Stephen Miller on immigration order next steps: 'All options are on the table'

Stephen Miller, President Donald Trump's senior policy advisor, is interviewed on "This Week."
18:34 | 02/12/17

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Transcript for Stephen Miller on immigration order next steps: 'All options are on the table'
hours, we will see those concerns really start to rise. Another high tide tonight and at that point, the winds are blowing in from the northeast. Wind gusts near 25 miles an hour. In the afternoon, the winds get even stronger, gusting at 45 miles an hour. That's when you could see moderate flooding. Advisory for today, minor because we're not seeing a strong wind but tomorrow is a coastal flood watch. In the afternoon, we see a surge of one or two feet across the track. Shayna: Late last night, crews hard at work working on removing snow before today as we all remember back in 2015, finding a spot to put the snow was one of the biggest issues in city areas and with the storm sitting on top of each other this time around, we are running into the same problem. Parking ban's are issued for several cities and towns throughout the state. Stay tuned for updates and snowfall totals expected from the storm. You can get the latest forecast on our WCVB at. Meantime, breaking overnight, I fire tears three home in quincy. Two people have died. Doug: Josh brogadir has been at the scene and has this for us. Reporter: Crews were here all morning investigating the fire which started at 14 bell street. Those crews not here right now. They will likely be back to investigate. Firefighters say when they arrive, the home was fully engulfed in flames. A grandmother and her 19-year-old grandson did not make it out of the house alive. They teenage boy's father was able to jump out of the window. I guess the father that lives in the house had his hands on his head and was screaming, "Oh my god." I cannot believe it. Reporter: Investigators arrived this morning to look at what remains. The home is gutted and a total loss according to investigators. Their challenge is to find out how the fire started. Doug: Right now, the search is resuming for a missing teenager above lake winnipesaukee. Two people are dead and a 15-year-old is missing after a series of tragedies yesterday. The tragedy involves snowmobiles that broke through the ice. The missing teen also fell to the ice while snowmobiling. His father was rescued and is being treated for hypothermia. A fishing derby is underway at the lake with many people on the ice. You just hope for the best the whole time. It's just a waiting game. We couldn't do anything but watch. Recreation in New Hampshire's a great part of our past time, but we have to be safe. We have to use caution, especially given the weekend had of us. Doug: The governor urging people on the lake to be safe and smart. Though we are in midwinter, it does not mean the ice is 100% safe. Shayna: A shooting investigation and when -- police say a man was shot on offense court, hit in the shoulder and rushed to mass general hospital. Investigators spoke with witnesses in the area. No word on any possible suspect. The trial against former patriot Aaron Hernandez moves forward this week. Jury selection begins in the double murder trial out of Boston. Lawyers have asked the judge to delay the trial, saying there was an abundance of evidence to sort through. The judge rejected the quest. Prosecutors can again presenting evidence on March 1. They were killed in a drive-by shooting in 2012. Doug: Growing tensions overseas -- South Korea claiming north Korea fired a test missile into the sea and promising to punish North Korea for the launch. The government says it will continue to work with allies, including the United States, Japan, and the European union to ensure sanctions against the north. This all happened as Donald Trump was playing host to the prime minister of Japan. The prime minister condemning the launch, saying it's absolutely intolerable. He's calling on the north to be fully compliant with relevant un security council resolutions. Mr. Trump: The United States of America stands behind Japan, it's great ally, 100%. Thank you. Doug: The north Korean leader, Kim Jong un, warned in his new year's address that his country was ready to test its first intercontinental ballistic missile. U.S. Officials say it poses no threat to the United States. Shayna: A fishing derby in Maine honoring a sailor who died on the el faro. All the money raised goes to a scholarship fund. The derby kicked off yesterday with fireworks for each of the 33 crew members who died on the ship. It sunk after getting caught in a hurricane in October of 2015. Used to attend the derby every year. Doug: An earthquake rattles part of the grant state. Shayna: Why most people there didn't feel her notice it. Plus the new technology to help drivers keep their car on the road. Cindy: We are going to be slipping and sliding as the roads become snow-covered and slippery. The latest winter storm is moving in. I'm tracking the rain hour-by-hour and the blizzard watch along the coastline. Doug: Breaking news out of quincy. Two people are dead in an overnight house fire and another victim jumping out of window to escape the flames. A live Fios is not cable. We're wired differently. So we wired the Wagner's house with 150 meg internet. Which means that in the time ittakes Mr. Wagner to pour a 20oz. Cup of coffee, Tommy can download 40 songs, and Jan can upload 180 photos. 12 seconds. That's the power offiber optics. Get 150 meg internet with equalupload and download speeds, TV and phone for just $79.99 permonth for the first year. Cable can't offer speeds this fast at a price this good. Only Fios can. Shayna: Driving has been tricky over the past few Doug: Days with slick spots all over the area. With those icy patches comes dangerous driving. We have a look at new technology that may actually save your life behind the wheel and change the way you drive. Reporter: This latest blast of winter is a slippery, sliding reminder of how dangerous driving on ice can be. Grexit is pure ice underneath the snow. Reporter: Over 80% of traction is lost on the surface. The automakers are adding technology to make it easier to get out of the skid like that. Here at the GM Chevrolet test track, engineers try to get the car to slide. When a point the steering will electronics say you want us to go this way. Our controller has the ability to individually control each wheel. Reporter: Electronic stability control has been mandated on cars for five years now. It slows wheels that are losing traction, saving more than 1500 lives in last year's study. I was always taught to discount -- two counters gear. It has changed now? The technology has enabled us to follow what the driver wants the car to do. Reporter: Is there going to be a point where I don't have to do anything? The goal is going to be able to predict what surface you will be on before you get there. Reporter: And possibly taking control of your car to keep you out of a dangerous slide. Shayna: And that is our reality. I hope everyone is paying attention. Here it comes. Doug: The stuff we are experiencing, a lot of us in our viewing area, it's not the storm itself. Cindy: Some folks are looking out the window and seeing it snowing. The ocean affect so far, the main event is off to the west. You can see it's cloudy out there right now, but the study snow is just to the west. A couple of flakes in Needham. You can see these moving through and we had some flakes earlier but now, you can see they have stopped for the moment. We will see a transition to rain, so there is a lot going on. You can see the snow showers shifting toward the area and that's why we see the flakes around metrowest. As you get closer to the coast, you see the color change and everything moving from east to west. The main event with the snow from the storm just west of you in Worcester marching east. Everything will continue to fill in through midday. Plymouth after the cape is the warmth that's part of the storm but it is much colder. We are talking up primarily snow with this storm system. Conditions will carry rate rapidly from midday in to the evening hours and into Monday morning. The winds picking up on travel -- hazardous travel is expected. Look at this band of snow starting to set up. Things will be filling in through the midday and mixing along the coastline. Everything flips back to snow overnight. The winds may gust over 60 miles an hour as we get into Monday. We do have that lizard watch in effect starting tonight through Monday evening over the interior. Our storm is developing to the west and will track down through southern England. That will pull in the north -- the warmer air and will be walk -- will be locked into areas north of Boston. 20's to the north and west but we go above freezing in Boston. Heavier snow off to the west and snowing north and west of Boston, primarily rain in southeast Massachusetts as we get into the overnight and after midnight, as the storm strengthens to the east, the colder air will wrap over the back side, waking up to snow in the morning and as it tapers off gradually, when it's all said and done, we are talking about 12 to 18 inches north and west of 495. There will be some mixing potentially, so six to 12 inches. Lower snow totals in southeastern Massachusetts but quite a bit of rain for a good portion of this storm. How much snow you should have by the end of the day, for more on that, we will send it to Kelly Ann. Kelly Ann: For folks that our south and east, you could head out today and had been to rainfall and things will be too bad as far as traffic on the roadway. We move into Lawrence where we see the snow moving in. By 3:00, we should see accumulations up to an inch of snow fall and we wrap things up after 9:00 as we go from five to seven inches of snow. One inch of snow fall by 3:00, jumping up to three inches by 6:00. This is an area where temperatures are going an inch above freezing. Initially, it rains through the afternoon and then we start seeing a changeover with snowfall accumulating and staying -- staying as snow as it moves through the overnight hours. That accumulation will hold off initially because the transition to snow is going to take longer. This afternoon and this evening, we will have to wait until after midnight as far as accumulation, especially on to cape hyannis. Pretty much all rainfall as we move through the forecast today. A lot to break down and this is something we have to track tomorrow as well. Cindy: 6:00 tomorrow morning, here is the snow in the gulf of Maine -- the winds are going to be strong, wrapping and with that northwesterly air. Still snowing across a good portion of eastern Massachusetts but the sun cools away quickly and we will see things improve on Tuesday. Valentine's day looks like a cool day but we head into midweek Thursday and that's our next chance of seeing some snow. We should see a couple of inches of snow on Wednesday but look what happens as we get into Thursday. The storm tries to develop into a larger storm. But it looks like it's going to do that offshore. Looks like lighter snow Wednesday into Thursday. Behind it, we have quieter weather and a warm-up coming. Doug: Maybe melting. Coming up, a check of the other stories we are following right now. Shayna: Demonstrators line liberty avenue in Pittsburgh protesting planned parenthood. The protesters called for the agency to be stripped of its federal funding. Organizers say they want funds reallocated to qualify held care centers that provide health care to women but not abortions. The protest was met with opposition by pro-choice protesters. It was one of many protests around the country. Doug: An earthquake rattling homes around Bedford new Hampshire. No damage or injuries reported. It was a 2.2 magnitude quake. Too small to cause damage but aftershocks can be expected. Shayna: It's about to get more expensive to enjoy the happiest place on Earth. Disney says prices are going up today. Single day passes are going up about five dollars with top tickets going for $124. You'll have to pay up to $869 for annual passes for Disney world in Orlando, an increase of $40. Premium parking will set you back an extra five dollars as well. Doug: At five tons a day, her art is a workout. She is a stonemason. Reporter: Building with stone is hard, heavy and slow. The toughness and brute force needed have ground many a macho

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