Taliban Releases US Soldier after 5 years

ABC News' Martha Raddatz discusses the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl by the Taliban.
5:24 | 06/01/14

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Transcript for Taliban Releases US Soldier after 5 years
Starting right now on ABC's "This week" -- breaking news. Bowe is coming home. American P.O.W. Bowe bergdahl finally released. His dramatic release. And new controversy, was it a legal trade for terrorists? The latest on how it happened from our team around the globe and the presidential adviser at the center of swap. And senator Ted Cruz here live, the tea party star taking on the president, Hillary Clinton and his republican rivals. Shake up. The VA chief quits. What's next in the shocking scandal? Plus, phenomenal woman. Our last interview with the legend. From ABC news, "This week" with George stephanopoulos begins now. America's last prisoner of war is heading home. Sergeant Bowe bergdahl landing in Jeremy this morning. Lots of questions this morning about the secret deal that secured his release and the price America paid. We'll get to those with Susan rice. But first, the latest details with ABC's Martha Raddatz. Good morning, George. Sergeant bergdahl is being evaluated at the U.S. Military hospital in Germany before returning to American soil. The president making the stunning announcement of the release Saturday in an appearance in the rose garden with bergdahl's parents. U.s. Special operations forces were involved in getting bergdahl out of Afghanistan, but this wasn't a special operations raid. This was a prisoner swap. Bergdahl was exchanged for five Taliban detainees from guantanamo. The special operations forces picked up bergdahl Saturday near the Pakistan border. In a secret handover, after negotiations through intermediaries with the Taliban. More than 20 Taliban to hand him over to the special ops teams. Bergdahl was taken out by helicopter. On that noisy ride, bergdahl scribbling, on a paper plate, sf with a question mark, meaning, are you special forces? Bergdahl broke down in tears when he was told yes. George? Back in Washington, Martha, a course of criticism from republicans in congress on the trade. They say it was a deal with terrorists. They say the president also may have broken the law. Top republicans, like senator John McCain and Mike Rogers, have both said they are thankful for bergdahl's release. But take a look at this statement from Rogers, "I'm extremely troubled that the United States negotiated with terrorists. I believe this decision will threaten the lives of American soldiers for years to come." As for the legality there are allegations by some in congress the president broke the law by not giving congress the required 30-day notice that detainees are to be released from guantanamo. But chuck Hagel saying this morning that bergdahl's health was in danger. Martha Raddatz, thanks very much. The debate just getting started in Washington. But in Bowe bergdahl's hometown nothing but happiness, they're ready to welcome him home. With yellow ribbons and a huge rally. Here's Neal Karlinsky. Reporter: For five long years, Bowe bergdahl's parents have been waiting for this day, to hear that their son was free from their captors. In their hometown of Hailey, Idaho, people were overwhelmed. Today was just -- I think everybody burst into tears. I didn't put makeup on for about four hours. I was crying with joy for hours. It was just -- it was such a relief. I'm afraid that I might never see them again. Reporter: The only sign of bergdahl has been in scarce video snippets of the American soldier who went missing under mysterious circumstances in June 2009. There are reports he may have been off-base at the time. Release me, please. I'm begging you. Bring me home. Reporter: The bergdahls rarely appeared in public but raged a relentless behind the scenes campaign to get Bowe released. Speaking at a rally last year. You're the reason all of us are here today. Reporter: His father vowing not to shave his beard until Bowe came home. Learning some Afghan culture and speaking directly to the Taliban on a video he posted on youtube. It's passed time for Bowe and the others to come home. Reporter: Today, in Hailey, Idaho, fresh-colored ribbons replaced the old ones. The posters demanding his return now covered with new ones. To welcome Bowe bergdahl home. Later today, we'll hear more from bergdahl's parents. They're flying home to Idaho this afternoon to address reporters. At that time, we hope to learn more about when they finally expect to reunited with their son. George?

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{"id":23947700,"title":"Taliban Releases US Soldier after 5 years","duration":"5:24","description":"ABC News' Martha Raddatz discusses the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl by the Taliban.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/taliban-releases-us-soldier-years-23947700","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}