'We're proud of what we've done so far': Jake Sullivan on US aid to India

Martha Raddatz interviews White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan on "This Week."
7:43 | 05/02/21

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Transcript for 'We're proud of what we've done so far': Jake Sullivan on US aid to India
They're so much to discuss this morning with our first guest president Biden's national security advisor Jake Sullivan thanks for joining us this morning mr. Sullivan. I know the US is providing some aid has barred travel. But their number of Republicans and Democrats who believe the administration is not doing enough to help India and want even war supplies sent. So what more can be done now and how concerned are you about these variants. Well thanks for having me Martha and first in a crisis at this speed and ferocity. We always wish we could move faster and do more we're proud of what we've done so far which is included. Multiple plane loads and we're talking very large military plane loads of supplies including oxygen. Including diverting raw materials for vaccines. Including therapeutics that can help save lives. And we are continuing to work to source additional critical materials. To move them as fast as we can both directly from the United States and also galvanizing partners around the world. We are concerned about variants were concerned about spread were concerned about the loss of life. And also all of the secondary effects that emerges this pandemic rages out of control and India. At the White House is also getting pressure to temper temporarily waived patent rules for vaccines from a group of ten Democrats led by Bernie Sanders. Who argue that by relaxing those in a lot intellectual property rules these countries could produce their own generic vaccines much quicker. The Democrats in a letter to the president saying he should prioritize. People over pharmaceutical companies. What's your reaction to that. Well here's the basic bottom line. We believe that the pharmaceutical companies should be supplying at scale at cost to the entire world so that there is no barrier. To everyone getting vaccinated our ambassador. Catherine tire US trade representative. Is engaged in intensive consultations at the WTO. And to work through this issue and we should have a way forward in the coming days. And I want to move to president Biden's joint address before congress this week he's proposed trillions of dollars in domestic investment saying it was necessary. To keep up with places like China. Those plans have received a core reception for many Republicans I'm sure your aware about and even some Democrats like Joseph mansion. Who said we shouldn't spend money for the sake of spending money. What does it mean for our competition against China if the president can't get his infrastructure and jobs plans. Through congress. Well as the president has said were going to be engaged in a stiff. Competition with China in the years and decades ahead in the United States needs to approach that competition. From a position of strength. And the number one thing we can do to accomplish that is to invest in ourselves in our infrastructure in our innovation in our manufacturing you know people. And that means the bold far reaching investments in everything from research and development. To an updated electricity grid to all of the job creating middle class growing investments Joseph Biden as proposed. That's not chess good for our economic security. It's good for our national security and it's critical for my perspective as national security advisor. And to make the case to Republicans and Democrats alike. That this is in the national security interest and and is Joseph Biden willing to make concessions. Joseph Biden has said that he is prepared to talk to anyone Republican or Democrat about putting a package together that can pass. And that can get the job done and the job market it is. To make the kinds of investments across the board in all the areas I just talked about so that the United States truly is able to do as he said many times. Build back better. I want to talk about climate change while most Republicans agree that China is a top foreign policy challenge some are critical of the White House is efforts to work with them on climate change. Worried that the president will have to make some trade off on things like human rights here's what my next guest senator Barack. Also says he said we should not turn our energy dominance over to the whims of foreign powers like China. That are actively seeking America's decline president Biden said he wants to make sure every nation. Plays by the same rules in the global economy including China. Yet his administration seems determined to follow for China's grand deception. China is playing the United States for the full your reaction. Well first. But I president Biden gathered the world leaders forty of them in a summit hosted at the White House to deal wit. It is sexist and shall challenge of climate change and to drive home the argument that every country including China has to do its part. The United States is prepared to own and wind to clean energy race for the future which itself is going to create millions of jobs and enhance our national security. But we are also going to hold other countries accountable. Including its president Biden has said many times through making sure that there can't be a race to the bottom China will not be able to get away with polluting industries. In their country. And then exporting those goods to undercut American workers we will not permit that to happen so. We have clear eyes about the way ahead but we fundamentally belief that it is in the best interest of the United States for us to be. To clean energy superpower of the world not China or anyone else. It and I want to turn to Iran Iran says it has reached agreement with the parties in the 2015 nuclear deal for your administration to lift. Our raft of economic sanctions to help get the agreement. Back on track is that accurate and argued talking about a full roll back of sanctions. We have not yet reached agreement Indiana which is where the talks between the world powers Enron are taking place right now. There is still is fair distance to travel to close the remaining gaps. And those gaps are overweight at sanctions the United States and other countries will roll back. They are over what nuclear restrictions Iran will except on its program to ensure. That they can never get a nuclear weapon. And our diplomats will keep working at that over the coming weeks. Two tried to arrive. At a mutual return to the JC caraway which is the Iran nuclear deal. On a compliance for compliance basis so. The short answer marte is there is no deal now we're hoping to continue to make progress and we're hoping ultimately to achieve the objective the president by his late now. And then speaking of nuclear North Korea this morning is warning the US will face a grave situation because present Biden called the north a serious. Security threat. You have talked about being somewhere in the middle between trump. And Obama neither of those plans worked with North Korea why does a middle ground seemed possible. Well first Martha our policy towards North Korea's not aimed at. Hostility it's aimed at solutions it's aimed at alternately achieving the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. And were prepared to engage in diplomacy towards that ultimate objective but work on practical measures. That can help us make progress along the way towards that goal and we believe that rather than all for all or nothing for nothing. Eight more calibrated. Practical measured approach stands the best chance of actually moving the ball down the field. Towards reducing the challenge posed by Iraq North Korea's nuclear program. Hey thanks very much for joining us this morning. Thanks for having.

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{"duration":"7:43","description":"Martha Raddatz interviews White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"77449581","title":"'We're proud of what we've done so far': Jake Sullivan on US aid to India","url":"/ThisWeek/video/proud-jake-sullivan-us-aid-india-77449581"}