Top Dem: Kavanaugh's 'evident animus' toward Democrats 'should be disqualifying'

Ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee Rep. Jerry Nadler is interviewed on "This Week."
10:10 | 09/30/18

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Transcript for Top Dem: Kavanaugh's 'evident animus' toward Democrats 'should be disqualifying'
'Re joinedy dler of New York. The top democra on the J -- judiciary committee. Thank you for coming in. T you. Pick up on what congremaaid. A lot of Democrats don't believe Brett Kavanaugh told the truth. If he justice kav 're cmanf the justice committee, would you inveigpeachment? Hope the Nate would have done its first. I hope thebias free has over the next week to investigate. Thatly mea to call in all the renesses. Doesn't sound like they D F that's a problem. It would co validity the en senate press. Thaeir votes will not be for the nominee ss there's free nd for propeatof these very serious allegations of sexual assaults.we can't he juon the supreme court for the next seral decadewhedeciding qstions oberty, life, death, all kinds of things for the entire ameripeople who has beredibly acs seal assaults, who has been credib accused of various stigated. I hope the senate will do so. Ife's on theuprt and the senate hasn't investigated, the house will have to. You'll investigate?e to investigate Y credible allegations of perjury and ot properlyooked intoefore. On the question I asked setowould juste Kavanaugh hao recuse self from cases involving congressional I thinkhe proper inuld be yes. Was astoni. On one hand, the hearing inspiring. I was Ed. Blasey Ford have courage D the rt go througwi wh she dido brh the tell wh H H very creble way. I' to see th other aforward now, too. E theoint this country where people are N er just aep that if they don't have power, peopl can do WHA they want with T any have -- and the'ou we're Seng that that hopefully that E is coming nd with a lot of people W formerly powerful and well garded who TD E been -- oppressed women or engaged in sexassaults or very iniring. At his . He's a judge. A sitting cicourt judge is supposed to bean. Now, we know that judge kavanaug-- ou heard sator gra he belie was unfairly accuse Even assuming he's unfairly accused, he'ill to hajudge. He cat he want you don't, first of all, come ouwithttpartisan basis. Attacks on the Clintons. Ate ve that the cltons had athto do with any of this? Or he mup ?evus toward opsociated wh the demoatic party like the Clintons should be dqualifying. Hehoicial temperament. THA he was in, where H considers himself unirlyat still to behave a In E house, the possibility of impeaching rod the investigaon.ent tmp set T meet with him N hisob cu. I to show some of that. He said he never said it. Fome. He was vernill see. My Prence would T him. And -- to let fi He he wants K the president was referrto the reports that rod in --Hould heea wire on theresident? Shouldhey invoke the 25th amendment? Would the esident have a right dy who talked like that? Presidentas the rig Rody. Who serves at the pleasure of the esident. A right is different than a response bl to do. Muel I'm sorry, Rosenstein is supervising the mer stigation.eligation is vestigatinvery Serio the president or his caaiired with the Russians to rig an American election president was guilty evolved in struction of justice. Very serious charges. Ey must be gotten to the bottom of. The president has done a lot to try to sabotage investigation. From -- publiclasting his attorney general for recusing himself, as hedid. From demanding, calling the investigation a witch hunt. Fromeportedly Ying to fimueller twe. From going a various ppl in the FBI a people are defenseless, real. PEOP you have Ver heard of. People he's publicly defaming. Other investigators. He'sone everyte could to the investigation. To sabotage itand to -- elimina -- desty the cribility of Ater investitions that might come up with. What's allors that -- senstein wse pl if he were replacn fact, Mueller fid. Ord,ct the St saying, Y can't look at this, you can't seen ways that the public would NER see. Rosenstein must stay until the investigation finished.mportant for the irity American democracy. You laid out the ways you ought the estehhe investigion so far. Allnes that he's admitted publicly. That evidee and misdemeanor? Is F Ng obstruction of justice. Whether S -- amounts obstructof justice is determined later. O understa S else. Obstruion of jusce is a E. Ime is notec an peachable offense. An impeaable OSN't have to be a crime. They afferent texts. En get to impeachmt, real qion, is presidenco that he is -- threatening the Democrat threateninthe separaon of powers? Gathering more power te pridingress, against E ainst the people, than it ought to be, is he threatening -- the -- lirtnd functioning of government? Th is the test for iMac that we haven't seen. Reins T be seen. Anet me justay one O thin I come from New York. Right here, in fact. My constituents art paced. Ant to seehe preside imped yesterday. But thet is, it a serious step. Yocat. You shouldn't do it on a partisan basis. As srs ago. Shouldn't dounless the evidenwhelming tt the president is, in fact, threatening theemocrder D threani liberty. And that, we're no-- In youriew it sous like you're saying that W require a veryort from Robert Mueller laying out the president -- D a very rerobert Mueller laying -- what I- ATID. Orther finding by - by house commites ornybody else that gave us that inforrtou would want to see at has to santure any inst Andthat'soing toome up, cose, if the Democrats take the house.d haveheower to in investigate.wo expect you'll line presidens returns? Well, let my one ofhefamilies O the Republican congress has been the file to be a eck and Lance. Our system is based on checks and balances.ngress is pp a K nce on the present. Vice versa. We HT, since TRE took off, have noigated, not held hearings. Noheld the psident's administration accountable on anything. That terrible flure. If theemocratse over, we tify that il we'll hold hearings. We'll hold hearings on the -- on the culture of rr with the president accepting for his busine pom foreign rnments that might influeon. We went er the staing in the Lawson that thatator aht along with 200 other Democrats. We'll ld hearingon the separations of theilies at the Boer Yo it's in the nesymore, there are still several hundred parents who don't know where their kids are after mo.hos on the admit refusal te the affoable care T. That threatens to deprive people of insuranceage for pre-exisng condions. 'Lrings on - You hist right there. On voting rights.onthn justicpartment fm defending voting rights against voter suppssion attempts in the rious stat T defending those suppressions. There plenty of in we have to hold the ministrati able for. And whether -- WER a -- the T ma- the cooperation with the russians trng to rig that election, if the admintr -- thtrump Campa aually did and if the president could be proved to have done, and T ING obstruction of Jue, those things thatave bt. The elections are about six

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{"duration":"10:10","description":"Ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee Rep. Jerry Nadler is interviewed on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"58184672","title":"Top Dem: Kavanaugh's 'evident animus' toward Democrats 'should be disqualifying'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/rep-jerry-nadler-58184672"}