'We have taken every precaution from the outset': Biden deputy campaign manager

Biden deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield is interviewed on "This Week."
7:35 | 10/04/20

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Transcript for 'We have taken every precaution from the outset': Biden deputy campaign manager
I don't want to be attacking the president and the first lady. This is not about freedom. It's about patriotism. You wear a mask to protect the person next to you. You wear a mask to protect the bus driver. You wear a mask to protect the person you're sitting next to on the bus. The rejected chance to do the easiest thing possible to save lives, I find it appalling. Joe Biden had a virtual event yesterday. We're joined by deputy campaign manager Kate Beddingfield. Thank you for joining us again this morning. We know that the vice president tested negative for covid on Friday. When is the next test, and when will we see the results? Reporter: Well he said yesterday he'll be tested today and will make shows results available. We are consistently testing, he's testing regularly. As, you know, we have taken every precaution from the outside of this campaign to be incredibly safe. I mean, you know, George, elections are a choice, right. It's a choice between two different styles of leadership. And since the virus came to our shores back in the spring, Joe Biden has led by example. Our campaign has led by example. We have been taking incredible precautions to socially distance, to wear masks, to ensure that we are under the gather limit in states where we're traveling to make sure that we're complying with all of the public health requirements in those states. So we've, as we've campaigned, as we've continued to go forward and make the argument for why Joe Biden should be president of the United States, we've taken every precaution. We're doing it safely, and Joe Biden is leading by example. I think that that's what the American people are looking for. You know, the coronavirus has overtaken every corner of American life. It has made it so that we cannot send our kids to school, it's shuttering our small businesses, it's keeping us from being able to see our families and our friends. Americans are worried. They look to Joe Biden, they see leadership, somebody who has the experience and the steady hand to get this country through this crisis. And he's going to continue to make that case for the last 30 days of this campaign. Jason Miller said that Joe Biden has been hiding in his basement and using masks as a prop. I think that tells you a lot of what you need to know about how the trump campaign has treated this from the outset. You know, Joe Biden believes that the words of a president matter, that the actions of a president matter. From the outset, he has taken this seriously. He has encouraged Americans to wear masks to protect each other. You heard him say that in the clip before we started here. He believes strongly that the role of the president is to lead and is to lead by example. And I think Americans are looking for that kind of reassurance. We're obviously in an incredibly chaotic, disruptive time in this Americans are looking for a leader, looking for somebody who will stand up and say let's take care of each other. Let's move forward in our lives. Let's do it in a way where we're looking out for one another. There are simple steps like wearing a mask, like socially distancing. We can do that and move forward with our lives. We've seen Joe Biden lead on this question unequivocally since the spring when the virus took over our lives. Are you fully comfortable with the vice president's debate going forward this Wednesday given vice president pence's contact with the president? And close proximity, you saw the picture of him in the rose garden at the event for judge Amy coney Barrett last Saturday, with several people who tested positive. Reporter: Look, we have every expectation that the debate commission take all necessary precautions to ensure that everybody who attends the debate is safe. Obviously that includes distancing, that includes a requirement on masks. So we have every expectation that they will do that. Provided that all of those expectations are met, yes, absolutely. We look forward to any opportunity for senator Harris and for Joe Biden to make their case directly to the American people. That's what she's going to do at the debate this week. I not that's what you saw Joe Biden do at the debate last week. So we look forward to any opportunity to make our case directly to the American people. But we have every expectation that the commission put in place the necessary adjustments to ensure that everybody is safe. How about the next presidential debate slated for October 15th? Do you see any way that can go forward? Are you prepared to accept any modifications to the rules that the commission on presidential debates may recommend? Well, again, we will -- we hope that they're going to put in place every adjustment necessary to ensure it's fully safe. And obviously we send president trump our best. We hope that he is well and able to debate. If he is, Joe Biden will certainly be there. Again, you know, this election is a choice. It's about a choice between two different styles of leadership, and Joe Biden looks forward to any opportunity to talk directly to the American people about how he would lead this country through this crisis. So assuming that the commission puts in place the necessary requirements to ensure that everybody is safe, which is first and foremost the most important thing, yes. You know, Joe Biden certainly looks forward to the opportunity to debate Donald Trump, and we hope that he will be well and able to do that. How about if it requires a change in schedule? Maybe a little later? We believe that the debate should go forward as scheduled. Obviously that's going to depend on a lot of factors here. First and foremost, president trump's health, which we -- we send him the best, and we are hoping for a speedy and full recovery, as is everybody in this country. So our hope is that the debate will go forward on the day that it's scheduled. But obviously, we will -- we will be attuned to any changes that need to be made. The campaign announced you were taking down negative advertising on Friday in the wake of the president's diagnosis. Is that for good? Look, we'll make that adjustment as we go. Obviously Joe Biden is somebody who believes first and foremost in civility, he's somebody who believes we can treat each other with dignity and respect. We made that decision when we heard the news about president trump's health. We'll adjust that as we go. And I think either way Joe Biden's going to continue making the argument about leadership, about experience, and about his ability to bring this country together. I think that's what Americans are looking for. I think, again, you know, we have lived through an incredibly turbulent and chaotic four years, and certainly, you know, last year, as we've been dealing with this virus. And you know, Joe Biden put forward concrete, meaningful plans back in March to tackle this virus. He's put forward plans all summer to get our economy back on track, to get people back to work, to get small businesses open, to get kids back into school. So he's going to continue to make that positive case about his vision for the country over the last 30 days of this campaign. I know your campaign liked the trajectory of the race, especially after the debate, before the president's diagnosis. Are you worried that the president's illness will transform this election, gain him sympathy, even votes? Look, this is not about politics. This is first and foremost about the president's health. We are hopeful that he will make a full and swift recovery. We are all sending our best to him and to everybody in the first family. So this is not a question of politics. This is a question of the president of the United States getting back to full health as soon as possible. And I think for our campaign, as I say, we're going to continue to make our case for Joe Biden's style of leadership, for his experience, for his unique ability to bring the country together, to find common ground, to find consensus, and to move things forward. So that's -- that is where we're going to continue our focus as a campaign, as we wait and hope that the president's health comes back to full speed soon. Kate Bedingfield, thanks for your time this morning. Thanks for having me. I appreciate it.

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