Senate Intel Republican: Trump 'frustrated' by investigation but won't fire Mueller

George Stephanopoulos goes one-on-one with Senate Intelligence Committee member Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla.
4:32 | 03/18/18

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Transcript for Senate Intel Republican: Trump 'frustrated' by investigation but won't fire Mueller
Republican response from senator James Lankford, a member of the senate intelligence committee. Thanks for joining us this morning. Let's start out with Andrew Mccabe and this flurry of activity around his firing. Your take. Not Surpris in many ways. Obviously this is a -- he stepped away in January of this year because of some of the investigations, the inspector general had an ongoing investigation for months and months. The internal folks with the FBI have been through this long investigation so in many ways not surprised because he's already been isolated and now finally come to this decision. How about questions you're investigating on the senate intelligence committee. The senate intelligence committee has been taking a different approach from the house and basically had a more bipartisan approach than the house committee. What more do you need to find right now starting out with that conclusion, the president has already reached, he says, no collusion between his campaign and the Russians. Well, the president's been consistent to say that over and over again. What I have said over and over as well, it's best for the special counsel to be able to go through their process and best for the president, best are for the presidency for this be many going on. We have the first of our recommendations coming out next week on election security and continue to be able to roll those out together over the next several months. What more can you tell us about this compromising of Facebook information, the 50 million Facebook users having their information compromised by Cambridge analytica? Yeah, obviously we don't know if this is connected to the campaign. This is something that Facebook has stepped out on and saidcambridge analytic gathered information then they used that, they redistributed that. Facebook obviously is proprietary. A private business, they want to be able to have that data. They distribute that out and not some other second party to be able to do that so more information coming out and try to get it resolved. When you see the president and his attorney lobbying these attacks against the Mueller investigation suggesting it should be shut down, how do you explain it, first of all and then, secondly, what can you do about it? The clearest thing I can explain from that the president's exceptionally frustrated and wants to be able to see it come to an end and stated over and over there was no collusion, no reaching back, clearly the Russians were reaching in even the treasury this past week said what the Russians did was destabilizing but put in additional sanctions and also have agreed with what Robert Mueller put out identifying those individuals and the internet research agency from Russia as entities that need to be sanctioned. That is in agreement with Robert Mueller and his investigation. So it's not that Mueller has found nothing. It's that the president seems to be very, very frustrated that they've not connected anything to him and he wants to be able to move on. I would say the best thing the special counsel can do is to finish the investigation, gather all the information that's needed and come to a conclusion so the American people can make their own decision. Do you have any qualms with how Robert Mueller has conduct the his investigation. So far he's been really good about trying to protect leaks from his investigation. That's what's exceptionally helpful and seems to be moving through in a rapid way. It is odd the number of Democrats he's put on board his team. That does raise some flags in some sense there. Clearly he also identified some individuals that were biased that were from the FBI that he fired immediately. Once he found out they were biased. That tainted that. He seems to be moving on from there. The key thing again that he can do is bring out the facts and he seems to be doing that even with the indictment that he put out on the 13 Russians a few weeks ago he put out a lot of facts and information that is very helpful. You heard congressman Schiff say if the prosecutor he is does move to fire Robert Mueller, of course, he can't do it himself, he would have to get someone in justice to do it congress should pass a independent counsel law. Would you back that. I don't think the president will fire him. The white house said ten times, maybe more, they are not going to fire Robert Mueller. This he want to be able to finish the investigation. So I don't even think that's going to be necessary because the president's not going to fire him. That might have held up before the statement from John dowd yesterday, who is the president's attorney. Doesn't that change thing. First time he suggested that Mueller should be shut down. I don't think so. What I read yesterday was what a typical attorney puts out at every stage during every investigation saying this is wrapped up. We should be done. That's no diffent than what an attorney does typically. What happens in that situation everyone takes the information and says, that's nice, we're going to continue to be able to move on expect the special counsel to continue to do the same. Thanks for your time this

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"George Stephanopoulos goes one-on-one with Senate Intelligence Committee member Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"53832837","title":"Senate Intel Republican: Trump 'frustrated' by investigation but won't fire Mueller","url":"/ThisWeek/video/republican-senate-intel-member-committees-russia-investigation-mccabe-53832837"}