Roundtable II: On the Radar

The "This Week" roundtable on top issues to watch.
4:10 | 03/03/13

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Transcript for Roundtable II: On the Radar
One more quick round on the roundtable on the stories that may have been overlooked this week or something to watch for in the next week. Let me start with paul gigot of "the wall street journal." This week the supreme court rejected a challenge 5-4 from the left to the foreign wiretap surveillance program that the obama administration has been pursuing so you have five conservative justices agreeing with the obama administration which is implementing the bush policy so it goes to show you the degree to which their anti-terror policies are much closer than advertised. A lot of continuity. I'd say this but I think the environmental impact study on the keystone pipeline by the state department is an enormous story and probably means keystone is going to be built and the environmental community will be up in arms. Won't have much of an impact, he said. I think that's the big story and now it's -- I got bill talking about it. He's not going to like it but it's going -- I'm sure the study will be questioned. But you can't diminish it. Look, if you're a democrat and you believe in science and if this ia science, that's the science. The pipeline will be approved. It seems more likely today than it did last week. I'll say that. Well, of course, I've been out of the country doing popespeak, so I'm at somewhat of a disadvantage but one thing i noticed last night when I got home is general michele johnson has been named head of the air force academy and she's a basketball player there and, of course, a woman, and that i think is very, very important because we've had so many problems with women in the military. I mean for somebody to volunteer to serve our country and then be abused in our own military is so shocking, and to have a woman be in charge of training these young air force members I think is very important. I think that's right. You're going to be going back for the papal conclave. Do you think there's a pope by easter? Oh, I do. I think they very much want to have a pope by palm sunday which IS MARCH 24th. THE DAY TO LOOK FOR, MARCH 19th, St. Joseph's day. I just learned as a catholic of so many years that st. Joseph's day is right up there with easter and christmas as a feast day that you can eat meat, you can do anything you want during lent, and it would be a day that they could rejoice more than most lenten days. We'll certainly put it on our calendar. Mia love. 2011 I remember looking back at my notes and seeing a poll done by gallup where they asked how much of every dollar spent by government is waste, republicans said 52 cents out of every dollar, democrats said 47 cents, which told me at that time an overwhelming amount of americans thought there was a lot of waste and I'm wondering what it looks like today. Like I said I believe that the sequester is really -- it's painted as a showdown between republicans and democrats, but i really think that it's going to shift between washington and the american people, and I'd le to see -- I'm looking for that swell of american people saying, you know what, washington is not doing the job anymore. We are going to actually go in and take this country back. Healing is going to be down on the ground level. I'm going to be a lil philosophical in what I'm picking, it's poverty to me but it's poverty of the heart and soul that I think is existing today. We have a country now that celebrates the powerful, but we feel powerless. We still have things that fill our lives but don't feel fulfilled. We have more connections, but are less connected and have bigger homes but we try to find a home but in the end what matters about this pope and what matters today how do we find our way to happiness when we have all this sff going on. We'll end on that homily. Well said. Thank you very much and now we honor our fellow americans who serve and sacrifice. This week the pentagon released the name of one marine killed in afghanistan. That is all for us today. Thanks for sharing part of your sunday with us. Check out "world news with david muir" tonight and I'll see you tomorrow on "gma." S and see you

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{"id":18641942,"title":"Roundtable II: On the Radar","duration":"4:10","description":"The \"This Week\" roundtable on top issues to watch. ","url":"/ThisWeek/video/roundtable-ii-radar-18641942","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}