Dems tried negotiating on immigration, Trump 'won't take yes for an answer': Senator

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., is interviewed on "This Week" about the special counsel investigation, immigration and whether she'll consider a 2020 presidential bid.
9:01 | 11/25/18

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Transcript for Dems tried negotiating on immigration, Trump 'won't take yes for an answer': Senator
It's going to be a big week. Thank you both very much. Let's bring in senator Amy klobuchar. Senator klobuchar, thanks for joining us. You heard that discussion from Allan Dershowitz and Dan Abrams. Do you agree there's nothing the acting attorney general can do to interfere with the Mueller investigation? I don't know. He's running the justice department. I don't think that he should be. The reason I'm concerned is it's someone that publically said he thinks you could starve the investigation by cutting off the money for it. He said he didn't see any connection between the trump campaign and Russia, yet you've seen all these indictments and charges and convictions that you just referred to. I'm concerned about having him in charged. We've tried in the senate on a bipartisan level to protect the investigation. By law there are court cases going on that are questioning this appointment of someone who is literally a walking conflict. He got $1.2 million to go on TV to protect Donald Trump and we have no idea where that money came from. I'm asking where did that money come from? You mention the legislation to protect Robert Mueller. Some of your colleagues in the senate including Ron wyden have suggested not supporting the government funding bill that's coming up in early December unless this legislation is included. Do you support that effort? I think we should do everything we can to get that bill passed. It's about the rule of law. We'll see what our leverage points are. There is some Republican support for this. All of my colleagues who said repeatedly they want to protect the investigation, really have to come forward and do it. I'm talking about those on the Republican side of the aisle. That's the biggest leverage point you have right now? It is. You going to use it? I think we should use it however we can. It depends on what bills are coming through and how we can do it. We have to protect this investigation. Let me switch subjects. The president up and tweeting this morning about situation at the border. Migrants coming from central America to Mexico. Reports of a possible deal with Mexico to hold those people who are applying for asylum in Mexico as their asylum claims are processed. Mexico is denying they agreed with that. The president said it would be very smart if Mexico would stop the caravans before they get to our southern border. Or if originating countries would not let them form. It's a way they get certain people out of their country and into the U.S. DEMs created this problem. No crossings. Your response? My mom taught second grade until she was 70 years old. She said if you do something wrong and you don't tell the truth, you take responsibility for it. Don't blame it on the other kid. That's what he's doing here. He controls the white house. His party controls the house and senate. It's on them. What I think they should do is first of all, he should have been working with these central American countries a long time ago to try to get to a point where we didn't see this extraordinary amount of people coming through. Secondly, comprehensive immigration reform. He has gut punched us on that a number of times. We have the will to put the money at the border for better security and combine it with some sensible reforms including things like a path to citizenship. Things like making sure we have workers in our fields and factories that we need. He chose instead to weaponize this and politic size it. It's wrong for our economy and wrong for our work with the rest of the world. He has an opportunity here especially with a new congress coming in to get this done. It all rests in that office on him and he needs to get this done. That's the new congress. Left over business for the old congress. I moan -- mentioned that government funding bill. The president said on Thursday if he doesn't get the funding for a border wall, a government shutdown is possible. Are you open to any negotiation on this border wall funding? We have tried to negotiate with him. He won't take yes for an answer. You look at this. We tried to negotiate on the dreamers. That was led by reasonable Republicans like Mike rounds, the senator from South Dakota and Johnny Isaacson. I was in that group looking to find a way out with border money and looking for a way to protect the dreamers. We're willing to talk about this. If he wants to keep playing politics with it, we aren't going to be able to get it done. I would like to add, farm bill is so important. We should be getting that done by the end of the year. Again, there's the will in congress. We need leadership in the white house and criminal justice reform. Those are three things on the table right now. You would be willing to go along with some wall funding to get those? To get an agreement and to make sure we do something on immigration reform. Remember, when we're talking about wall funding, we're talking about border funding, personnel, we're talking about a whole grouping of things that protect security. What I don't think we should do is shut down the government. That again is in his hands and his party's hands. Major government report on the issue of climate change. We're showing the headlines across the country. This was released Friday afternoon. It warns of grim economic consequence. Climate change will harm the entire nation. "The New York Times" says the 1,656 page assessment lays out the devastating effects of a changing climate on the economy, crop failures, infrastructure, all told the report say climate change will slash gross domestic product. You say that congress should act. What can be done to reverse this? The greenhouse gas rules. The clean power rules that were already on the way to getting implemented. We should get that done. Secondly, gas mileage standards. We were clearly on a good path with that. This administration stepped backwards. Finally going back into the international climate change agreement like every other country. This is a report by the administration. Instead of talking about the science, it talks about the impact on places like I'm from, the midwest, where you'll see devastation to our crops. You're seeing the hurricanes because of the ocean warming. You're seeing in vivid color the horrible wildfires out west. This is what nasa and our military have predicted for years. It's time to act on it. The administration can issue this devastating report showing the facts and on the other do nothing. It's time to act. Isn't this what's happening? It was released Friday afternoon of Thanksgiving. That's exactly what I said. I pointed out the other day, they couldn't pick a day where they tried to get less attention on their report. I think it backfired. Because there was no news that day, a lot of people have found out about it and are signing up to get the overview of the report. I would suggest all your viewers look at the report and look at what it's predicting. You're coming off a big victory in the state of Minnesota. Congratulations for that. You did well in a lot of areas where president trump did well in 2016. Thank you. It sparked a lot of speculation you might be looking at the 2020 race for president. You've been to Iowa a couple times. Can you fill us in on how you're thinking about that and what's shaping your potential position? People are talking to me about this I think in part because I worked really hard to go not just where it's comfortable, but where it's uncomfortable and did well in a number of those places where Donald Trump won. I'm also someone for those who are exhausted with politics likes to get things done. Right now I'm still thinking about this and talking to people. I'm sorry to say I have no announcement for you on your show. I learned this from my senate race once when I was considering running for the senate and told someone that on the radio and that was how my husband found out about it. Since he's watching today, I'm not going to repeat that again. Not going to share your Thanksgiving conversations either. That's not a no either. I'll end with an invitation when you're ready to announce you can do it right here on "This week." Thank you, George. That wasn't a yes. Thanks for coming on, senator. Good to see you again.

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{"duration":"9:01","description":"Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., is interviewed on \"This Week\" about the special counsel investigation, immigration and whether she'll consider a 2020 presidential bid.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"59401619","title":"Dems tried negotiating on immigration, Trump 'won't take yes for an answer': Senator","url":"/ThisWeek/video/sen-amy-klobuchar-59401619"}