Judiciary Dem: Kavanaugh was 'only person who didn't want' FBI investigation

George Stephanopoulos interviews Sen. Mazie Hirono, a Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, about Judge Brett Kavanaugh's ongoing confirmation battle.
6:25 | 09/30/18

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Transcript for Judiciary Dem: Kavanaugh was 'only person who didn't want' FBI investigation
your te this morning. I apolize for the with S And 'R now by senator Mazie hirono. Good morning. Good morning. I want to begin witcking up on what yusom ser graham rht there. He's saying there willan Ven of the docrats and how you handled Dr. Christine blasey Ford. Again, they're not focusing on the credibility or the -- these Credle repor. And all abouthy did somebody wait so long and all of that. Allegas.and we havbeen calling for an FBI vestigation for what seems like month thesare not noal times. Under rm, in a situ like Thi there WOU be an FBI report. We would have access tl the cuments wehould get th regard to the nominee. Not just0%cu under normwe would B able tk questionof the relevant witnesses, such as mark Ju D you know, under Normal tienators wod be asking their own questions rathhan hiring pr S some kin a criminal case to gte person who came forward bravely to tell us the truth of her experien. Are you confidentt Democrats didn't leak that letter W respond to nato graham's charge that it opriate for the Democrats to refer Dr. By Ford to ? Allf these gs hat we should be focus on. The credibility of judge at's what'before us GHT Al other stues investigaticur. Right now, we neo focus on our ability as sens to do our advice and consent job to injudge Kavanaugh is credible. Whetr did with us. Whher his Meanor, by the way, in accusiemocrats of so kind of cspiracy too him in, iswas so bizarre. And,y the way, even as all of ese accusaons abouthis being politically motivated are ING tossedround, evebody is not being politically motivated. That is very clear. Thatngs us to E crux of R or not this FBI investigion is going to be thorough. INT hat senator flake had D. That it D be a though investigation that would enable us to determe the character, Y, and indeed, we saw in judge Kavanaugh's behavior, tionable demeanor. From what you have learned about the I ion, will I B a credible investation? That's goio be the big, outstanding tion. I would think that Jeff flake anthe other nators W are -- going for this, investigion, will ll for me. The thing is, every senate vote ers. Er the bottomf it, even if it'sen. That is bad enough. But then to limit the FBI as to the sce and who eygoing to question that-- that rely to use the word FARC of are expecting the FBI to conduct. It does seem they won't be in the enterviewing Julie Nick. Do you believe Julie swetnick's testimony is credible? CD. Thng is that as with Dr. Fo, who has absolelugh reason to come D, and at's jud Kavanaugh even camwith credible rorts.id they woul willing to T the only person who didn't want to have an FBI investigation ankly, wasudge kavangh. He hid bed the facthat he knew that N the prident nor E republics were going to call for an FBI investigation. As you S in his testimony. Time and agahe was ask. Us get over this wssue of an FBI investion. Wouldn't gore but finay,, we're goto get one and thquestion I are to the kind investation th is authorough and fair? T'g right now. It wben this wee you hear graham say th, when you judge kavaugh, you rsed questions T his temperament. He was a man defending Hor. And pele have a right to be en they're defending his honor. Wheng, I didn do it, then whyou call for an FBI invgation? Why wouldnhat? Article where he said,ust first all be npartisan. He shocking tme, that he would auscrats of a vastspiracy too him in a dragged in Hillary Clinton. I found that bizarre. But we hardly need somebody on the supreme court who ha consranos. I alador concern wiudge kavanghs of S driven approach to cases. I know he has a pattern of being against odhts. He definitely has some Reay expaive views the protections that should be affordeditting predent from anyinnal or cioceedings. I'm sure this presidentook note of that. Ne of the mareasons, afa O believe, that he -- his name W put forward. Wilhe have to recuse himself from cases invoing demos or some of the L groups he chastised? He showed himself to be the political operative ane I said, is one of the reasons that his earlier nfirmationasor three years. S -- revead. And he revd himself a partisan. I would think that if I we Democrat, goinfo use himself. Senator hirono, T you for your timthis morni. Thank you "Rounde" is come up.

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{"duration":"6:25","description":"George Stephanopoulos interviews Sen. Mazie Hirono, a Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, about Judge Brett Kavanaugh's ongoing confirmation battle.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"58184673","title":"Judiciary Dem: Kavanaugh was 'only person who didn't want' FBI investigation","url":"/ThisWeek/video/sen-mazie-hirono-kavanaugh-ford-testimonies-58184673"}