Sen. McConnell 'Absolutely Opposed' to Lifting Russian Sanctions

The Senate majority leader weighs in on Trump's travel ban, Russian sanctions, and prospective Supreme Court nominees on "This Week."
6:27 | 01/29/17

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Transcript for Sen. McConnell 'Absolutely Opposed' to Lifting Russian Sanctions
Turned to Washington's other power broker at the man who leads the senate. Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell has been working closely with the president at the White House and at the Republican retreat in Philadelphia this week. Where the GOP mapped out its agenda for the year majority leader McConnell. Joins us now nice to see this more good morning McConnell do you support president trumps temporary immigration banned from these predominantly Muslim country. Law and it's a good idea to tighten the vetting out process. But also that it's important to remember that some of our bench sources. In the war against radical Islamic terrorism. Or miles. Both in this country and overseas. And we have had some difficulty in the it's getting interpret person as you suggested earlier segment. Who are helpful to us. Treated properly so we need to be careful as we do the improving betting something at an air right now they were they're being detained so well that's over open court vision and not just gonna ultimately decide in the courts as to whether or not this is gone too far. I don't want to criticize them for and we're improving veteran I think we need to be careful we don't have religious test of his country. At it it in the past you call the Muslim banned completely and totally inconsistent. With American values where the president says this is not an outright Muslim ban even if this. Is temporary how was this order consistent with American values. Well if they're looking to tighten the vetting process. And who who would be against. But I am opposed to religious just. The courts are going to determine whether this is too broad. So it's just like you are opposed to certain parts at this if we're if were. Detaining or holding back people who have helped Americans in the fight alaves them against a religious ten. The near post a certain month but the president has a lot of latitude to try to secure. The country. And I'm not gonna make a blanket criticism of those should effort. However I think it's important to remembers us a lot of Muslims are our best sources in the war against terror so do you think this will have. Well back. Well we'll included in the world I mean are you sensing that already you've seen the reaction well we'll say it and it's important Harvard through campus it's important to keep America is secure as possible. Mostly helpless. Tell me again how you would summarize what happened. With this executive order I would summer I guess how would you. Well if you say about others are saying it's devastating others are saying it's on America I'm not saying it either of those things on say what I do. Just under two minutes ago which is a tragedy said there they're trying to improve the vetting process. I think that's been order we need to bear and non that we don't have religious tests in this country and we also need to remember that some of our best. Allies in the war guns. Islamic terrorism. Are Muslims. I want Richard to Russia president trump hasn't ruled out the possibility. Of lifting sanctions on Russia you heard what Sean Spicer just said. Would you like can deceive the sanctions lifted. I'm up I'm a postal lifting the sanctions against Russia they were imposed because of their annexation Crimea. There incursion into your crime. And now we know that they were mustered around and our election absolutely opposed the lifting sanctions on the Russians have finished and we ought to be looking at increasing. Should should congress take any action to prevent the president from lifting sanctions on Russia if he chooses to do so well lately hope the president will will follow our garage not be lifted function until brush do you do you think about it asked Sean Spicer this that they should just tell now. Whether or not they're gonna with them. The EU and administer yes or that the president I gotta look at I'm giving him much cause publicly. That I would not. Considered by our issues lifting sanctions on the Russians for what they've been doing a lot of fear and then move in the National Security Council to have Steve Bannon and there are the chairman of the joint chiefs Al the NI out in certain case. Yeah I'm not gonna give the president advice about how to run. The these internal agencies. I don't know I'm not I'm I'm not gonna give him advice about can't. And the Supreme Court president trump says he's announcing the Supreme Court nominee on Thursday he has said that if Democrats try to filibuster heating courage you to invoke the so called. Nuclear option and lower the sixty vote threshold currently needed to confirm Supreme Court nominees so will you consider getting rid of the filibuster. Well look memento what ought to happen. President. Clinton and his first arm had to Supreme Court nominee age. Ginsburg and Breyer. There was no filibustered. Through your listeners there was no requirement to get sixty votes to consider them. President Obama head to the Supreme Court nominees in his first term. The there was no filibuster. Against them. We're in the first term of a new president. Well we're hoping is that our democratic friends in the minority in the senate as we wore during those same comparable periods under Clinton and Obama. Will treat this nominated in the same way and give him an up or down vote. If that cloture that is if getting sixty votes is required that happened would Justice Alito. The democratic minority insisted on that cloture was invoked. In other words she was given the opportunity to have a an up or down vote on the final nomination. So it's way too early for me to tell you or anybody else what we might do. I think how this is analyst depends depends on our democratic friends limit there what I do think we're gonna get other minute in a really outstanding. Nominate. Who will be very hard. To argue against that because the president has been working on this for some time prove it is some of the information about what's been happening I think we're gonna get a great comedy who will be very difficult to explain to the American people were not even go to let them. But an up or down vote on the side should there be a litmus test on abortion. I don't think there should be a litmus phone drug as a matter who the president oh and thanks very much for joining us senator McConnell we appreciate you coming up.

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{"duration":"6:27","description":"The Senate majority leader weighs in on Trump's travel ban, Russian sanctions, and prospective Supreme Court nominees on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"45124020","title":"Sen. McConnell 'Absolutely Opposed' to Lifting Russian Sanctions","url":"/ThisWeek/video/sen-mcconnell-absolutely-opposed-lifting-russian-sanctions-45124020"}