'Not realistic' to think someone can 'charm' Kim to give up nuclear weapons: Senator

George Stephanopoulos discusses North Korea with Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, on "This Week."
8:09 | 04/22/18

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Transcript for 'Not realistic' to think someone can 'charm' Kim to give up nuclear weapons: Senator
We have come a long way with North Korea. I hope to have a very successful et successful, mark, we won't have it we won't have it. Uhif I thinkhat it's a meeting that is ING to be fruitful, we're not going to go. If the meeting when I'm there is not frui, I will respecully leavehe meeting. President trump on that pending nuclear summit with North Korea. Wanto talk morabout that with T chair of the senate foreign relations comme,corker. Ofennessee. Ser corker, thank you for joining us. The presenck a more optimistic note after the announcement fkim jong-u aboueezing nuclear tests and is Ver good news for north Korea and the world. Big progress. Look fward to ousummit. Do you share that optimism? I'm glad they're meg. Think all us look at this with great caution and skepticism. It's been going on for 25 years. Obviously, Kim Jong-un has learned a lot public relations a setting it up well fim. I think everyone around looks at it as just the nning. May ad to something. May not. Let'ke sure thmeand the context for it is up in the approprimanner. Let's dignt THA means. A lot of people have ped out that the cssions THA Kim Jong-un has made are pretty easily reversible. He's made them before. Right. Sets up thexpectation for concessions from president trp. So is th a -- a Daer? Some peota freeze ap here rerring to the nuclear freeze that president trump gives too much to get the meet Yeah, I think -- I think ople are aware of ectly what you're saying. I don't see us giving any --giving up anything. I hope we won't. Continue to put pressure on until somethppens that is product is can be sily reversed.he obvious, as I have mentioned, learned a lot about public relations. But, yw, I think T presidhas people aund him, you look at John Bolton, a great skeptic. Whllny easing thatmight be considered. Is it realistic to think that Kim Jong-un isngly gip his nuclr weapons? Y know, geoe, you know this. He views having deliverabln grane nuclear weapons as his ticket to dying as an OLN in his b.verti de cualqu he saw what happened with Gadhafi. Dhafis a dead M now because he gave up his nuclear weap so, to think that somebody gointo go in and C him out oft is not rli. Ishere progrs an be made? I ho so. But, you know, thabig Hurd Lay that out, then. What is the best case for one, the summit, T happens? Andtwo, longer-term negotiations with the north. L,se, best case is denuclearization. Obviously. It realistic thats going to willy-nilly do that? Absolutely not. But, you know, progress can be made. Freezing the Pam who what he's -- his ambitions are as it relates to south Rea. But look, I think we go into this kno wuge prlem. He's gone way down the road with his nuclear activity very close tving sometng that's danger tohe united States. And I think, beginning th biggest. And see where its. Ext, this is aappening the potential summit as the next deadline comes up on the I nuclr deal. May 12th. Thsto pas predent says he's going to rip up the deal. What impact will that have?what message does that send to Kim Jong-un? So, you, I've be asked thisot. With the three European members we're dealing with in a framewor I D think he'll move away from the agreement on may 12th. I don't think there's any questiut it. Merkel, macron are coming in. Maybe sog as ilates to the young leader and how he might view at. I go back to my first statement. Issue and that his own survival. Potentially, regime change. That type of thing. So -- because of the unique nature of him and unique of our preside nat really -- us Ving away from the Iran nuclear deal will have any impact on his Ng. I'm just being honest.ca de ??y N I hased that argument, honestly. Okay?t as I look att he real cares about, I don't think it will have that mucpact on I don't think it will have any. You have en asked aot out president trump. Dependin the day of the week. Sometiyoly critical of the president. Talking about -- Sometimes the of the day, George. But go ahead. Oka let me try this hour then. Almost 100 here on the east coast. St on Friday, you said, you kind of doubt the president will run again in 2020, why do you ubt that? Ynow, havinthis rhetorical situation of something trying to pin you down to you may te for in . I don't know. I don't know who is going to be running 2020. I know if the T will be running in 2020. So, soit really a situation -- you know how television is today, George. It's a gotcha situation. It W just pushing bagathat. You did say this week any conflicted is either comatose or pretty uselen their dness. Yeah. So, lookthink thature, I Thi Republican senators have to be conflicted from time to time. I mentioned, things change daily. Riuropean union. Then we're not, thankfully. E day, we're going nada. Then we're not. One day, we're going to Ta Mexico, then we're N E day we'rin out of Syria immediately. Then we're not. Thanly. Things changekly. That was the reason for my response. Alsreported think about mething you said about the Tennessee senate race caught theeye of mit Mcconnell you said Phil son is a very od mayor. Governor. Business person.atd after thith senator Mcconnell and do you support in the race? Well, I'm supporting the nominee. Everyone knows that. I have sent the Mam check. O vote forhem. At is unbelievable to me, orge, is tt the leadership of the Republican senatorial committee would leak this ou purposely to "The Waston post" to get you to ask M estions about this. I't know whhey're king. What do you think they're thinking? I have no I meanit's the most ridiculous thing I have seen politically in receimes. Appare they wantou to ask me about the race. And so the just said, you're Republican nominee ha ackburn? Yes. It was clear thase maximum check. I said, I have a friend I've been workiitears on the democratic side. We have worked, R of chattaa. Commissi of financfor the E. Anheriend. I'm not going topaign aghim. Ai but I've sent the maximum contribution, plan to support E. Fosome reason in their brilliance, Republican senatorial committeeed to create bag stoo you and her stations this morning would ask me questions. N't know the outcome they're looking for. But obviously, it's to get the ask. Senator cker, thankou for your time this morning. When we come back,

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{"duration":"8:09","description":"George Stephanopoulos discusses North Korea with Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"54644919","title":"'Not realistic' to think someone can 'charm' Kim to give up nuclear weapons: Senator","url":"/ThisWeek/video/senate-foreign-relations-committee-chair-north-korea-pompeo-54644919"}