What Does Rand Paul's CPAC Win Mean for 2016?

The "This Week" powerhouse roundtable on who's up and who's down after this week's CPAC conference.
8:34 | 03/01/15

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Transcript for What Does Rand Paul's CPAC Win Mean for 2016?
ABC news, national harbor, Maryland. Thank you, David. ABC's political analyst Matthew dowd, ABC's cokie Roberts, syndicated host laura Ingraham and lz Granderson from ESPN and CNN. So, let's start with the straw poll. Let's look at the actual results. The top five vote-getters we have here. Rand Paul on top. Not a surprise. Walker very close second. Jeb bush coming in fifth. Matthew, we know the straw poll doesn't mean that much otherwise we would have had presidents Paul. Was this a breakthrough moment again, for Scott walker? I don't know if it's a breakthrough moment. I think what it shows is the momentum, right now, behind Scott walker. He's given basically two speeches in the course of his presidential nomination race. He's tied or in the lead in new Hampshire. Tied nationally. It's a continued momentum for him. I think one of the interesting things about this is it shows the desire of the republican party to nominate somebody that's not necessarily the quote unquote establishment figure. I think that really existed in 2012. But there was nobody that could take it way from Mitt Romney. They want somebody outside Washington. Scott walker has won in two very conservative venues. And the truth is, everything he says makes it worse for him. That business of I've stood up to public employees unions and I can stand up to Isis. Actually, I would argue that it makes it better for him in the republican primary. In the republican primary, perhaps. It makes it worse for him in terms of the media primary, the money primary. And a general election. What about that comment? He didn't compare Isis to the protesters. He did say, because I stood up to them, I can stand up to the world. It was an offhand comment. I think Ronald Reagan made a similar comment. After dealing with jack Warner, of the Warner brothers studio, the Russians can't be any tougher. That was Reagan's sense of humor. And of course, the same people that are caterwalling about Scott walker. How can you say this? It was an offhand comment. This is the way CPAC is seen through the media lens. I'm not saying it's definitive. We know it's not for picking things. I think Matthew's right. It's taking a bit of a pulse of where the grass roots are. A little bit more libertarian at CPAC. But it was interesting. Jeb bush had to bus in people. "The New York sometimes" did an amazing story on this. The buses left from K street. I wouldn't have wanted that if I were him. Physically organized people. Left from K street. Bused people in for CPAC. I think it's very smart. The bushes are playing varsity. They're not playing JV here. It's really, really smart for him to do that. Let me just finish. I think Jeb showed up. I think, he did -- he acquitted himself very well. The problem is, the problem is, the grass roots doesn't like him. He can bus in as many people as he wants. He'll get the donors. He'll get big money donors in Florida, Beverly hills, Palo alto. That's the real game here. I think the sweet sound of him being booed at CPAC is music to the ears of independents. Because the further he looks -- We're not in the general yet. That's the problem. We're not in the general. He doesn't look that crazy. To you. That means everyone else gets to look and go, maybe what he says makes sense. He acquitted himself well. But I was trying to make a forceful point. Mitt Romney did himself in. He did himself in at organizations like this. Because he kept pandering and saying what he thought conservatives thought he should say. And so -- it was not his opponents who did him in. It was himself. Jeb bush managed to avoid that trap. I think the person that won at CPAC was John kasich. He didn't show up. And I think that's the wisest thing for anybody to do. I think cokie's right. I think there's a great opportunity for somebody else to get in the race. Where it's John kasich or Mike pence. I still bet on some great Lakes candidate taking the nomination. Let me postulate something. What happens 23 a candidate shows up that liberalized abortion laws, had given weapons to Iran, had tripled the national debt, had given amnesty to 3 million immigrants? Stop talking about Ronald Reagan. Bingo. What would happen if Ronald Reagan, with this record, had shown up at this conference? He would have been booed. This is a different republican party. It's very different. That's the concern. So Ronald Reagan would be booed at today's CPAC. That's ridiculous. With that record? With that record? The bill dealt with 3 million people. And with the promise of enforcement. The amnesty bill in 1987. Who knows what Reagan would say today about where we are. We don't know. He didn't want to hear about reform. Let alone any amnesty conversation. The idea that Reagan would applaud the fact that we have 18 million or whatever number we're using today of people who are here illegally, he would be probably horrified. The main thing Ronald Reagan was was a great pragmatist. You weren't saying that. Back to present day. I want to ask you laura -- laura, does Jeb bush deserve credit for going into the lion's den, as he did, and sticking to his guns? Sure. Sure. You disagree with him vehemently on immigration. He didn't pander. He was a good governor of Florida. That was then this is now. A lot of things have changed since then. He's been out of the game for a long time. But he has an amazing network of big donors, organizational skills. He knows how to work a room like that. I think in that setting, he did about as well as you could do. But he did have to bring in people and bus them in. Now I'm just saying, that's what he had to do. It would have been interesting to see how he would have handled it if he didn't bus in the people. So there's going to be -- Jeb bush does not fit the time. Jeb bush is too old, it's too long ago. The wrong last name. To me, if I were Hillary Clinton, I would want to run against Jeb bush. Absolutely. Because I would want to say, Clinton legacy, bush legacy, let's vote on it. I wouldn't go with that. The 2.0 thing. But I -- I have to tell you, you talk to the Clinton folks, the candidate they worry about the most is Jeb bush. But let's turn to Hillary Clinton. Very interesting moment this week when Elizabeth Warren was asked directly about Hillary and offered an interesting response. I want to hear what she wants to run on and what she says she wants to do. That's what campaigns are supposed to be about. She was asked directly, do you think that Hillary Clinton can be that warrior to the middle class we need? She didn't answer yes. Well, I don't know. That's what primaries are about. She's clearly not on board with Hillary Clinton. Even though she's given some lip service to that. I think the election in Chicago has now probably -- Rahm Emanuel. For the first time in Chicago history being forced to a runoff. Despite the fact that president Obama was there. Shocking with his personality that he wasn't able to win that. It's that he didn't take the time to understand the people that didn't look like him or have the same money that he had. That is a direct reprimand in terms of his policies. The way he's handled closing the schools, the way he's been handling the violence in Chicago. That's what that was about. That was not about anything else than you can't just say president Obama is my home boy and the minorities show up on your side. Another story about the foreign donors to the Clinton foundation. We now learned that some of those didn't go through the vetting, from Algeria, 500,000 at the state department. The story looks bad. It stinks to high heaven. We'll see if the American media continues to follow the probe. As we see the beginning of right now. Saudi Arabia, other middle eastern governments, when she was secretary of state. She seems to have skirted some the rules during the time of her tenure as secretary of state. Then she moved away from that. Now the donations, I guess, were coming in again from foreign entities. Again, I always say, if this were a republican, dot, dot, dot, how would this ultimately play out? I think for her to be able to make the case of I'm a new type of leader. Not a carbon copy of Barack Obama, she has to portray herself as more like Elizabeth Warren. I'm champion of the middle class. I'm a populist democrat. She also gave another $300,000 speech. Right. The problem is, it can't be words. It has to be actions. That's the problem with the

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{"duration":"8:34","description":"The \"This Week\" powerhouse roundtable on who's up and who's down after this week's CPAC conference.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"29309786","title":"What Does Rand Paul's CPAC Win Mean for 2016?","url":"/ThisWeek/video/rand-pauls-cpac-win-2016-29309786"}