Protests against racial injustice are 'our Berlin wall moment': Greg Moore

The Powerhouse Roundtable discusses race relations on "This Week."
3:39 | 09/06/20

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Transcript for Protests against racial injustice are 'our Berlin wall moment': Greg Moore
And we're back now with the roundtable. Greg I want to start with you, you just heard that couple say they believe the country's at a turning point. Kathy Jenkins noted this time the protesters were more diverse, what has made this not just a moment but really a movement? I think video, the undeniable reality of what these allegations have been like for decades, right. I describe this as our Berlin wall moment the symbols, practices that support racism, are being chipped away brick by brick. I think that the people are disgusted by what they've seen when it comes to the discrepancies between access to capital for African-American and other minorities and white communities and what happens with the criminal justice system. I feel like they can't take it anymore, really, they can't deny the reality of it. And Maryalice, both the president and Joe Biden made trips to Kenosha, Wisconsin, this week, both peaceful protests and rioting in response to the police-involved shooting of Jacob Blake, these were very different appearances by the president and Joe Biden. Completely different. Mostly the president didn't meet with Jacob Blake's family. He talked to business owners and police, he focused exclusively on those riots that happened afterwards. He completely dismissed the police violence that sparked it all. On the other side, Joe Biden met with for over an hour with Jacob Blake's family and I was surprised they put out a really positive statement, they were impressed with Joe Biden, they thght it was obvious that he really cared. Look, the president might successfully turn the conversation to these issues, he wants to make this is black versus blue police issue and he may essentially do it. He may turn it away from covid and the economy. I'm not convinced he's turning voters away from Joe Biden. In our latest poll, Joe Biden is still seen by a majority of Americans who will keep them safe and even more say he's more likely to unite the country. Matt, do you think the law and order message of president trump is getting through? I mean, I think it's getting through to his supporters. I have -- I mean, I think this is a moment where we really have to deal with this. African-Americans throughout our country's history have suffered trauma, and it's not just the trauma over the last few years, it's the trauma of the last decades, it's the trauma the last 200 years, and we have never as a country fully dealt with that or acknowledged the truth of that, and until we're willing to do that, especially white people in America that are willing to acknowledge what has happened, we're not going turn the corner. I think a lot of the trauma that a lot of minorities have suffered, when we say things are going to be different, it's not different. Or in the aftermath of the civil war, everything was going to be great. We're going to ban slavery and give people the right to vote, and then we enter into Jim crow. America as a country we have to finally deal with this stain that has been with us 200, 300 years. These are all great comments. I thank you all for this. It was all wonderful being here in Boulder. That's all for us today. Thank you for joining us for part of your Sunday and thank

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"The Powerhouse Roundtable discusses race relations on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"72849954","title":"Protests against racial injustice are 'our Berlin wall moment': Greg Moore","url":"/ThisWeek/video/protests-racial-injustice-berlin-wall-moment-greg-moore-72849954"}