Priebus Dismisses Controversy Over Sessions: 'He Will Be Confirmed'

President-elect Donald Trump's incoming chief of staff Reince Priebus says the future president will lead by "bringing America together."
9:22 | 11/20/16

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Transcript for Priebus Dismisses Controversy Over Sessions: 'He Will Be Confirmed'
And now let's bring in the president elect's new chief of staff Ryan's pre does. You see him there at bed minister yesterday joining in those transition meetings and mr. previous joins us now. Let's start with the meetings the president elect trump have this weekend what can you tell us about the meeting specifically with Mitt Romney how likely is it he could be the next secretary of state. Well first of all the so started back and that Wednesday morning when president elect trump said to all Americans a matter who you are. Your race or gender background look. I want to leave all of the ought to make all of you proud of the work that we're doing and he wants to be a president for all people so he's bringing America together. That's part of what happened yesterday with governor Romney coming in. Bringing people in that were once rivals saying let's leave together let's talk about the future. Of our country they did talk about opportunities. For governor Romney but to potentially be involved but it was also. They coming together moment to say I need to lead everyone I need you on board and I we'll tell you. It will is very substantive. Conversation. Ranging from. At all levels of the national security domestic policy. Foreign. Hot spots conversations that run the gamut and I will tell you it was a very very good. Cordial personable. Gracious. Meeting and it was nothing but positive whereas so how likely is it that he could be secretary of state is that a possibility. Buying anything is possible. But we're talking to a lot of people must answer to governor Romney is a talented person. Men and and and it's possible but we're also talking to a lot of others and you see the list today. Folks coming in obviously Rudy Giuliani is come in we've talked to Nikki Haley. General Kelley is coming in today and many others for all of these positions and so Giuliani still a possibility for secretary of state of sure of course com. But I think what Americans really need to see though. Is a president elect its working fifteen hours a day in meetings alone bringing in the most talented people in America. To get the advice the council the conversation. That's what I think people should take from these meetings and I think he ought to be commended. For the work he's done in in bringing our country together let let's talk about retired general Jim Mattis he is a Marine Corps legend I can tell you right now that troops. Do love him and mr. trump seemed very impressed by him what's the likelihood he could be secretary of defense. Well I think it's it's it's a very real possibility but obviously we've got more work to do Martha he has a hero. Of our countries a hero for everyone in America. I think he's a figure that can also bring. America together someone you can point to no matter who you are and say this is a man. That every American would respect in someone certainly. More than capable of leading the Department of Defense at a time when we need to get serious about diocese and our security and around the globe whether he China. North Korea. Syria and Libya you know as a well Martha you're an expert at these things. We need leadership and certainly general Mattis is a leader and I know that president elect trump loves. Leaders like general Mattis at an. Let's let's talk about another retired general and that would be Mike Flynn who he has chosen his national security advisor. He is highly admired for his work as an intelligence officer. But he has a history of controversial views about Islam he said in an interview in July and at a conference in August that Islamist not a real religion but a political ideology masked behind your religion. Is he in line with how president elect trump views Islam. Well I think so I mean look if freezing can always be done differently but clearly. There are some aspects of that faith that are problematic and we know them we've seen it but. It certainly is in a blanket for all people of that faith but Mike Flynn as one of the most highly respected intelligence officers in America. Certainly no one can deny that. Me he is someone that has been at Donald Trump's side president elect from side for. Now for a very long time it's someone who the president elect respects and trusts and he's an unbelievably gifted Smart person that will lead. That posts with honor and dignity. And let's let's talk about immigration will president elect trump. Suspend all immigration from regions compromised by terrorists he said and what countries does that include does that include Middle East allies like Saudi Arabia does it include Turkey. Pakistan France. I think what he said is in you know will obviously that. Policy will be spelled out mark clearly. Once his team gets put in place and once he confers with the leadership bid to State Department. And the secretary of defense but clearly this is something that has already been and articulated both in the house in the senate and by president elect trump which is. But we will pursue policies to temper alert temporarily suspend. Immigration from areas that harbor and train terrorists until better vetting. Is put together so. Now where that is what countries those are what areas we're talking about that's something that will be more clearly articulated at a later time but that is a possibility France. Well and an up to. What might that look I guess that we're not gonna get into all the deep tells of where these hot spots are act but that policy will be more closely articulated once the team gets put in place. But just so you intercept. This is not some sort of out of left field policy this is something that has been sitting many different times in the house and the senate. That. Either couldn't get past or the president wouldn't support. Let let's let's move to Mike Pompeo candidate trump said he wanted to bring back water boarding and worse and his pick for CIA director Pompeo. Has been a proponent of that as well so will he ask his Republican controlled congress to pass. A new lot to get rid of the current law which bans waterboarding. Well I think that the take a deep breath here and just realize what people are seeing happening. In this new administration which is the best and the brightest of all Americans coming together. Even some rivals like Ted Cruz a obviously we talked about Mitt Romney. The best and the brightest. Mike Pompeo was number one in his class at West Point. At the top of his class at Harvard law school editor of the Harvard Law Review. Highly respected praise from all angles. These folks he's Smart people along with president elect trump will formulate the strategy Martha there will confer would generals in the field. Men they will do everything they can to protect and secure our country here and abroad every single to. A that they wake up in the morning OK let's move to another one of Trump's picks senator Jeff Sessions as we said senator sessions has been accused in the past of making. Racially disparaging comments. Now his nomination as opposed by let me read this list the NAACP. The congressional black Hispanic and Asian Pacific American carcasses. Immigrants' rights groups like the American immigration council does all that opposition from minority groups give you. Annie Potts. This is something that happened thirty years ago found look. We have to look at this man's life he's an unbelievably honest dignified man. Who started his career working against George Wallace. Who then spent fifteen years in Department of Justice US attorney for twelve AG for two filing desegregation lawsuits. All over Alabama. He is someone who voted for the Civil Rights Act he voted for Eric Holder he worked his heart out to give Rosa Parks a congressional medal. This is a man who has spent his entire life. Fighting for equality freedom and opportunity. It's an honor to have you senator Jeff Sessions accept such a post he's an incredible man and even the people thirty years ago. That voted against some said they regretted it and then he was a great man and egalitarian. And this is some thing that I think is very political very unfair. And I would hate to be judged and I think you would and everyone out there to be judge oversaw a freezing of one single thing that I've sat. Look he's a good man he will be confirmed and he deserves it. Okay that one final question on senator sessions he's questioned the investigation Hillary Clinton's email server and said Clinton violated the while. With the Clinton foundation and lieutenant general Flynn. Led chants of lock her up at the Republican national. Convention is their selection an indication that trump will order an investigation of Hillary Clinton. There they're there and I'm their. Suggestions for nomination. Is an indication of Donald Trump's. Willingness to do everything he can to follow through on his campaign promises but also protect our country here and abroad. I think it's should be a great sign for all Americans that he's leading by bringing people together to make our country great again. Kate thanks very much for joining us mr. preakness and congratulations. To yo. Thank you.

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{"duration":"9:22","description":"President-elect Donald Trump's incoming chief of staff Reince Priebus says the future president will lead by \"bringing America together.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"43669786","title":"Priebus Dismisses Controversy Over Sessions: 'He Will Be Confirmed'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/priebus-dismisses-controversy-sessions-confirmed-43669786"}