliest parts of anti-semitism, racism and xenophobia. The Ronald Reagan party when David duke and others came into that party, rejected and spoke out and nobody in the party has the leadership or character to attack -- By the way, wait a second, that's simply not true -- Chris -- you're a minority voice. You know what, that what happens when a party is divided. You've been a minority voice in your party and I've been a minority voice in my party. Continue to stand against the white supremacy. They haven't. Yes, they have. They have not. Wait a second, apologize, I'm not going to take a lecture on anti-semitism from Chris. You have a Republican member of the house of representatives from Illinois, he's a state rep who talked about Nazi ideology and legitimacy, who had people on the lawn of the house of representatives who said 6 million is not enough and did not drum up the condemnation from the Republican party because they're still of the view that antifa and others were part of that. I'm sorry, the party needs to reject anti-semitism, racism and xenophobia if it's going to be a majority party. The majority of the party rejects it. They certainly do. But the key to the party you say being divided one thing that's for sure, the Republican party is united in their effort to try to stop these Progressive policies that Joe Biden is pushing forward when he campaigned as being a moderate. He's very far to the left. No Republican votes for his These are not Progressive far left policies. I want to ask you about Andrew Cuomo. A second person has come forward with sexual harassment allegations. Can he survive this? No, he shouldn't. Honestly, when you think about someone who's in a position of power like this, we've been here before, we've had these conversations around this table, and you take advantage of your relationship with women, I believe these women. I always stand with women. You should not be in a position of authority. Honestly, Andrew Cuomo has had a very, very bad couple weeks with issue covid and nursing home facilities. This is just another shoe to Rahm? To the core question, women need to be heard by all of us. To have the capacity to step forward and listened to. Second, it has to be a robust and transparent process. Not on he came up with. So the attorney general. Whatever it is. It has to have legitimacy. Right now, the process itself is being questioned, let alone what happened. And for everybody involved given that it's a governor, et cetera, it needs robust transparency. People need to have space to say what they believe happened to them and we have to respect that space. Alice. And I think the key, this is certainly troubling, we're hearing from key Democrats, Jerry Nadler is saying this is very troubling. We've had state senators. One calling him a monster and he must go. The key thing is, as Rahm said, these women should be heard, we should listen to them, they should have the environment and the space to speak. Also, the notion of due process for the accused but what we're seeing is, instead of isolated allegations potential for a pattern of behavior. Which is very disturbing. An aggressive investigation needs to ensue. 30 seconds. Listen, I agree with what everybody said about people and women in this instance. But I also want to caution, lot of people jump to conclusions on Brett Kavanaugh and what happened there. I think we need to hear from governor Cuomo, we need to hear from him, he needs to have an opportunity to say what happened from his -- Independent investigation? Absolutely. Thank you all very much.

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