Senate majority leader: 'There's not going to be a government shutdown'

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, joins "This Week" after the Senate passed the GOP's massive tax overhaul.
11:58 | 12/03/17

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Transcript for Senate majority leader: 'There's not going to be a government shutdown'
This is great day for the country. And 31 years since we have done comprehensive tax reform. We have an opportunity to make America more competitive. At the end, it was not a single Democrat who thought this was a good idea. And so -- we're going to take this message to the American people also, a year from now. Senate majority leader Mitch Mcconnel there early Saturday morning. After the senate did pass the president's tax bill. Senator Mcconnell joins us. Thank you for joining thus morning. Senator, congratulations. Is this a done deal? Is the report going to pass? We'll get to an agreement in the conference. I'm very optimistic. We think this will make a dig difference in getting the economy moving again and providing jobs. One of the the big questions is how much sit going to cost. You believe the pill will eventually pay for itself. It's at 09ds with what the joint tax exit tee says. They say it will be about a $1 trillion addition. Others say it's more. The conservative tax foundation says it will add about $500 billion to the deficit. I know you believe lit pay for itself. What evidence do you have to back that up? Well, let me point out there are a whole lot of economists who think it will pay for itself. Let's let me tell the you how that is done. The economy only has to grow 0.4% to fill the gap you're referring to. That is not a dramatic improvement. We think we'll get a lot more growth than that. We think this is likely to be a revenue producer. That may be your confidence. It may also be misplaced. We have seen the official score cooper for the congress. The joint committee on taxation say it will add to it. So what if you're wrong? Women, look. I don't think we are wrong. Even senator corker, who ended up in the end being skeptical, along the lines you're talking about, had agreed to a budget with a 1.5 billion -- $1.5 trillion deficit over ten years. But he was also convinced that a 4% growth rate was pretty darn achievable. Particularly when you consider that the way we are ins insentivizing businesses to expand. We're doing a lot the to keep the jobs from going overseas to make sure the business tax rates are doable. The average family gets a $220 tax cut. We increased the child care credit. This is very much oriented toward not only middle class tax relief but making sure our jobs are still here. And in the United States. Rather than somewhere else. Except as you know, many of the individual tax cuts expire after several years. Well, that H depend on what the congress decides to do six years from now. Many of these tax relief measures in my judgment, if we're still republican-governed, they'll be extended. If that happens, the the cost is higher. The Democrats hitting you on the process. I want to show this viral vid fre from John tester of Montana. Tonight we're going to vote on the tax bill. I just got the tax bill 25 minutes ago. This is the tax bill. See how thick it is? Here's the modifications that are in it. I can read one word. It's called add this language. Can you tell me what that word is? If you can, you have better eyes than me. Do you know the answer to that? Senator, do you know who wrote that addition to the bill? Look, the Democrat -- if the Democrats were going to disqualify senators from voting on a bill that had some minor insertions, none of them would have been able to vote on the the bill. There's no hide the ball here. The vast majority of the bill is online for two weeks. Some of the changes were done by hand. There were no hearings on the bill. There were tons of hearings. Over and over. The M ds went to them. They had the ability to offer amendments. An opportunity to offer amendments on the floor. They were complaining about our repealing the the individual mandate in Obama kacare in the bill. None of them offered an amendment to take it out. They had plenty of opportunity. They decided it was important to them politically to oppose this tax measure. And take that to the American people. And we're prepared to do that. You're prepared -- We think the country's been underperforming. And we believe this will get the country performing better. Providing jobs and opportunities for vast numbers of people displaced. You may be prepared to do that. Adds you noerks the bill is tremendously unpopular. It's underwater. You have warned this the past against single-party bills and the damage they can do. We saw that for the Democrats. They got wiped out after passing Obamacare in the 010 elections. Aren't you concern that could happen to you? We're trying to do what we think is important for the country. Acombination of regular la story relief and what the administration has already been doing. We think will produce results. Results we'll be able to talk to the American people about. In the fall of 018 and in 2020 as well. So no concerns at all. One final question on this, senator Collins. Did vote for the bill. She said she was assured there would be both no medicare cuts and she would get other health care bills she supports, including the Alexander Murray bill passed as well. Are you confident those bills will pass and must they pass first before you're guaranteed of senator Collins vote? Well, she can speak for herself. I've committed to senator Collins to offer Alexander Murray. And another bill that she and senator Nelson from Florida are offering to one of those year-end bills we'll be doing in the next couple of weeks. The president is committed to signing it. Let talk about the votes. The government runs out of money this Friday. A growing number of Democrats saying they're not going to agree to a deal to keep the government open unless the children of undocumented immigrants are protected. Are we headed for a shutdown? That's a ridiculous idea. The president has given us until March to address the issue of undocumented children. Two came into the country, through no choice of their own, and are in a kind of difficult spot. But there's no emergency. The president has given us to March. I don't think the Democrats would be smart to say they want to shut down the government. A nonemergency. We can address anytime between now and March. That's an untenable position. We need the fund the military. Make sure the children's health insurance program gets to panel before tend of the year. We have another supplement for Puerto Rico, Florida, and Texas. All of that will be in the package that we'll deal with at some point in the next couple of weeks. I can't imagine they want to shut down the government over an issue that is not an emergency. Republicans have the majority in the house and the senate. Can you keep the government open on your own? Look, there's not going to be a shutdown. It's not going to happen. We'll take to it the bank. See if that happens over the next couple of weeks. Want to switch subjects to talk bt the plea agreement from Mike. Flynn on Friday. You heard congressman Schiff say he believes the fact of the deal shows Mueller has information that will up crime Nate, at minim minimum, others in the white house. What a ps your read? The Russian investigation in the senate is being held by the senate intelligence committee. There are dwoms going on through the special counsel's office. You spent a whole segment to talk about them. I'm not sure I have much to add. We have got so far a bipartisan investigation of what may or may not have happened. During the campaign. The Russian investigation handled by senator burr and senator Warner of Virginia. Several reports that president trump has been upset with the senate investigation. Called you and other senators trying to get it ended. Curtail it. Senator dine yane fine sign SNE Feinstein says this is inappropriate. I don't think the president said anything on this subject that I considered inappropriate. I have no criticism of the conversations I may have had. The investigations going forward in the senate on a bipartisan basis, that's the way I felt we ought to handle this. I think senator burr and Warner are doing fine. The president has not tried to curtail this investigation? He's not said anything to me that I think is inappropriate. Next week, the special election in Alabama. Roy Moore, who you believe should step aside. If he wins, will you insist of referring his case to the senate ethics committee? Well, I think -- we're going to let the people of Alabama decide a week from Tuesday who they want to send to the senate. Then we'll address the matter. I said in the past I thought this was a matter to the considered by the committee. It will be up to them to make the decision. They'll make it. Depending on whether judge Moore ends up coming to the senate. Do you believe he should be in the senate? I'm going to let the people of Alabama make the call. It's been going on a long time. They're going the make a decision. You're prepared to take action if he's elected? The ethics committee will have to consider the matters that have been litigated in the campaign. Should that particular candidate win. Will you make a recommendation to the ethics ex committee? They decide what to go forward. This is a very balanced committee. The only one in the senate that is an even number of Democrats and Republicans. Neither side can take advantage of the other. I was chairman of the ethics committee 25-some odd years ago. I had to make the decision to expel senator Packwood over a case of harassment. The senate has been sensitive to these matters for a very long time. I'm confident they'll come up with a way. You have had a consistent history on this. Final question. You said you believe Roy Moore's accusers. What about the president's? Ten women have come forward accusing him. Do you believe them? My job is to be the majority leader of the senate. We have jurisdiction when there is a senator accused of wrong doing. We have two other cases right now. Senator franking and senator Menendez. We'll handle it in senate when it comes to senators' alleged behavior. Senator Mcconnell, thank you for your time this morning. Thank you.

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{"id":51543239,"title":"Senate majority leader: 'There's not going to be a government shutdown'","duration":"11:58","description":"Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, joins \"This Week\" after the Senate passed the GOP's massive tax overhaul.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/senate-majority-leader-mitch-mcconnell-51543239","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}